Electronic cigarette dangers are pushed into our faces all the time, always with the supposition that they are real. The spawning of this new industry brought about more than a market for eliquid and other evapor products, it also brought about fear. The fear of the new and the unknown. The fear that Big Tobacco is figuring out a new way to claw themselves back into our lives and the lives of our youth. Some of these fears are understandable, even if they aren’t based in reality. Others are just out there.

And then sometimes the old talking points just get drudged up again because it is so easy to do that. It looks like that’s what Dieter Holger did when he put together this piece for Inquistr.com on electronic cigarette dangers. Holger decided to pose some very common myths about eliquid and evapor. By doing that, he also made them fairly easy to refute. So how about we get to these slanderous accusations and find out for ourselves?

Online personality Dieter Holger published a controversial article about the dangers of e-cigarettes which were as vague as they were without merit.

Electronic Cigarette Dangers That Are False

Holger starts out with the premise that “The effects of e-cigarettes are nowhere near as well-documented as cigarettes.” Well, maybe this is a bad start for us, but he’s right here. Cigarettes have been much more documented… and proven to be a lethal killing machine! How this is a knock against eliquid is beyond me, because while the long-term effect of ecigarettes are up for debate, the short-term ones have meant millions of people that made the switch away from traditional tobacco smoke. The one thing we can be sure of is how well documented the dangers of cigarettes are, so if you can minimize those for yourself you best do it now.

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The next accusation is also vague and not with a shred of evidence. “E-cigarettes contain plenty of cancerous chemicals,” writes Holger. With nothing to back that up. He has nothing to back that up because nobody has shown any cancerous chemical in mainstream eliquid, much less “plenty” of them. Holger quickly goes onto his point, that “E-cigarettes are just as addictive as smoking tobacco.” This is also wrong. In fact, there are studies that show the exact opposite, that evapor products are less addictive than tobacco cigarettes, not more.

The question of safety with regards to e-cigarettes is in constant debate and pit in the middle by physicians on both sides.

One would think Holger might slow down with his accusations of electronic cigarette dangers, but one would be wrong. He also makes the vague assumption that ecigarettes have negative effects on lungs based on one report that stated evapor creates “resistance” in the airway of your lungs. Of course it does, it’s not like taking in anything other than air wouldn’t, but that doesn’t really mean anything and it means even less compared to traditional tobacco smoke. It is therefore strange that his next point is that ecigs won’t help you quit, which doesn’t align with all the data showing just how many smokers make the switch to ecigs or reduce their smoke intake at the very least.

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Holger isn’t done there. His quote supporting the claim of ecigarettes creating the equivalent of secondhand smoke points to the occurrence of chemicals that has since been proven unfounded. He’s simply getting his information from inaccurate places, especially with his parting shot that ecigarettes could be a gateway into tobacco products for youth. We’ve seen this accusation out there plenty, but time and time again it is refuted with data and common sense.

Evapor Can’t Be Denied

It's difficult to deny that the benefits of vaping far outweigh the stigma created by those trying to force them out of the spotlight as a passing fad.

Articles like these are simply becoming old news. This one is an especially lame attempt to give electronic cigarettes a black eye, but the truth is that evapor success can’t be denied. People love their eliquid because it does so much for them and changes so many lives. Safety is always the primary concern, especially for an industry that came out of nowhere and grew like gangbusters, but accusations need to be based in fact not speculation. It’s easy to make an assumption with a few strands of information, but it doesn’t make what you are saying right.

This seems to be the singular greatest problem facing the media with how they cover electronic cigarettes. They just don’t deep enough or ask enough questions to find out what is really going on. If they did, they would see these supposed electronic cigarette dangers for what they are and treat the issue fairly. Evenhandedness is something that is hard to come by when you are much more likely to sell newspapers by making scary headlines. It’s the same thing the local news does to catch you eye.

Unfortunately, a lot of this works on people and the entire image of ecigs can hinge on it. The key for us in the vaping community is to continue standing up against false accusations and telling those around us what the truth really is. These are the impact moves that can sway public opinion and create the vapor rich environment we can only dream of. The power is in our hands!