Pioneer4You has unveiled their newest vape mod. Of course, we are bringing you a Pioneer4You IPV6 review to tell you all about it! So at this point to be clear, this is more of an IPV6 preview! It has not been released yet but it will be very soon. I have been talking to the Pioneer4You folks a couple of times a week wondering about the release of the IPV6 and the Yaris vape mod.

Why am I so interested in Pioneer4You mods? Well because their chip technology has continually improved. They use the advanced, upgradeable YIHI chips. Long gone are the days when you needed a $200 mod to get an advanced, and efficient chip. Yes, some of the more expensive mods like the DNAs will always be preferred for that little extra but you can enjoy spectacular vaping for a lot less thanks to the great value of Pioneer4You mods. The Yihi chips have proven to be outstanding. Very capable and reliable operating systems for all types of vaping.

the ipv6 mod contains the advanced upgradeable yihi chip

We previously posted our Pioneer4You IPV5 review and we loved it. Some people experienced a software glitch but that was handled with a software update. Pioneer4You is always responsive to consumers and that is the beauty of an upgradeable device. Likewise, the IPV6 has upgradeable software.

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I’m very excited about the new Pure Technology chip. This is a bitter sweet time in vaping. Companies are releasing amazing products but the bitter part is that they are all doing it before August 8th when there will be an abrupt end to the release of new vaping technology. I would recommend to any vaper to get a vape mod that is capable of accepting an upgrade. That way at least we will be able to continue to benefit from new software advances in vaping technology.

The Pioneer4You IPV6 Review

the ipv6 brown and black earthy tones are truly an eye catcher

Yes, this is a preview more than review, but even though I do not have this mod to test for a thorough IPV6 review, I can say from images alone that I love how it looks. I like all of the colors but especially the brown and black pictured above. It has an authentic, earthy look. This is the one I want! There is also an all black version and a purple and black version. I’m kind of tempted by the purple as well. Now I’m confused! I’ll decide on that later. I am pre-ordering from Direct Vapor because I will be doing a full IPV6 review.

Power yet easy to use ecigs
powerful yet easy to use kits

Here are some details currently available about what the IPV6 will be all about.

  • Requires two 18650 vape batteries
  • Advanced YiHi chipset
  • Wattage range is 10W to 200W
  • Joule range is 10J up to 100J and up to 120J for Titanium (Ti coils)
  • Temperature range is 212 F to 572 F
  • Atomizer resistance threshold is a superlow 0.05Ω
  • Easy to read OLED display loaded with info
  • Compatible with Kanthal, Ni200, Titanium, & Stainless Steel atomizer coils
  • Supports SX Pure Technology
  • Magnetic battery door cover
  • More onfo coming soon!

Package Contents:

the ipv6 will be offered at $65 for a very powerful piece of equipment

  • 1 x iPV6 Vape Mod

While I don’t have a lot of details for the Pioneer4You IPV6 review at the moment, I do know that it will be priced at less than $65. That is a very good price for the latest vaping technology. See, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the full spectrum of vaping possibilities! I look forward to bringing you all of the details as soon as possible. I have very high expectations for the IPV6.