A White Cloud e cig with no vapor is an old concept that is making a comeback with the e-cigarette maker’s new line of “Invisi-Vapor” e cigarette cartridgesIf you haven’t heard of this concept before, it may sound incredibly foreign for a water vapor cigarette to not actually produce any cloud. Our White Cloud Invisi-Vapor cartridge review takes a closer look at this stealth system gaining popularity.

First of all, it isn’t that no vapor is produced, its simply that the white cloud cartridge’s e liquid is composed in a way where the vapor that does come out is lighter and dissipates much faster.Even though the company announced this launch in a way that insinuates the release of a type of new technology, it seems to us that they are simply bringing back a product they used to carry: the White Cloud Phantom.

White cloud phantom e cigarette kit for sale

We gave the old Phantom e-cigarette kit high marks in our review of it. It’s essentially a White Cloud Cirrus 3X e-cig kit with few modifications. As Paul outlined in that review, the Phantom was a product which was pure class all the way and had a limited run of only 500 units. The now discontinued Phantom created a very cool little club to be a part of and came with e cigarette cartridges that were called “Stealth Draw” for their ability to keep things discreet, as well as being a word play on “ClearDraw” technology in their carts.

Here’s an official video that clearly shows the difference between White Cloud’s regular cartridges and their new Invisi-Vapor e cigarette cartridges:

The newest push in marketing a water vapor cigarette that doesn’t produce much vapor, if any at all, appears to go hand in hand with the rise in the popularity of e-cigarettes. One would think that the more knowledge the public has about these marvelous little devices, the easier it would be to use them around people who are scared and/or angry of second-hand tobacco smoke. Walking around with a White Cloud e cig that produces vapor already is not the same experience one would have with a traditional cigarette, primarily because there is no odor and no ash to litter.

White Cloud E Cigs Offer Discretion

Unfortunately, it’s the government intervention in many places that is forcing e-cigarette users to feel like they are back to smoking those stinky, analogue cigarettes. This has created a need for discretion and, voila, a vapor-less White Cloud cartridge reappears back on the market. That’s economics 101, isn’t it?

White cloud cirrus 3x kit

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If you are an e-cigarette user that truly doesn’t want any looks coming your way when puffing on your brand of choice, you may now want to entertain White Cloud as an option for you. Certainly if you are already a White Cloud e-cigarette user this would be a product to check out. As of this writing, their Invisi-Vapor cartridges were actually a couple bucks cheaper than the regular kind, so they have that going for them at the very least. If you do try them out, be sure to tweet us your thoughts (@Expert Vapingtweet #InvisiVapor).

We don’t know just how much of the market intends to switch to vapor-free e cigarette cartridges, but it does say something that two major e-cig brands both announced such an option in the span of a month.  The UK’s JAC Vapour also unveiled their similar technology, dubbed “Clear Steam” a vapourless e-liquid, becoming the first British company to offer clear e-liquid.

The demand must be there on some level, but it remains to be seen if this will stay a niche need within the e-cigarette community or if it is the beginning of a larger trend. We’ll be following this story and many others here for you at Expert Vaping, so stay tuned for more!