As the electronic cigarette industry continues to grow, there has been a sharp increase in those looking for e-cig tank systems. This is something that is easy to see just by searching around for e-cig tank reviews.

The popularity of these devices is driving consumers to look for the best electronic cigarette tanks, and in turn it is affecting e cig brands and what they do.In a classic case of supply and demand, e-cigarette users are increasingly turning to these tank systems to fulfill their needs for high quality vapor and e-cigarette brands are trying to keep up.

In an effort to expand their vaping experience, e-cig users are turning to tank mod systems which is in turn ramping up demands for custom vape accessories and add-ons.

This is now something we starting to see in the UK, which has tended to mimic the growth of e-cigarette brands in the US in many ways. E-cig tank systems allow consumers some advantages over the traditional “cig-a-like” style e-cigarettes that have driven the industry.

While large e-cigarette brands such as Blu, Green Smoke, and others have focused on a more basic 2-piece system, other companies are taking notice of this growth in the category of e-cigarette tanks. We’ve always touted some top brands that include this option, such as Halo, but now brands such as V2  and Apollo have thrown their hats in the ring to try and put forth the best e cig tank systems. This is a trend has been on a sharp upward angle in the past year behind the increasing interest of consumers and we are already seeing signs that this affecting the UK market as well.

Smaller e-cig companies such as V2 have made forays into the refillable tank and cartomizer field in an effort to keep up with vapers changing interests.

Of course there is a reason why many e-cigarette users are looking to e-cig tank systems to meet their needs. While they aren’t for everyone, if you find the best e-cig tank system for your habits it could fill a void that you may not be getting from e-cigarettes currently.

E Cig Tank Systems Expand Vaping Performance

The increased power that you can find in batteries that use a tank will not only allow consumers more time between charges, but can create larger and fuller vapor than is typically found in the 2-piece systems. Even though e-cigarette brands like Green Smoke are touted for their huge vapor abilities, and rightfully so, it is hard for any 2-piece system to truly match the capabilities of e-cig tank systems.

Another advantage that is found in e-cig tanks is the immense amount of options that they provide. Unlike most 2-piece systems, using a tank means you can put in any e-liquid you like and that opens up a slew of flavor and nicotine level choices.

E-liquid suppliers are plentiful and the top ones have literally hundreds of flavor choices that will keep you coming back for more.

Some e-liquid brands, such as the very popular Vaporfi flavor line has hundreds of flavors from sweet to savory and beyond.

Even though any e-cigarette should be cheaper than buying traditional analogue cigarettes, purchasing e-liquid brings down costs even more because you are essentially buying in bulk by refilling your tank instead of purchasing cartridges.

How The Popularity Of E Cig Tank Systems Is Growing

Consumers in the US are now searching for the best e-cig tanks and their counterparts in the UK are not far behind. The market for e-cigarettes in the UK has grown at an incredible pace lately, with the amount of users more than tripling in the last two years alone.

We saw this in the US a few years back when the industry was still very new, so it seems that the UK market is mimicking the growth with a bit of a lag. As e-cig tank systems catch on in the US in a major way, we are already seeing many UK brands that are picking up on this and offering their own e-liquid. E-cigarette brands like Vapestick and JAC Vapour already offer their own e-cig tank systems, and American brands that sell in the UK, like V2, have them too.

The JAC Vapour V1P e-cig starter kit is a simple cartomizer vape mod with two e-cigs, V3 flavor assortment cartomizer refills, USB charging cable and carrying case.

What does this mean for e-cigarette brands in the UK? In all likelihood we will be seeing companies in the UK get on board with this movement, just like what has been happening in the US. There will be major UK e-cigarette brands like Blu and E-Lites that, for now at least, will stay the course for what has brought them to where they are, but many others are recognizing the potential in e cig tank systems.

We expect this growth will continue as consumers in the UK look for e-cig tank system reviews and find more options in the US, for the moment. There is a market waiting to explode in the UK and if past is any predictor of the future, the UK market is in for shift toward e-cig tanks in the same manner that we are seeing in the US.