To start this iJoy Genie PD270 review I wanted to immediately mention how unbelievably good looking the design of this device is. Okay, got that out of my system, for now. The iJoy Genie is a 234 watt TC capable mod that uses 20700 batteries. The 20700 batteries have a much larger capacity than the standard 18650 batteries that most mods use. The Genie follows immediately on the heels of the iJoy Captain PD220 mod, which also uses 20700 batteries.

ijoy genie vape mod pd270 different colors

Now I know what you are thinking. Where am I going to get 20700 batteries when everyone is carrying 18650s? No problem. You get a pair of 20700s with the kit. And there is an adaptor that you can insert so you can also use 18650s. What I think we will end up seeing is a trend of mods that use 20700 batteries. With people vaping at higher and higher wattages, adding almost 30% more battery capacity is kind of a big deal. Loaded with two fully charged 20700 batteries you get 6000 mAh of battery capacity. That’s more than some triple 18650 mods.

iJoy Genie PD270 Review Price

You can get the Genie mod in a kit that comes with the Captain S tank for $107 total. Or you can get the mod alone for $90.90. Is that a good value for your money? Actually, it very much is.

Initially, that appears to be a higher price than some other 200 to 235 watt mods. For example, the Smok Alien 220 watt mod kit is $60. After you buy two 18650 batteries that price is actually in the $80. With the Genie, the batteries are included. You get the two 3000 mAh iJoy 20700 batteries with the mod. Use our coupon code AHG10 and you get a very comparable price. The math indicates that you do get full value for your dollar.

the ijoy genie 270 is a dual battery box mods

We will have links to both options but when you can get a new tank for only $17 more, we think the kit is the better value. The Captain S tank is great. It has a 4 ml capacity, uses nice big coils and has a gold plated 510. We’ll have more details on the tank later. For now, Let’s get started with the iJoy Genie mod review.

Captain And iJoy Genie Comparison

The iJoy Captain and iJoy Genie have the same functions and features. Both of them feature the 20700 batteries and both come with an adaptor so you can also use 18650s if you want. When I was using this mod for my iJoy Genie review, typically I would use the adaptor and pop in tw0 18650 batteries when I needed to recharge the 20700s. By the way, you do really, really notice the extra battery capacity. I definitely noticed that I needed to recharge far less frequently.

The only differences between the Captain and the Genie are the shape, the flashlight and the LED lighting on the Genie. While the iJoy Captain is a classic box mod, the Genie is more curvaceous. The rounded edges are designed for ergonomic comfort. The Genie may be more comfortable for some people who don’t like the squared edges of a classic box mod.

ijoy box mod 270 with different skin includes led flash light on mod

The flashlight feature is pretty cool. I would use it quite a bit at night when I was walking the dog and vaping. I was surprised by how frequently I would use the flashlight. It casts a good amount of light. Now I wouldn’t say that the lighting is a reason to buy this mod, more of a perk if you do.

Yes, the Genie really has a flashlight.The other difference is the external LED lighting on the Genie. This is all about style. If you like the idea of putting on a mini light show while you are vaping, then you will like the Genie. There is a trend toward mods with exterior lighting. The Smok T-Priv is another example. People really enjoy it and why not. As I was using this device for my iJoy Genie PD270 review, the exterior lighting did draw attention. It was a great conversation starter with fellow vapers. Having exterior lights is not something that attracted me initially, but once I got going I have to admit that I enjoyed it.

iJoy Genie Vape Mod Review

For the meat and potatoes of our Expert Vaping iJoy Genie vape mod review, let’s kick this off with the specs.

In terms of what the Genie can do and how to use it, it is just like the Captain. I want to keep the Genie review relatively brief so I will go over the functions and if you are interested in more detail, take a look at our Expert Vaping iJoy Captain review. We can tell you that the operating system is intuitive and easy to use. I can also tell you that the new IWEPAL processor chip is fantastic. Maybe not DNA level but super responsive and great in temp control.

ijoy genie pd270 mod rainbow color with changeable skin and backlight

Speaking of the temp control vaping options, the Genie will do nickel, titanium, stainless steel and has TCR. The temp control range is the standard 200 F to 600 F. The 510 connection has a juice catcher for standard size RDAs but you can use pretty much any vape tank. In fact, you can use a 30 mm diameter tank with no overhand with this mod.

What is the best sub ohm tank to use with the Genie? Whichever one you like best is the answer. I found that the 510 on the Genie gives you the ability to enjoy vaping with a huge range of atomizers. Excellent 510. By the way, if you get the kit with the Captain S tank and the Captain S is an excellent tank.

iJoy Genie Size

The iJoy Genie is the standard size in terms of width and thickness. It is more of an oval shape than anything. It feels very natural in the hand. You don’t feel any exertion gripping and holding the mod because it melds with the natural curves of your palm.

You may have noticed that the Genie is about 5 mm to 8 mm taller than most dual 18650 mods. The extra height accommodates the longer 20700 batteries.

ijoy pd270 genie vape mod with captain s tank backlight and led light

A few other quick comments for our iJoy Genie review. The construction is excellent. I am very impressed by what iJoy is doing in terms of quality and durability. The rounded edges and ovular shapes feel great in the hand. The battery door fits firmly and button location is great. I love the big fire button. The fire button is perfectly placed for the thumb. Very natural. No shakes rattles or rolls.

The iJoy Captain S Tank

If you buy the iJoy Genie kit, you will get the new Captain S vape tank. If you pay $17 more for the kit, you get a $34 tank for half price. So it’s a good deal to get the kit. You can see more about this atomizer in our iJoy Captain S vape tank review, but I will also give you the basic rundown here, too. The vaping is enjoyable with a lot of vapor and a surprisingly good flavor. Very nice, smooth airflow.

dual battery box mod remove battery cover on ijoy genie pd270

There are a lot of vape tanks. What distinguishes the Captain S from the crowd? There are two main features that might catch your interest. First, a grooved chassis cut above the coil base. This groove is designed to disperse the heat so the top of the tank remains cool even during heavy vaping. It actually works. The base still gets hot but the top stays cooler than other tanks.

Threadless Vape Coils

The other feature that you might be interested in is the threadless coils. Swapping coils is so quick and easy. These are not the first threadless coils that we have seen. The Elabo tank that comes with the Wismec Predator mod kit also had threadless coils. The Captain S coils are a particularly good design. Currently, there are three coil options available. With the kit, you will get a 0.25 ohm CA3 triple coil with a vaping range of 60 W to 100W. Then you have the dual CA2 0.3 ohm coil with a vaping range of 60 W to 80 W.

the coils used by ijoy genie pd270 are treadless ca3 and ca2

There is a third coil option you can that does not come with the kit but you can buy separately. The CA8 is an eight head coil with a range of 60 W to 120 W. Captain S threadless coils come in packs of three and sell for $12 to $13 a pack.

Back To The iJoy Genie Review

Indeed, back to the iJoy Genie review. I tested out this device for over a week and had no issues. Personally, I don;t mind true box mods but have to admit that I really liked the ovular, ergonomic feel of the Genie. Like I said as well, normally things like lights or a flashlight would seem gimmicky but I did enjoy using them. Especially the flashlight. I still wouldn’t regard these features as a reason to buy this mod but they are a perk.

new ijoy genie pd270 dual battery box mod with rgb backlight

The reason that I do recommend the Genie is the vaping performance and the versatility. The other reason is the 20700 batteries. That is not a gimmick. The extra capacity that you get from the 20700, 3000 mAh batteries is a real difference maker. You can vape at higher wattages for longer. If you have been using a standard dual 18650, you will notice the difference.

Another big plus is the upgradeable firmware. Overall a great all day vape mod. It is very responsive with no lag from hitting the fire button to vapor production. Of course, that responsiveness has become a baseline standard that we need to see to recommend any mod. Nonetheless, the iJoy Genie easily meets that standard in addition to very stable temp control with the IWEPAL chip.

iJoy Genie Pros And Cons


  • The up and down buttons are inset which is great unless you have big fingers
  • If you do have big fingers working the up and down buttons might be a challenge at times
  • Finding 20700 batteries not as easy as getting 18650s at this time


  • Love, love, love the extra battery capacity with the 20700 batteries
  • Total of 6000 mAh with two fully charged batteries
  • You get two 20700 batteries with the Genie mod
  • Excellent vaping, full suite of vaping options
  • IWEPAL chip is fast and stable in TC
  • Plenty of bells and whistles with a flashlight and LED lighting
  • Excellent value especially if you get the kit with the Captain S tank
  • Firmware upgradeable

Is The Genie Mod A Fit For You?

Who would want this mod? If you vape a lot and don’t like carting around extra batteries (like me) then I think you would really like the iJoy Genie vape mod. For example, if you vape at 80 watts to 100 watts as your norm you can’t get through a day on one set of batteries. With this mod, you probably can. If you vape at 40 watts to 50 watts, you might be able to go for three days without having to recharge.

The Genie is also a great fit for someone looking to replace their dual 18650 with something that is up to date with current vaping technology. You will get a very responsive mod that gives you a variable power range up to 234 watts. And a full temperature control vaping suite.

ijoy genie 270 vape mod can change skin color

If you like bells and whistles and LED lighting, the Genie is a great fit. If you would like a full kit including a terrific sub ohm tank, then the iJoy Genie kit with the Captain S tank should be on your list of options.

By the way, if you are looking for something more basic for a first time vaper we recommend the Halo Triton 2. The Triton 2 is simple, basic, and designed for beginners.

Or if you are looking for something more basic with a lower price, look at our guide to affordable vaping. That said the Genie is a very good value considering all that you get. The Genie is a fantastic mod but it does have advanced features. And it is geared more toward experienced vapors looking for high-performance vapor production.

Watch Out For Fakes!

Over the past while, I have noticed some buzz in vaping forums about fake iJoy Captains and fake 20700 batteries. Some of the discount sited and some of the suppliers on wholesale import sites have been offering dirt cheap clones. The speed at which the counterfeiters have been able to flood the market with low-quality clone batteries and mods is unbelievable.

ijoy genie pd270 mod with led gui indicator

When you get the Captain, the Genie or any iJoy product, go here to check the authenticity code. If you find out you have a fake there is not much you can do about it but at least you will know what is going on when your product doesn’t work right. Obviously, the best thing to do is avoid getting ripped off by a fake in the first place. If the price seems too good to be true, it is probably a fake. Please buy from authenticated vendors.

We have links to an authenticated vendor, Heaven Gifts, that you can go and check out. They ship from overseas so the delivery takes about a week. If you decide to buy you can use coupon code AHG10 and save 10%.

iJoy Genie PD270 Vape Mod Review Summary

Photo courtesy iJoy. Note kit also includes 18650 adpater.This is it for the iJoy Genie PD270 vape mod review! A couple highlights for you. The 20700 batteries that come with this mod give you 6000 mAh capacity. The extra battery life is definitely noticeable. You get a huge range of vaping options. You get up to 234 watts of power. The Genie is very comfortable to hold with a nice big fire button. This mod vapes beautifully. The IWEPAL chip is instantly responsive and if you like temp control you get reliable constancy.

The extra frills that are built into the Genie mod include an actual flashlight. Plus there is an exterior LED light that can put on a light show while you are vaping.

If you want the Genie mod by itself you can get an authentic model for $90.90. You coupon code AHG10 to save $9.

new ijoy genie 270 complete vaping kit

If you would like to get the full kit, you will also get the new Captain S vape tank. The full kit sells for $107. Do the math and you basically get the Captain S tank for half price when you buy the full kit. Plus use coupon code AHG10 and you’ll save another $11. For that, you get the mod, 20700 batteries, the tank, and two coils. In fact, let’s list out all that you get with the iJoy Genie PD270 review mod kit:

  • You get the iJOY GENIE PD270 BOX MOD (234W)
  • Two 20700 batteries – 6000 mAh total capacity
  • CA2 Coil 0.3ohm (60-80W Pre-installed)
  • CA3 Coil 0.2ohm (60-100W)
  • 1x 18650 adaptor
  • 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
  • 1 USB Cable (for charging and upgrades)
  • 1 User Manual
  • Warranty Card