With the popularity of the JUUL vape pen on the rise many users are wondering is JUUL bad for you. Although there is no easy way to concretely explain any expected health effects or experiences, we feel it’s necessary to go through the functions, attributes and components of the JUUL Vapor system to understand the answer.


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In order to decide whether the JUUL pen is the best ecigarette to suit everyone’s needs, you first need to look at the possible side effects of vaping and how they relate to effects of JUUL on your body.  Although traditional tobacco products on the whole have been determined to be harmful and contain thousands of toxic chemicals, are JUULs bad for you in the same way? First of all, JUUL electronic cigarettes do not contain 99% of the additives and byproducts of burning treated tobacco, mostly because there is no combustion involved in vaping.

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Effects of JUUL Nicotine Strength — Looking At JUUL Nicotine Content

Understanding how bad are JUULs for you compared to analog cigarettes goes back to simply seeing the vaping process for what it is as well as what is in a pod. In detail, the way the company sources the nicotine in a JUUL raises a valid question, is there tobacco in JUUL? To explain, while most other vaping products use liquid nicotine, JUUL pods contain nicotine salt, which is naturally occurring in the leaves of the tobacco plant. So, does the JUUL vape have tobacco in it? No, well not exactly. However, JUUL cartridges do contain a form of nicotine that is derived from the tobacco plant.

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Instead, the definition of the JUUL vaporizer as a tobacco product by the FDA is outlined by the question of whether or not does JUUL have nicotine. In this case, they use nicotine salts, which as mentioned are a form of the stimulant closely related to the tobacco leaf. Essentially, how much nicotine in JUUL products is significant, but without the other carcinogens and negative effects associated with smoking.

In detail, analog cigarettes contain loads of harmful additives and byproducts such as tar which are directly linked to burning material as well as a range of cancers. By removing the flame and replacing it with JUUL vapor, users are effectively removing any harm directly caused by smoking from the process of getting nicotine through inhalation. However, understanding how is JUUL bad for you in terms of the effects of vaping requires deeper investigation.

JUUL vs Vape Devices — Is JUUL Bad For You?

When you look at how much nicotine is in a JUUL that is inhaled through the vaping process it utilizes two primary compounds in order to carry both the stimulant and the flavors to the user. Most of the best vape juices are made with some blend of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring and nicotine. Instead, JUUL vape juice has replaced liquid nicotine with nic salt and the addition of benzoic acid to aid the absorption and vaporization process.

Although this may sound like a kind of magical hocus pocus chemistry, it’s actually becoming the new standard for how vapers get their nicotine dosages. In fact, the vaping industry has responded to the popularity of the JUUL ecig by attempting to create their own similar alternatives that are specifically designed for use with nicotine salts. While they may sound different, the possible JUUL health effects as well as the results might not change all that much when comparing it vs vape devices.

In detail, if you’re not concerned about possible vaping health risks, there’s no reason to feel any different about the JUUL vape pen. That said, the human respiratory system is not designed to inhale anything other than oxygen, answering related questions to Juul like is JUUL bad for you may be as easy as how it makes you feel. Any blend of compounds to natural air which are not actually meant to be there will of course have some effect on our lungs by design. However, the actual repercussions and outcomes of continuous vaping have yet to be fully studied.

If you’re wondering how bad is JUUL for you, the answer presents very similar attributes to vaping. To explain, most of the stigma associated with vaping and JUULing has to do with nicotine itself and its addictive properties. While it’s being studied as a possible treatment for ailments such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, the addictive properties of nicotine are well documented and known. However, reasons for why there is growing discussion about users becoming addicted to JUUL may have more to do with how fulfilling it is in addition to the nicotine content.

Though, with that in mind, the JUUL system does only come with a singular dosage of nicotine that is extremely high, even for regular smokers making the switch to vaping. In fact, if your ultimate goal is to step down your nicotine intake over the course of time, you will be much happier with a similar pod mod vape device like the Mig Vapor Trap Pod. While it looks incredibly similar, the Trap Pods are refillable with the ejuice and nicotine strength of your choosing, affordably replaceable and the entire vape starter kit will cost you less than half initially, which can be a significant draw for users who are still unsure if vaping is for them.

Are JUULs Safe To Use Regularly — Is The JUUL Bad For You Long Term

We know for sure smoking can wreak havoc on the health of human beings and while we wait for the results of studies to determine the vaping effects and JUUL health risks, you can only use your own best judgement when it comes to vaping. Understanding how bad is JUUL for you depends largely on information we do not yet possess to determine a calculated, educated answer. However, what we don’t know about the JUUL electronic cigarette may be less harmful than what we absolutely DO know about inhaling burning material.

At the end of the day, considering how bad is JUUL for you, comes down to calculating the risk vs reward of how you get your nicotine. While society has known about the destructive results of smoking for many years, it took a long time for just how bad for you they were to be fully disclosed. For us the real question is, is JUUL bad for you, or is it just bad for big tobacco’s sales figures. Time will tell. If you’re still thinking about getting one, make sure you use our verified Juul promo code to save some money on your purchase