Getting the best performance out of your Juul vapor system can be dictated by your technique and understanding of how to use Juul products and is directly linked to how you enjoy them. Every ecigarette has its purpose and the way you puff on a Juul pen is an integral part of what makes the Juul starter kit uniquely satisfying.


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Essentially, most cig-a-like type vapor devices are meant to be used much the same way. They are designed to recreate the ritual of traditional cigarettes without the thousands of harmful chemicals. As such, they are considered what the vaping community refers to as mouth to lung or MTL devices, and the Juul ecig falls into this category.

In detail, the Juul vape pen is intended to be drawn into the user’s mouth and then inhaled into the lungs in two separate steps. While advanced vape mods utilize what’s called direct lung techniques that bypass taking vapor into the mouth, the top vape pens and ecigs are frequently engineered for MTL vaping. While the Juul device does not fall into any of the above categories exactly, it does apply similar principles, only with Juul Labs own modern creative twists on design and engineering.

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However, because the Pax Juul company markets their ecigarette as being “For Smokers. By Design.”, it is implied that you use this ecigarette as an MTL device for it to function as intended. In fact, the way its configured may not work as efficiently or be as fulfilling if you use it as a DL device. To explain, the battery has internal temperature regulation and vaporizes liquid from what they call Juul Pods.

If you draw too intensely on the device, that liquid may pass from the Juul cartridges through the device without being vaporized, causing you to get ejuice from the pod in your mouth. While a Juul leaking isn’t dangerous necessarily, many vapers know it can be unpleasant. Which is why learning how to use Juul ecigs may have a learning curve for users accustomed to DL vaping.

How to Use A Juul As Intended

Taking a mouth to lung hit from the Juul vaporizer requires practice, since its generally done in one fluid action (no pun intended). Whereas drawing on an eicgarette directly to your lungs may seem like a natural technique to some users, you truly get the most out of the Juul vaporizer when applying more traditional methods. It’s one of those practices you may actually have to think about in order to get a feel for how to Juul properly.

In order to understand how to use the Juul vape pen to take an MTL hit, you first need to draw the vapor into your mouth while isolating your lungs. To do this, gently puff with just your cheeks, making sure to keep it contained in your cheeks. Once the vapor is floating around in your mouth, simply open your lips and take a breath inhaling the vaporized Juul juice.

As a result, the vapor will find its way into your lungs with a blend of fresh air to carry it through delivering the best Juul flavor to your taste buds along the way. Then just exhale. It doesn’t seem complicated, and it really isn’t, it just takes repetition to master Juuling. DL vaping on the other hand is fairly easy, you just draw directly from the device and into your lungs in one motion, which is fine, but it may change your experience with the Juul pen.

How To Use Juul Like An Expert

As you grow more confident on how to Juul and you know what to expect from the device, you can expand upon the simple principles of MTL and if you prefer DL vaping, find an advanced method that doesn’t overload the capabilities of this small ecig. Some users are able to take multiple puffs before a single inhale delivering a more intensified sensation and feeling from the draw of their Juul cartridge. It all comes down to personal preference but finding the sweet spot of what works for every user simply requires experience and research. Essentially, the more you use use the device, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to use a Juul to get optimum performance to your satisfaction.

Finding an ecigarette that works for you, that fulfills your needs, is truly the most important thing for the Expert Vaping team. In truth, the best technique for how to use any vaping device including the Juul electronic cigarette most effectively is simply to continue using it and exercise your freedom to do so. Embrace whatever device and technique brings you the most enjoyment and helps you on your way to a smoke free future, even if that means exploring Juul alternatives like the Trap Pod by Mig Vapor, which offers a more affordable, customizable experience. Best of luck on your next vaping adventure.