Is it safe to vape around children? A lot of vapers are very passionate about vaping and can quote studies chapter and verse that show that second hand vapor is barely differentiated from standard room air. We understand that argument and we agree. There are no studies showing that second hand vapor is dangerous. Only scare tactics and conjecture. But that is not the point.

It is not safe to vape around children. There are numerous smoking studies including a recent Purdue study that show that children who have parents that smoke are far more likely to be smokers themselves. The same goes for older siblings that smoke. Children with older siblings that are smokers are 6 times more likely to become smokers themselves. Our kids are watching and we need to be mindful.

Children are more likely to try vaping if their parents are vape users.

The question ‘is it safe to vape around children’ is not just about exposure to second hand vapor. That’s really the smaller concern. The bigger concern is that we don’t want to glorify vaping to our kids. Electronic cigarettes are for adults. Despite what our critics say, the vaping industry is nothing like Big Tobacco.

What Is In Ecig Vapor?

A vapor analysis study published in ‘Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology’ has found that vapor is comprised of the ingredients of e-liquid. In other words, the process of vaporization does not produce toxins. On the other hand, as we all well know, tobacco smoke is radically chemically altered by combustion and releases a vicious cocktail of toxins.

The contents of e-cigarette vapor have a relatively low flavor chemical content by comparison graph.

This is one of many studies that the mainstream media tends to avoid and under report because it doesn’t fit the narrative that vaping is not that much different than smoking. There is a lot of bad press being heaped on vaping but no responsible scientist is actually saying there is no difference between smoke and vapor. So while the general public has not been widely exposed to studies that confirm that vapor is less toxic than smoke, the vaping community is very much aware.

Even though we as vapers have a greater awareness of the realities of vaping, we do have a responsibility to be wary that our kids are watching. It is not so much about being right but rather doing the right thing.

Is It Safe To Smoke Around Children?

Maybe, but the better question is should we. And the answer to that question is unequivocally no. This can be hard. If you have kids on the home. If you get home from work at 6:00 pm and the kids don’t go to bed until 10:00 pm, it may not be easy to to avoid vaping when the kids are around. Perhaps during those hours, you excuse yourself from the presence of children when you need to vape.

Are innocent children at play outside at risk from vaping.

The old do as I say not as I do argument is a failed directive. We have seen the statistics bear out that our behaviors influence our children’s behavior’s. As vapers, we have to lead by example. As much as vaping has changed the lives of millions of smokers, and as much as passionate as we are about it, I think that we would all agree that ultimately it is better to neither vapor or smoke.

E-cigarette Safety In Homes With Children

Electronic cigarettes and nicotine should be treated like we treat other potentially hazardous household items or how we would treat having alcohol in the home. We don’t want our vape gear and e-liquid be an alluring, secret mystery to our kids but neither do we want our vape gear to be accessible. Let’s keep it locked away or out of reach.

E-cigarette vapors contain similar levels of harmful contents as air compared to almost twice that contained in cigarette smoke.

We have to pay particular attention to our vape juice. It does not take a lot of exposure for a child to experience some level of nicotine poisoning. Children are particularly susceptible to nicotine. A 30 ml bottle of e-juice with 2.4% nicotine is dangerous to a child. We need to keep e-juices out of reach of toddlers especially. These are just basic common sense measures that most vapers already follow.

Childproof E-Cigs

Are there any actual childproof e-cigs? Yes, there are childproof e-cigs available. The most prominent childproof vapes currently available are made by Aspire. You can buy a vape mod that requires you to enter a pass code, of your design, in order to unlock the device before it will vape. You can buy the Aspire NX75 mod right now and create your own passcode that will ensure that even if your kids get a hold of your mod they will not be able to power it up.

For example both the Aspire NX mod and the Aspire Archon lockout features can be engaged to protect anyone from activating your mod. It comes with a preset code that you can change at your will. It may be a good idea to change up your password every now and then to keep your mod secure.

Aspire Nx75 comes with child proof mod.

While the Archon mod is not yet widely available, you can get an authentic NX75 75 watt mod right now.

We expect this childproof feature to appear on more and more mods going forward. It just makes sense. We also expect to see upgrades to vape mod software to make more of them them childproof. It would be a simple upgrade to the existing software that could go a long way to vaping safety.