Recently, there has been massive growth in electronic vapor devices as users have discovered how to vape weed in a variety of innovative ways. In fact, many of the vapers you see on the street are stealthily puffing away at a cannabis derivative like wax, oil or other concentrate. As a result, this low key trend of marijuana consumption has caused quite a boom in the popularity of vaping devices.

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While it’s true their popularity among users of dry herbs and concentrates of controlled substances like cannabis has grown in recent years that was not their original intention. In fact, they were simply meant as a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette alternative, which is exactly how it was described in the patent in 1963.

How Vaping Weed Became Fashionable

Vaporizers have gained a great deal of association with medical marijuana use because of the development and prevalence of new ways to consume materials like cannabis. Users discovered a convenient method of vaporizing oils, extracts and waxes implementing technology that had previously been used similarly to administer nicotine. In fact, the intention of e-cigs was originally to be used as a vehicle to inhale “warm medication” as included in the original patent.

Dependent upon the interpretation of the word medication, vapers are all taking part in the same activity regardless of what they’re consuming. The singular change between them is the effect of what is being vaporized on the user. The methods for how to vape weed aren’t all that different from taking in nicotine. They simply process materials that have a different effect using the same process.