“I’m giving her all she’s got, captain!” How much more can you get out of a dual 18650 device? You can get more. We are going to cover that and more in our IPV8 mod review. The new YiHi chipset deployed in the gorgeous new IPV8 will get in the range of 230 watts out of a dual 18650 set-up. Some may be skeptical but this looks like the real deal. And it’s not even expensive considering all that she can do.

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The IPV8 is the latest from Pioneer4You. The IPV series of miss have been extremely successful owing to excellent quality builds, comfort, function and a brilliant marriage of YiHi firmware and state of the art hardware. One thing, the Pioneer4you IPV5 is firmware upgradeable but the YiHi SX330-F8 chip in the IPV8 will not be upgradeable. That said this chip is capable of very accurate and reliable performance and YiHi chips are known to be very durable and long lasting.

black pioneer4you ipv8 kit

Before we get to far I will tell you that the IPV8 vape mod sells for under $60 including shipping. This price is very affordable for a high performance, advanced mod. So we have a big plus right off the bat. I do not want to waste your time so we will dedicate the first part of the IPV8 mod review to figuring out who this device is well suited for.

Who Is The Pioneer4you IPV8 Mod For?

The new  YiHi SX330-F8 chipset features new battery safeguards, vaping capabilities, and efficiency. The efficiency package includes balanced charging, more on that later. The new technology enables the IPV8 to output up to 230 watts. That brings us to the question of whether or not this mod is suited to you. The fact that it is not upgradeable at this time may be a turn off for some and if it is you may want to look at the X Cube Ultra 220 watt  mod.

Do you need 230 watts? For most vapers the answer is no but there are times when you may want to push the limits of your coils or builds. Some of the vape tanks coming out today have pre-built coil options that do let you experience vaping over 200 watts. Serious cloud chasing is very accessible these days. So if you have an advanced vape tank like the Smok TFV8 for example and you can go over 200 watts but never have, you might want to pick up an IPV8.

brown and black color pioneer4you ipv8

If you like to delve into finite control with TCR for your temp control vaping, the YiHi SX330-F8 in this puppy will get you there. For regular temp control you can use Ni, Ti and SS coils. I guess the bottom line is that if you are an advanced vaper or are looking into getting into advanced vaping and want a mod with a very wide range of capabilities but don’t want to spend too much, the IPV8 is for you.

Who May Not Need An IPV8 Vaping Device?

It probably would have been easier for me to start the IPV8 mod review with who it is not for. I’m too lazy to go back and change it though so let’s just keep going. If you are not interested in temperature control vaping, sub ohm or creating as much vapor as you can, then you might be happier with a simpler device. If you want something simple and easy to use take a look at our vaping guide for beginners.

There is nothing wrong with the easy to use devices. We use the terminology ‘beginners’ vapes or e-cigarettes just because the devices we refer to are easy to use and not necessarily because they are of a lesser quality. If you enjoy vaping but are not interested in exploring all the complicated nuances and capabilities, that’s ok. Don’t feel like because it says “beginner” there is some challenge that you need to rise to in order to earn some sort of status. Vaping is a diverse universe and there is something for everyone. Vaping is supposed to be enjoyable. It’s not a competition!

pioneer4you ipv8 oled screen size

So the IPV8 is designed to deliver on a broad range of capabilities and to bring out the best in a huge range of coil options. For example if you own a Smok TFV8 sub ohm tank, congrats you own the cloud beast! The creme de la creme. With the TFV8 you can use pre-build coils that can push a mod from 40 watts up to 220 watts. So if you have never had a device that goes over 200 watts, then our IPV8 review will be right up your alley.

Was There An IPV7?

Pioneer4You fans, of which I am one, may be asking “I know the IPV6 mod came out so was there an IPV7? And the answer is no. There was not an IPV7 as of yet. Apparently the IPV7 does exist but is yet to be widely available. The IPV8 is very similar to the IPV6. The biggest change is the increase in output capacity from 200 watts to 230 watts.

I think that the IPV8 is an improvement in form as well. More specifically, the grip. Size wise it is almost identical though the IPV8 is a slightly different shape. But the grip of the IPV8 mod is fantastic. There is a leather (or leather type) material that is very good for people like me who tend to get moist palms especially on warmer days.

Another reason why Pioneer4You went from the IPV6 to the IPV8 is the jump in the chipset. The IPV6 has the YiHi SX330-F6 chip and the new IPV8 vape mod has the SX330-F8 chip so some new features but the board is very similar to the IPV6.

IPV8 Mod Review Specs

Black And Red Color Blend. Not The Centered 510 Connection. Excellent!If you are still here it is time for the specs part of our IPV8 vape mod review. I got these specs from the user manual that came with the mod. It did not include the size so let me start there. The IPV8 stands 88 mm tall or 3.5 inches. She is 42 mm wide or 1.65 inches wide and 29 mm thick or just over an inch. So while it is 29 mm wide the top of the mod is rounded or beveled in and as a result the 510 connection is 25 mm wide. It fits a 25 mm tank perfectly.

Of course you can use a larger tank, and I know there are some out there, but there will be a bit of overhang. I really like the 510 connection. The spring loaded 510 center pin and 510 connection is centered on the device giving it great stability and a sleek look. There are no air channels in the 510 and that may or may not impact the airflow on your RDA if that is what you are using.

accessories included with pioneer4you ipv8 starter kit

The IPV8 is relatively light. It is 150 grams (5.2 ounces) empty and 240 grams (8.5 ounces) when the two 18650 batteries are aboard. Lets get to the Pioneer4You IPV8 specs.

IPV8 Vape Mod Bullet Points

  • Works With Two 18650 Batteries – Not Included
  • Operating Board Is The New Advanced YiHi SX330-F8 Chipset
  • The IPV8 Wattage Output Range Is 10 watts To  230 watts
  • 0.1 Watt Increments From 10 watts to 100 watts
  • 1 watt increments from 100 watts to 230 watts
  • IPV8 Joule Output Range Is 10J to 120J
  • Voltage Range Is 1 V Up To 7 V
  • The Minimum Atomizer Resistance Is 0.05 ohms
  • Temperature Control Vaping Range Is From 212 F To 572 F Or 100 C to 300 C
  • Temp Control TCR Values Range From 0.0005 To 0.007
  • Compatible with Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, And SS 304 Stainless Steel Coils
  • Supports SX Vape Coils If You Happen To Use Those
  • Soft Ergonomic Contouring (Very Leather Like, Great For Grip)
  • Intuitive OLED Display That Is Very Bright And Sharp
  • Temperature Control Functionality Displayed In Joules
  • Low Voltage Battery Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • A High Input Voltage Warning
  • The IPV8 Has Short-Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Temperature Overheat Protection
  • Excellent Centrally Located Spring-Loaded 510 Connection

IPV8 in Review

So you are still reading our IPV8 mod review, awesome, and you want to know about the 230 watt figure. Like I said at the beginning, it is for real. Well, for all intents and purposes. When tested on an oscilloscope with two fresh 18650 batteries installed the IPV8 can deliver 224 watts with an atomizer of appropriate resistance. The batteries tested were standard high quality LG and Sony 18650 vape batteries.

  • Testing for the IPV8 review proved that the IPV8 CAN hit 224 watts.
  • Legit high output mod as advertised.
  • Balanced charging acceptable though imperfect.
  • Excellent value under $60 delivered.

Pioneer4you ipv8 230w leather box mod

So while many dual 18650 claim to deliver 200 plus watts or more fall short, the IPV8 really does deliver. It exceeds expectations and approaches 230 watts with two LG and Sony 18650 vape batteries. Of course once the batteries run down that will drop about 15% and that is normal. So I am very happy to report that this is a legit 230 watt device. The chipset is very accurate and delivers.

That same series of tests also tested the updated dual charging capacity of the IPV8. Does it really do balanced charging? It tries but charging through the USB port is not perfectly balanced according to tests. So you can charge using the device but as always we recommend charging on a separate battery charger. But the bottom line is that it will charge via the USB port although perhaps not perfectly balanced.

IPV8 Review — The Little Details

For this part of the IPV8 review I just want to cover a few of the little details. First, it is very well built. There are no shakes rates or rolls. The casing is solid. There are three buttons with a fire button and up and down buttons. The buttons all click nicely and are comfortable to use. The fire button on the IPV8 is slightly larger than it is on the IPV6 and ideally located for vaping.

The battery door is on the bottom and easy access. The vented battery door will help keep the IPV8 cool. The benefit of a bottom battery door is that the casing is solid and there is no magentic door that might separate if it drops. When you open the battery door you will see the normal contacts as well as a third contact. The third contact is a small pin that is responsible for the battery monitoring and safety features.

pioneer ipv8 dual battery box mod

The reverse battery protection feature definitely works. I loaded the batteries in incorrectly and the mod would not activate. No shorts, nor problem. There are 3 color options available. A black, black and red as well as a stainless steel version. The leather like (might be real leather according to one source at Pioneer4You) exterior makes for a very pleasent grip. Of all the colors, the black and red is most striking.

Using The IPV8

No real surprises using the IPV8. Click 5 times to power up. The OLED screen is very bright and beautiful. Three clicks to lock it and three to unlock. All pretty standard for a modern mod. Adjusting the wattages is easy although slowish. I prefer a slower ascent and descent of settings because with the fast ones there is an annoying tendency to overshoot the setting that you were trying to get. So, you may or may not prefer that. Either way a minor consideration in the grand scheme.

Very nicely countered and comfortable to handle. The leather type grip is great. When vaping the IPV8 you will notice that it is very responsive. There is no lag between activating the fire button and firing the atomizer. You marks to the YiHi SX330-F8 chipset performance.

pioneer4you ipv8 mod 510 tank connection

If you actually build an atomizer with a resistance at the low end of the IPV8 capabilities, let’s say 0.08 ohms, and push the mod to its max then you might be worried about frying the board. That’s another good thing here, this mod is temperature protected and if it starts running hot you will get the warning and it will not let you vape until it has cooled off to a safe temperature. In that way this mod is great for extreme builders as well as everyday vapers.

Temp Control Vaping With The IPV8

Temp control vaping with the IPV8 is different from most mods. Obviously in wattage mode you will see the wattage on the screen and adjust accordingly. But with temp control the process and screen readout is different.

The menu options soon the IPV8 are power mode, for variable wattage, and Joules mode for all the temperature control vaping options. So if you have a temp control coil choose Joules mode. Then you will select your temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. After you pick your temperature you then choose the coil material or input your TCR value.

So thats a bit of a different way to get your temp control vaping going. You can choose Ni, Ti SS 316 or YiHi SX temp control coils along with a TCR option. You will need that TCR choice if you are using a stainless steel that is not a 316.  So for example if you have a 316 L stainless steel you can dial in TCR value 0.00092. Here is a TCR vaping chart to help you determine some of the most common TCR values.

which coil is best for temperature controlled vaping

Adjusting IPV8 Temp In Joules

After you get everything set up with your TC coils and are ready to #vapeon, you will see the OLED screen give you the value in Joules. This was a bit of a downside for me at first. I know that by adjusting the Joules up or down I am actually changing the temperature but I would like to actually see the temperature that I am adjusting to. This is a nitpick, I get it. But I often like to play with the temperature and adjust it quite frequently. It ended up being a non-issue. Just my stubborn resistance to change!

Over time working my way through the IPV8 vape mod review process I became accustomed to the Joules display. I could easily change the vaping by increasing or decreasing. After a while, you get an idea which Joules setting correlates to the temperature options that you prefer. Now, I like operating in Joules!

Let’s Wrap This Up, People

Okay, enough IPV8 mod review! I think you get the idea. So yes this is very much an Expert Vaping recommended vape mod. We really like the value. You can get an authentic IPV8 for $59.95 and that includes free delivery from Direct Vapor. They also have a low price guarantee so if you see an authentic IPV8 being sold for less Direct Vapor will match the price. So you will always get the cheapest IPV8 deal for authentic product. There are bound to be a lot of fakes so it is best to buy from an authenticated dealer like Direct Vapor.

pioneer4you ipv8 box mod color available

The build quality is excellent and the grip is great. Say that 5 times fast… the grip is great, the grip is great. Kinda fun. Sorry. Anyway. Yah, the build quality is very solid with no rattles and a very sturdy bottom, vented battery door. The YiHi SX330-F8 chipset is the beating heart that is very accurate and complete with all of the latest safety features. History tells us that YiHi chipsets are very durable and can take a lot of what and tear.

For a dual 18650 mod the range of power outputs is phenomenal. Even if you rarely use the higher settings there may be times you want to and the IPV8 will really get you there. And that’s about it!