While operating the Juul ecig is as simple as taking a puff, knowing how to refill Juul pods may take a little bit of practice. We take a closer look at the best Juul flavors and cartridges to better understand how this vaping system comes together for the best experience possible.


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Getting used to the Juul Vapor system takes very little effort for former smokers making the switch. In fact, not only is it one of the best small electronic cigarettes available (not to mention the easiest to operate), but it’s just as easy to change the cartridge. Determining how to refill a Juul Pod is fairly simple, simply remove the protective cap on the cartridge and gently slide it into place. It’s important to keep in mind not to squeeze Juul cartridges too hard, or bite down on as it may lead to it leaking unintentionally.

Fresh Flavor In Every Puff — How To Refill Juul Pods

You may have seen videos online giving instructions on how to open a Juul pod and fill it with your favorite vape juice brands. However, Juul Labs does not advise this based on health and safety concerns. Additionally, as you may be aware, the Juul vape starter kit is designed with every aspect in mind including the ejuice pre-filled inside each pod. Every aspect of this particular cig-a-like system is designed to work in perfect harmony, which is why the unique Juul vape juice contains benzoic acid to help process the nicotine salts inside. Using an eliquid product not intended for the Juul kit will almost certainly void your warranty not to mention it may have undesireable effects on the equipment that was not designed to use other nicotine salt ejuices.

There is no sanctioned method on how to refill a Juul pod as each cartridge is designed for a single use of around 200 puffs (around a pack of traditional cigarettes). If your primary question is how many times can you refill a Juul pod, in the spirit of DIY vaping and maintaining a personalized experience, you may enjoy the Mig Vapor Trap Pod which is one of the best affordable Juul alternatives on the market and offers full customization of both vape juice and nicotine levels you can use in it. In addition, it’s comparable in size, design and ease of use. In fact, the only place where the Trap Pod differs greatly is in costing about half as much, which given how incredible it is, the vape cartridges last through five refills and are more affordable in the long run, may be a better beginner ecig.


Essentially, how long does a Juul pod last depends on how often and how intensely you use the device. It’s meant to last users through a full charge of the built-in lithium ion battery, but each user’s preference and routine for how to use Juul will differ based on need. In detail, if you puff on the Juul vaporizer longer or deeper you may get fewer draws from a single cartridge even if the battery still has plenty of life left in it. Keep in mind, the Juul electronic cigarette is first and foremost an MTL device, direct lung hits may drain the battery faster or cause leakage from the pod as more liquid passes through the battery than its able to effectively vaporize.

In this way, figuring out how long do Juul pods last for each individual can vary greatly. For the best results, it helps to find your own comfortable rhythm for how you use it, how often and how intensely you draw vapor from from your Juul device. This way, you will not only have a better idea of how frequently you go through a pod, but also when you need to plan ahead to have Juul refills handy. Additionally, having an idea of how many pods you go through will help you figure out whether getting auto delivery might be useful.

Is My Juul Not Working Properly? — Fitting a Juul Pod Correctly

Understanding how to refill Juul pods correctly may require a bit of problem solving at times. It helps to diagnose the issue you’re having with the Juul vape kit in order to know how to fix it. For instance, if you discover your Juul not hitting hard suddenly, there may be air bubbles in the cartridge.

Juul support recommends removing it from the battery section and lightly tapping it against a hard surface to remove the blockage. If you find your Juul not working as it should, it may be due to the contacts between the battery and the pod. Juul customer care advises users to use a cotton swab lightly moistened with rubbing alcohol to clean off the terminals.

In all, the process for having the knowledge on how to refill a Juul Pod will help to extend your sessions enjoying one of the best small ecigs on the market. At the end of the day, getting the most from your vaping experience comes down to understanding the function and performance the device consumes eliquid which will help you gain a firm grasp on how to use Juul vape pens efficiently before needing to replace the cartridge. Every member of the vaping community has a different method for drawing vapor from their device and there is no wrong way to live a smoke free life. However, gaining the expertise and techniques for how to use as well as how to fix a Juul are useful in helping to plan your vaping future.