Have you wondered how to make your own e-juice? You could try to go online and buy ejuice flavor concentrates, vegetable glycerin and try and find some nicotine then blend it yourself at home. You’l have to buy some bottles, equipment and a bunch of other stuff. No thanks. Not only is that a huge hassle but you need a lab grade clean room and without a lab staffed by professional chemists, you have no way of knowing exactly what is going in your final product or in what proportions. Don’t worry, there is an easy way to put your creativity in action designing your very own ejuice recipes.

The Vaporfi brand of eCigarettes and custom blends made their own ingredients of berries, strawberry banana, or coconut as a basis for finding more complicated flavors.

VaporFi takes all of the complications and guesswork out of how to make your own e-juice. VaporFi will make your eliquid in an FDA registered lab where highly trained professionals use only the best possible ingredients and they will get it perfect every time. All you have to do is let your creativity and imagination take over. Create your own ejuice recipe with almost unlimited possibilities!

Mix Your Own E-Juice Choosing From Dozens Of Flavors

There are more than 60 base eliquid flavors to work with. That includes a large number of the best tobacco flavors, menthol flavors, fruit ejuice flavors and a whole lot more. These are 60 of the best made eliquids in the market. You can alter or combine those 60 flavors into 30,000 plus different potential combinations. If you really want to know how to make your own e-juice, this is the best way to do it.

With over thirty thousand possible flavor combinations, its almost too easy to mix your own e-liquid to customize your flavor preference.

With VaporFi’s custom eliquid option, you can blend your own eliquid recipe online very easily. You choose the combination of flavors, the VG / PG ratio and nicotine level. Total control is yours. You can even choose the intensity of each flavor by opting for a double shot or triple shot. Simply scroll through your options on VaporFi’s website and create to your heart’s content.

Why VaporFi eLiquids?

VaporFi eLiquids represent a level of quality and purity that is well beyond industry standards. This is professionally blended and manufactured eliquids from a vaping industry leader. This is not the ejuice they throw together in the backrooms of vapor stores. VaporFi eliquids set the standard and very few come close to measuring up.

You may have heard all of the media frenzy about diacetyl in eliquids. There have been wild media reports about popcorn lung vaping and even though no one has ever contracted popcorn lung from vaping it is an issue to be aware of. While there is more diacetyl in tobacco than you will ever find in any eliquid, it is always better to choose diacetyl free eliquids. Another concern is acetone, which the body metabolizes into diacetyl. A recent Harvard study found that 74% of the eliquid brands on the market contain either diacetyl or acetoin. These two compounds may be food grade flavors and safe for consumption but inhalation is a different matter. We just don’t know and there is no reason under the sun to take the chance.

The reason why you should start with Vaporfi e-liquids isn't just because the flavors are created with combination in mind, but that they are by design complementary for a beginner's palate.

If you try and put generic food flavorings in ejuice, as many boutique ejuice brands and vape shop brands do, you may be unknowingly putting in some diacetyl or acetoin. The chemical processes and actual manufacturing of something that you will be inhaling needs to be handled by professional chemists. Furthermore, you need to have your ejuice manufactured in a professional lab that never uses any potentially volatile ingredients.

No Diacetyl No Sketchy Additives

VaporFi eLiquids never use diacetyl or acetone in any eliquid. VaporFi eliquid is made in the USA to the highest standards. As mentioned, their lab is FDA registered and all VaporFi e-liquid formulas are on file with the FDA because VaporFi is the most transparent ejuice brand by far. They use USP grade kosher ingredients. VaporFi standards are better than food grade. They don’t just claim this without backing it up. VaporFi verifies their claims with independent lab reports that you can see on their website.

The liquid nicotine used in VaporFi ejuice is levorotatory nicotine (l-nicotine) which is the best and purest form. There are cheaper sources of nicotine available and those cheaper, lower quality, less active nicotine are used by most ejuice vendors but VaporFi only uses the best quality in everything they do. Likewise the glycerin used in VaporFi ejuice blends comes from the best soybeans so most nut allergies are not a problem.

It's important to remember not to add dactyl or any other sketchy or potentially harmful liquids to your own mix.

VaporFi will send your own ejuice to you in childproof eliquid bottles. You should still make every effort to keep eliquids away from children, treat your ejuice like it is a medication, but the childproof bottles add another level of safety. On every ejuice bottle you will see a lot number as every batch of eliquid is recorded and tracked for quality assurance.

I think all of these impressive quality control measures, verifiable lab reports and so forth demonstrate why you should buy VaporFi eLiquids. With that settled, we can now get game to How to make your own e-juice with VaporFi!

How To Make Your Own E-Juice With VaporFi

How to make your own e-juice at VaporFi is a fun and easy prospect. When you go to VaporFi’s website and look at the “E-Liquids” page, one of the options that you will notice the option of “Custom Blend”. If you want to make your own ejuice, that’s where you want to go. VaporFi’s Custom Eliquid blending page. Once there you will meet VaporFi’s ‘vapetender’!

The vapetender starts off by giving you a choice of how many flavors that you want to combine. You can choose from one to three flavors. What is the point of custom blending one flavor you ask? Well, the vapetender will give you the ability to specifically orchestrate and design the intensity of that single flavor by choosing a single shot, double shot or triple shot. So if you like a subtle flavor, choose a single shot. If you like your ejuice flavor to be more definite but not overpowering, choose the double shot. Now, if you have a favorite flavor and you want that flavor to pop like a volcano, then choose a triple shot! And you control all of this with your fingertips using VaporFi’s online tool. Easy. This is how to make your own e-juice in stye!

There are methods to creating your own flavors of e-liquid that only require the combining and mixing of simple ingredients to achieve complicated flavors.

If you want to combine two flavors simply click ‘two flavors’! You can combine any two flavors into any elqiuid recipe you can conceive of. Want to combine marshmallow and cola? Okay, sure. Cinnamon and tobacco, sure. Rum and blueberries? Go for it! When you choose a two flavor custom eliquid blend they can both be single shots of flavor or one can be a single shot and the other can be a double shot of flavor.

Free To Create Your Wildest Recipes!

So, you are a bit wild, huh? You want to know how to make your own e-juice with three different flavors combined into one single ejuice recipe that your imagination has conjured up. Well, Einstein said that “creativity os contagious, pass it on”. So, by all means, bring on your wildest recipes! VaporFi’s custom ejuice builder lets you go as far as your imagination will take you by combining any three ejuice flavors into one new, and unique blend that is 100% you!

Mix Your Own VG / PG E-Liquid Ratio

The next part of the creative VaporFi “how to make your own e-juice” plan is choosing the ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. There are two choices. A 70 % PG and 30% VG ratio and a 50 % PG and 50% VG ratio. The choice is yours. The higher PG ejuice option may have a more pronounced flavor and might work well in eGo style mods or refillable cigalikes. The downside of PG is that it does not produce as much vapor as VG. The 50 / 50 blend is a middle ground and gives you fantastic flavor and vapor. I recommend the 50 / 50 blend myself but, this is not about me, it’s about you. That’s just my two cents!

Mixing your own e-liquid starts at the intersection of the most common varieties, vg, pg or some combination of the two.

Lastly, you choose the nicotine level. There are seven different nicotine levels to choose from. The nicotine levels available are:

  • Bold 3.6% (or 36 mg) – for heavy(2 packs per day) smokers.
  • Full Flavor 2.4% (or 24 mg) – for pack per day to pack and a half smokers.
  • Regular 1.8% (or 18 mg) – for the pack per day habit.
  • Light 1.2% (or 12 mg) – for the 1/2 pack per day smoker.
  • Ultra-Light 0.6% (or 6 mg) – for the light or casual smoker.
  • Dripping Level 0.3 mg (or 3 mg)
  • 0 Nicotine – no more nicotine!

As you can see there are a lot of eliquid nicotine levels! I included some recommended nicotine levels in case you are not quite sure which nicotine level is right for you. Those are guidelines and if you are a new vaper you may have to try a couple of nicotine levels to find what works best for you. VaporFi eLiquids is offering a large number of ejuice nicotine levels so the options for you are plentiful.

Mixing Nicotine In Your Own E-Juice Recipes

When you are mixing nicotine in your own e-juice recipes, having numerous options is crucial. A lot of vapers additionally appreciate a large number of eliquid nicotine options because their end goal is to get off of nicotine entirely. Having a large number of nicotine options opens the door to a graduated reduction. When you are ready, there is a zero nicotine ejuice option.

So that’s about it for how to make your own e-juice with VaporFi. It is that easy to become the architect of your own e-juice. If anyone asks who makes the best e-juice you can look them in the eye and say …. me! You do everything online in a few easy steps and your custom eliquid recipe will be delivered right to your door. It is all your creativity while VaporFi’s FDA registered, meticulous ejuice lab handles all of the details.

Over to you!