Vaping can be an intimidating thing to pick up, as someone who has walked into their local vape shop near me without any prior knowledge can attest, you are bombarded with devices, accessories and sometimes unfamiliar brands that may scare you initially. That said, one of the most refreshing aspects of our Innokin Oceanus kit review was discovering how incredibly easy this starter vape setup was to put together and start using right away.

Essentially, the Innokin Oceanus 110w vape starter kit comes with literally everything you need to get vaping right out of the box except vape juice. While this may not be as attractive to users who want to build a custom setup like their home stereo components or hot rods, for new vapers unsure where to turn for their first taste of variable wattage in a convenient package that includes everything they need, the Oceanus kit is a glimmer of hope in a dark, windowless vape lounge. As many of the top vape companies are switching their standard power supply options to 20700 and 21-700, it’s impressive to see the Innokin vape brand offering single battery mods that are compact, portable and lightweight offering devices that base their performance on them, as well as provide them as part of the kit.

In addition, the Scion sub ohm tank has been on our radar for some time, making waves throughout the community with its incredibly easy to use and rebuild RTA deck which is also included (they literally give you everything). While many of the newer devices limit the amount of functionality users get in even the best introductory vape starter kits available, by making them buy extra accessories or upgrades, we were so impressed to find all these pieces included for our Innokin Oceanus kit review. In fact, they not only provide an extra glass tank piece, but the extra is a bubble tank capable of holding over 5ml of vape juice, which is slowly becoming the standard for sub ohm vape tanks.

As a result, it’s clear that Innokin is adapting their new products to compete with the most popular vape starter kits released in addition to preserving their respected reputation for offering equipment that always puts its user’s safety and build quality ahead of just pumping out endless amounts of products. If you’re ready to get serious about making the switch to vaping and want a vape kit that is specifically designed for users with limited experience with aspects of the best sub ohm tanks and variable wattage, this review may be the most important thing you read.

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20,000 Leagues Above the Competition — Innokin Oceanus Kit Review

Beginning with putting the mod together, there are few vape starter kits we’ve ever seen that are this easy to put together. With two 20700 rewrapped iJoy vape batteries in the kit, you can be sure the Oceanus mod will always have enough power to deliver the incredibly fulfilling vapor you need, but to be honest, one is totally adequate to get you through hours of satisfying vapor before needing to throw in your spare or recharge the unit. That said, one of the most attractive aspects of the mod itself we found during our Innokin Oceanus kit review was the ability to charge the device with the included micro USB cable.

Although this may not seem like a big deal for vapers who have seen plenty of rechargeable mods with built-in batteries, the duality of choosing to charge them externally or within the device itself makes it what is quite possibly one of the best sub ohm travel vape kits on the market. With a magnetic battery door, slim profile, light overall weight and low profile, the Oceanus vape mod is perfect for vaping on the go and easily slides into a pocket or bag without feeling like you’re dragging around rolls of quarters on your way to the laundromat.

The variable wattage and variable voltage menus themselves are fairly straightforward and intuitive with the typical +/- adjustment buttons, but this mod has two power options as well. A standard “normal” power mode fires just like any other device from Innokin would, but the “power boost” setting gives you an extra 20% of wattage or voltage for two seconds before automatically kicking back to the set level while you’re vaping. We also liked that besides the vape battery indicator on the screen, they added an Led light ring around the fire button that glows green, yellow, or red when activated to alert you to the health of your vape battery which actually came in handy during our Innokin Oceanus kit review.

As mentioned, the Scion sub ohm vape tank comes with a glass tank able to hold 3.5ml, plus a bubble tank capable of holding 5ml and a pre-built 0.5ohm kanthal atomizer coil. With that in mind, the included RTA deck for the Oceanus vape kit is truly one of the biggest triumphs besides the iJoy batteries, it even comes with pre-built Clapton coils and cotton to start building up your own atomizer right away! Top it all off with sizeable dual port adjustable airflow control ring, and this mod and tank combo is an amazing value that will get your started vaping and learning immediately.


  • Oceanus vape mod is available in black, purple, grey, rose gold and white capable of 6-110w and 7.5v with bypass mode powered by a single 20700 vape battery (two included)
  • Scion vape tank is top filling with dual port bottom draw adjustable airflow control ring
  • Kit comes with 3.5ml straight glass and 5ml bubble glass pieces, 0.5ohm pre-built atomizer head and rebuildable RTA deck with all the accessories for your first build
  • Mod functions at variable wattage, variable voltage with integrated “power boost” feature
  • Able to charge batteries externally or via micro USB inside the device

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Innokin Oceanus Starter Kit Coupon

10% Off The Innokin Oceanus Starter Kit! Deal Expires Soon! Happy Vaping! More Less
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Innokin Oceanus Kit Review ReCap

It’s rare when we discover a device or starter kit that isn’t on one of our top lists that we feel may be the best investment for new vapers looking for an incredible value with outstanding functionality, but throughout our Innokin Oceanus kit review this beginner setup vaped our socks off. To be clear, many, if not all of our team members use some of the top single and dual battery box mods regularly and we were fundamentally astounded at the vapor production, flavor and endless functionality of this small vape kit aimed at new users. Even though I’m a big proponent of high wattage mods, unregulated mechs and drip decks, I couldn’t get past how enjoyable this setup was simply for its simplicity.

There was something truly enchanting about not having to scroll through endless modes of temperature control and options I rarely if ever use and just concentrate on finding the sweet spot of this sub ohm vape setup. It made me really nostalgic for early devices I used to love, only with much higher wattage and voltage maximums along with that impressively stout 20700 iJoy vape battery power supply. It’s as if Innokin realized that new vapers were missing out on that easy to use platform those of us who witnessed the evolution of vaping got to experience first-hand and packed all of their collective know-how into this simple vape kit.

Although there are surely some aspects I saw fault in like any vape review we conduct, they simply weren’t enough to sour me on how comprehensively packed full of accessories and function this compact mod and tank are. Mostly, this is due to the including of not one, but two batteries and that RTA build deck which is almost always an accessory you have to purchase separately that does not come with the materials to make it functional. However, throughout our Innokin Oceanus kit review, they seemed to provide every, single, piece we could possibly need to crank out a vape package that was way before its time and continues to endure as a competitive package that makes most of even the best starter sub ohm ecig kits perfect for beginners  look like they belong in the dark ages of vaping.

It wasn’t that long ago that many Expert Vaping team members were starting their own journey into making the switch and we remember how overwhelming it was trying to track down the best compact vape starter kits was while simultaneously trying to decode the language of vaping so we could actually use them. The Innokin Oceanus kit removes virtually all the guess work, all the unknowns and puts every item you want and need into the box to give new users a head start on experiencing the best that vaping has to offer in terms of value, performance and functionality. Seriously, why are you still reading this, you could already be vaping, go get one. Like, now.