With plenty of speculation and rumor revolving around the popularity of ecigs most users want to know is vaping bad? One of the leading causes for concern for vapers of all levels is physical harm. A surge of negative publicity attacked e-cigarettes in an early phase of their development.

While some of these incidents were based on facts, vaping isn’t as harmful as its portrayal. For this reason, we address each concern to dispel the rumors to determine is vaping bad. We compiled independent research of our own, so that you can put trust in your future as a vaper.

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Is Vaping Bad? — What You’re Missing

Though it looks pretty simple, and everyone seems to be doing it, vaping isn’t as direct as smoking. That is to say, you’re not burning any material so the thousands of chemicals typically inhaled from combusted tobacco aren’t present. However, they’re may be hidden dangers you haven’t considered or that haven’t had enough research dedicated to them thus far.

Specifically, the composition of vape juice, it’s components and flavoring agents. Some years ago there was a scare regarding the addition of chemicals such as diacetyl in e liquids being made overseas or in garages and sold on online auction sites without any regulation or oversight. In fact, it was situations like this that contributed to the way in which vaping accessories and supplies are regulated.

In detail, there are studies underway attempting to deduce and identify and byproducts produced by vaporizing PG, VG and the respective flavoring agents in e-juice cumulatively. Thus far there is no direct evidence as to their toxicity, however a single study looked into the effects on these components when vaporized consistently at very high temperatures. Essentially, they burned the vape liquid in order to deduce whether it produced any harmful chemicals.

The conclusion was that they did, however, it was argued that it is rare for vapers to run their devices at such a high temperature, including drippers and mech mod users. In effect, no evidence was gathered to suggest that normal use of vaping devices would produce any such harmful byproducts. Compare this to the cancer-causing additives and contents of tobacco, and whether or not is vaping bad for, becomes a completely different question of “would you rather.”

Burning Coils

It’s rarely mentioned, however, it is well known that burning coils and the metal particulates they may give off can be harmful to users. This is why is unbelievably important to replace a coil or rebuild it as soon as you get a burnt hit. If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry, you probably haven’t experienced one as yet. In effect, a burnt hit is a sour, burned taste from the overheating of dry or used up cotton in your coil.

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Don’t worry, a burnt hit once in a while probably won’t harm you, but don’t make a habit of it. There is no evidence or gathered data on the on going effects of inhaling burnt cotton or a degenerating coil. It’s best to change materials or parts as soon as they no longer function as intended to prevent injury or any unknown health risks.

The question of is vaping bad can’t be answered simply. In truth, e cigs are only as harmful as you allow them to be. If you protect yourself with knowledge and understanding of not only how they function, but what happens when your experience changes, that awareness will prevent further danger from a particular symptom becoming a serious issue. Inform yourself about vaping and you will find a wealth of resources to have safe passage on your vaping journey to smoke free vapor.