With the price of cigarettes continuing to go up and up, the value of smokeless cigarettes, also known as ecigarettes, has really shone through lately. Everyone who uses ecigs understands the financial benefit of making the switch away from tobacco cigarettes.

Even though this may be the case, there are still smokers who buy different types of cigarettes, but are not yet buying different types of ecigs. Whether they don’t know about smokeless cigarettes or they’ve had unfulfilling experiences with them, they are all missing out on a big opportunity. But what if smokers no longer had the chance to pay exorbitant cigarette prices, because the sale of cigarettes was prohibited?

People are comparing the banning of e-cigarettes to a possible pan on all smoking in a kind of tobacco prohibition.

It may sound crazy, but that’s probably what people thought before prohibition of alcohol was put into place. Imagine something similar. What would it be like if you walked into a store and saw no more tobacco cigarettes for sale? If you were a smoker, you would probably have a big problem with this.

Cigarettes Prohibition?

Many small e-cigarette companies have been forcibly closed under the National Prohibition Act.

In fact, you might even get very angry at the lack of different types of cigarettes on the shelf. We know coming down off of nicotine is essentially a withdrawal from a drug, and that is not easy at all.

That’s why there are so many addiction rehab institutions, to help people with this very problem. So switching away from tobacco cigarettes to nothing right away, well, that typically won’t go well for smokers.

If you want an illustration of what this could be like, just read up on what is going on in South Korea. There, the government has raised cigarette prices through huge taxes and it has sent smokers scrambling.

Cigarette costs are rising all over the world due to tax increases in places like South Korea.

The doubling in cost of all different types of cigarettes has sent Koreans looking for alternatives, such as smokeless cigarettes.

That actually may be a silver lining in this story, as the move could expose millions of smokers to a solution they either didn’t know about or didn’t consider fully – electronic cigarettes.

The tax hike was taken a step further as the South Korean government imposed more restrictions on the sale of tobacco cigarettes. The last guideline mandated that vendors limit the number of packs they sold to a customer. That was the last straw for some. As reported here, this policy and the lack of stock led to disagreements that sometimes turned violent.

One customer actually punched a store manager in the face twice because he was being turned away from purchasing tobacco cigarettes. Is this what prohibition on tobacco cigarettes would be like? Would it go further and resemble America in the 1930s with underground manufacturing operations churning out black market product to feed the demand?

e-Cigs May Contribute To Freedom From Tobacco

E-cigs liberating smokers from the trap of cigarettes and offering a less harmful alternative.

As much as we are against tobacco cigarettes ourselves, we also have a freedom streak that tells us people should be able to do what they want. The idea of a prohibition against tobacco cigarettes is scary, because it means big brother is taking an active role in telling us what we can and can’t do. That’s something we are currently fighting with regard to smokeless cigarettes, a product that has helped millions of smokers make the switch.

People should be able to have access to what they believe helps them, as long as it doesn’t hurt those around them of course.

We believe vaping as an alternative to smoking has already shown itself to be a real difference maker, and it will continue to do so.

Still, even with the increased attention that Koreans may now have in electronic cigarettes cigarettes due to their local cigarette prices, we wouldn’t want to see prohibition make a comeback with tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping has been determined to be a much healthier alternative to smoking.

That may be the silver lining of the domestic squabble going on over there, but we don’t need to outlaw traditional cigarettes to show people there is a better way. We just need to talk about it and companies need to market it, responsibly. This will lead to an era with a minimal amount of tobacco cigarette use, while still preserving our rights and freedoms.

The electronic cigarette revolution is all about freedom. The freedom to vape where you like and the freedom from high cigarette prices and bad odors. Imagining a world with less freedom, even if it means less smokers, is scary and we hope we won’t see anything like that in America ever again.