There really is a groove. But does it make a difference? That was the question we set out to answer with our iJoy Captain S sub ohm tank review. Along with the groove, the other feature that might catch your attention is the threadless coils.

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The coils simply sit in place and are held stable when you connect the tank base to the top. This makes coil swapping much quicker and simpler. The other thing I like about threadless coils is that I don’t have to worry about maintaining the threads. Like Forrest Gump says – “one less thing”.

captain s by ijoy tank comes in ten colors including red, purple, and blue

What are we dealing with here? The Captain S vape tank has a 25 mm diameter and a 4 ml e-liquid capacity. There are three coil options:

  • CA8 coils – 0.15 ohm eight head coils. Vaping range 60 W to 120 W
  • CA3 coils – 0.2 ohm triple coils. Vaping range 60 W to 100 W
  • CA2 coils – 0.3 ohm dual coil. Vaping range 60 W to 80 W

The Captain S is a top-fill vape tank that you access with a newly designed slide feature. The Delrin drip tip is an extra wide bore style and is not a 510 drip tip. But you do get an adapter that will let you use any 510 drip tip. You also get a gold-plated 510 connection for smooth current flow and corrosion resistance.

ijoy captain s tank has gold plated 510 connection

There is a 2 ml capacity Captain S that is TPD compliant as well as a 6 ml version that will be available at some point. For the Expert Vaping iJoy Captain S review, we tested the 4 ml version. Our review results apply to the other versions as well. I recommend the 4 ml tank because of the low profile and it is really easy to refill.

The Difference Between The iJoy Captain S Tank And The Captain

If you are familiar with the original iJoy Captain vape tank, the Captain S sub ohm tank is an updated version. With the Captain, the top-fill was accessed by unscrewing the top cap. With the Captain S, the top-fill is accessed by opening the slide. The top-fill slide is why this version is called the Captain S. Ess as in slide.

The removable top cap on the original Captain tank was fine but the slide top-fill is a major upgrade. With the slide, the top stays attached. You don’t have to worry about losing it or setting it down somewhere when you refill the vape juice.  I definitely prefer the sliding top fill on the new Captain S.

treadless coils ca8 and ca2 come with ijoy captain s sub ohm tank

Also instead of an extra wide-bore resin drip tip, the Captain S comes with an extra wide bore Delrin tip. This also rates as an improvement.

To clarify, there is a Captain vape mod and a Captain tank from iJoy. You can read our iJoy Captain PD270 vape mod review here.

What’s With The Captain S Tank Groove?

It’s groovy! I have mentioned it at the outset so now I want you to actually see what this groove is. iJoy posted a picture with the groove highlighted in red. Take a gander.

The groove is cut into the chassis above where the current comes into the base to heat the coils. The groove limits heat transmission from the base to the top of the tank. This is useful on a number of fronts. It helps to keep the top of the tank cooler. This makes vaping and refilling more comfortable. It decreases the amount of heat the vape juice sitting in the tank is exposed to.

reduced groove design and reduced heat tank on ijoy captain s

If you vape consistently at high wattages of 80 plus, the groove does make a difference. I make the vaping more comfortable and by extension, enjoyable. I use a lot of vape tanks. Good ones. And I can’t honestly say that I have had too many issues with tanks that get so hot they are uncomfortable to use. But, the groove does make a difference and I applaud the innovation. It’s a good idea with no downside.

Is the heat groove reason enough alone to buy this tank? No, it still has to vape well! But again it is a neat innovation. People are vaping at higher and higher wattages so managing the heat is important. The groove represents an improvement in the design of vape tanks and iJoy deserves credit for that. If you do vape constantly at high wattages, I think you will notice a real difference.

iJoy Captain S Sub Ohm Tank Review

Diving into the heart of the iJoy Captain S review we got your tech specs! 4 ml e-juice capacity. We have a 25 mm diameter. That is just a tiny shade under an inch. She stands 59 mm tall and that is 3.3 inches. The Captain S diameter is in the same range as the Aspire Athos tank, Smok TFV8 Big Baby, the VaporFi Vulk, the Slydr, the Halo Jag 6.

The minimum 25 mm diameter seems to be a staple of the vape tanks with extra large coils. The Captain S also has large coils that allow for more airflow through the center of the coil and deliver more flavor and vapor. Excellent.

captain s tank treadless coil head and gold plated 510 connection multicolor

The adjustable airflow at the base of the tank is a dual airflow. Very easy to adjust. In fact, the overall build quality of the iJoy Captain is really outstanding. Perfect machining. Everything attaches and separates smoothly.

Here’s the big takeaways here. Excellent build quality. Not only the precision machining and quality of materials, but even the finish is designed for durability. Big threadless coils that draw the air through the center of the coils. Very, very good vapor and flavor. The iJoy Captain S 100% qualifies as an exceptional quality vapor product. It will earn a place on our list of best vape tanks of 2017.

Captain S Replacement Coils

ijoy captain s tank can use ca2 and ca 8 coil system best tank for high vg e juice

iJoy Captain S replacement coils are the same as the original Captain coils. Captain coils have been out for several months now so we know a lot about them. We can definitively say that these are very long lasting coils. And frankly, at $12 to $13 for a three pack, they should be. So at $4 a coil you do end up getting good value because they are long lasting. You should get two to three weeks out of a coil.

Where To Buy The Captain S Tank

The real question of where to buy the iJoy Captain S vape tank should be where can you buy a REAL one. There are going to be a lot of fakes out there. Let me tell you, the counterfeiters have become so fast at filling the market with fakes I would actually be impressed if it weren’t so underhanded. Make no mistake, counterfeits and clones are junk. You will not get a good vaping experience and in many cases, they can even be dangerous. Stick with the real thing. Stick with authentic product. If you see a Captain S being sold somewhere for a price that seems too good to be true, it’s likely a clone.

the captain s sub ohm tank has 2ml, 4ml, and 6ml liquid capacity

Right now you can get an authentic iJoy Captain S tank from Heaven Gifts, an authenticated vendor. The price is $33.90 and you can use coupon code AHG10 to save a few bucks. That’s where we bought ours. Yes, we bought ours. We did not get a bunch of freebies and do some giveaways in exchange for a good review. We are interested in the entire customer experience and we don’t like feeling like we need to give a good review if we don’t want to.

If you also happen to be looking for a new mod, please note that you can get the Captain S tank in a kit paired with the new Genie PD270 vape mod. The Genie mod is a 234 watt device with a number of features like LED lighting and a for real flashlight. You can see more here in our Expert Vaping iJoy Genie PD270 vape mod review. By the way, that number designation, 270, relates to the batteries that come with the Genie mod. They are 20700 batteries that have about 30% more capacity than your standard 18650s.

iJoy Captain S Vape Tank Review Summary

ijoy captain s sub ohm tank in black version


  • No RBA deck. Can’t build your own coils.
  • Currently only three coil options. No TC coils yet.


  • Exceptional build quality.
  • Two innovations: 1. Anti-heat groove 2. Threadless coils
  • Easy to swap coils
  • Long-lasting coils
  • Gold-plated 510
  • Top-fill tank slide mechanism
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Excellent flavor and vapor
  • Smooth airflow
  • Scores very high in ease of use

sub ohm captain s tank 2 in all colors

The last thing I mentioned in the Pros section of our iJoy Captain S vape tank review is something I want to elaborate on. In terms of ease of use, the iJoy Captain rates at or near the top of the heap. Because the build quality is so good, it is very easy to unscrew the base and pop in a new coil. Plus the new slide-top fill makes refilling the tank a quick process. The Captain S is suitable for newer vapers looking to try sub ohm vaping.

That’s really it for our iJoy Captain S review! An excellent tank and certainly one of the best of 2017.