The rapid evolution and advance of electronic cigarette technology continues. The best solution to the rapid changes is to choose versatile products capable of diverse functions. This Pioneer4You IPV5 200w TC mod review took a look at a diverse, advanced vaping device from Pioneer4You that will stand the test of time and be able to accommodate multiple styles of vaping even as the landscape continues to change.

We are going to cover the wide range of features in this Pioneer4You IPV5 200w TC mod review. You may not use all of the features but knowing you have access to so many styles of vaping from one device is a major plus point for so many vapers. After all, this is technology and technology should be diverse.

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The IPV5 is the follow up to the very successful IPV4 and IPV4 S from premier ecig manufacturer Pioneer4You. The IPV4 and IPV4 S are both fantastic vaping devices. The IPV4 is a 100 watt device. The IPV4 S 120 watt mod was the follow up. Both are fantastic designs and provide vapers with an option for precise temperature control thanks to the advanced YIHI chip. The IPV5 200 watt mod is more powerful and more advanced.

The Pioneer4you IPV5 200 watt tc vape mod specification include dual batteries, upgradeable firmware, and Ti Ni Stainless wiring.

The new IPV5 mod comes with the YIHI SX330-200 chip, which is perhaps the most advanced and competitive with the Evolv DNA chips. The YIHI SX330-200 is upgradeable so any future software updates can easily be incorporated into the IPV5 S. So even if vaping turns in a new direction you will be able to adapt and evolve instantly.

The temperature control capability of the IPV5 200 watt mod is simply impressive. Here is why. Unlike the majority of TC mods, the IPV5 is ready and able to function at the highest level with stainless steel coils as well as Ni200 and Titanium coils. In TC mode, you will be able to utilize atomizers with resistance levels as low as 0.15 ohms and up to 100 Joules. When using a Titanium coil, you can go as low as 0.05 ohms and run as much as 120 Joules!

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If you are vaping the IPV5 in Titanium TC mode at 120 Joules, you are still going to be able to enjoy long vaping sessions thanks to dual 18650 batteries. So, there are just a ton of features here but the best part is to come. You are also going to get an amazing value because you can get the IPV5 200 watt TC mod for only $79.95 with free shipping for Direct Vapor.

Pioneer4You IPV5 200w TC Mod Review

The Pioneer4you IPV5 200 watt temperature control kit comes with a USB charging cable, user manual and product warranty card.

We have established that this mod has a ton of features but let’s get into the Pioneer4You IPV5 200w TC mod review. I mean, a gorgeous fully loaded car is great but until you get it out on the highway you really don’t know what you have. The first thing you have to do is make sure that you don’t get ripped off by a clone.

The issue of cloned vaping devices has become something that I constantly talk about. It really has become a rampant problem and the reason why is obvious. There are about a dozen world-class ecig manufacturers overseas. They are making brilliant quality products with extensive quality control measures. In total, there are about 600 ecig factories in China! Most of them make cheap, low quality copies of successful products. Do the math and you can imagine the glut of counterfeits and fakes that are flooding the ecig market right now.

You have to be careful and you have to buy from reputable vendors who truly, truly know what they are doing. That’s why we recommend Direct Vapor. Direct Vapor is thee no clone zone for ecig products and vaping accessories. They also have a low price guarantee so if you see an authentic IPV5 being sold for less, they will match the price. Plus they always give you free delivery along with warranties other companies cannot match.

The Pioneer4you IPV5 200 watt temperature control mod comes in blue.

When you get an authentic IPV5 200 watt TC mod, you get the quality that you expect. I received an Pioneer4You IPV5 200 watt TC mod review model and right away I liked what I saw! It comes in four different colors. There is white, black, blue and silver. The rounded edges are beautifully integrated into the construction and the end result is a beautiful look and very comfortable to hold.

It does not come with two 18650 batteries and battery choice is largely a personal matter based on your personal experiences. I like eFest batteries especially the new eFest 35 A 3000 mAh batteries that not only have continuous discharge but are now longer lasting. If you want to enjoy the maximum benefit of the IPV5 mod, the eFest 35 A 3000 mAh batteries are a great choice.

The Pioneer4You IPV5 200 watt TC mod review we are doing here is an overview of what you are getting with this advanced mod. The quality of Pioneer4You products is exemplary and the design and quality that have gone into the IPV5 bode well for the future success of this particular vaping device.

This baby is simply gorgeous. That may not sound like an important consideration but an attractive design is always a nice plus! The functions are controlled by a standard interface with a power button and two smaller button to manage the settings. This is a tried and true design that most of us are familiar and comfortable with.

Other features of the IPV5 200 watt TC mod include:

IPV5 200 Watt TC Mod Specs & Features:

The Pioneer4you IPV5 200 watt power mod comes standard with an OLED digital readout screen.

  • Wattage Range: 10W – 200W
  • Joule Range: 10J – 100J (120J Using Ti Wire)
  • Standard Resistance Range: 0.15 – 3.0 ohm
  • TC Resistance Range: 0.05 – 1.5 ohm
  • Temp Control 212 F to 572 F or 100 C to 300 C

The IPV5 200 watt TC mod will get a full performance out of all of the best vape tanks. Whether you like standard vaping, sub ohm vaping or temp control the IPV5 mod can do all of that. You can switch from standard to TC mod at the drop of a hat. Many vapers want to control Joules and the IPV5 will deliver 100 to 120 Joules depending on your TC coil material. And, like we mentioned, you can use the TC coil material of your choice including stainless steel.

As time moves forward things can change. Perhaps there will be an entirely new coil design that will come into play in a few months. It could happen. If it does, the IPV5 200 watt YiHi chip can be upgraded for where the industry might be going. The compatibility factors that you get here are impressive. This is simply a great mod for you and a really terrific value.

The Pioneer4you IPV5 200 watt temperature control mod comes in black, silver, and white.

To make sure you get an authentic IPV5 200 watt mod, get yours from Direct Vapor. With their free delivery and low price guarantee the deal can’t be beat. Also, the money back guarantee and 60 day warranty will be honored by Direct Vapor so you won’t get the runaround that you get from other online vendors who make you deal with overseas companies for warranty issues. Instead, you will deal with vaping professionals based in the USA.

The IPV5 200 watt TC mod encompasses the entire spectrum of vaping possibilities. It is a perfect mod for where vaping is now and where its going.