To determine how to inhale vape from an e cig there are two main techniques. Many beginner e-cigs offer the best of both worlds. Generally, cig-a-likes come with a VG/PG e-juice blend.

Although ecigs with smaller batteries won’t produce billowing clouds, they’ll still produce enough vapor to be satisfying. The primary ways in which users draw vapor from their e-cigarettes are called MTL and DL. They each appeal to a separate preference for the comfort of the individual using the device.


The technique of isolating vapor in the mouth and then inhaling into the lungs is called mouth-to-lung, or MTL vaping. This is commonly the way in which people smoke tobacco and closest to what you might refer to as a French inhale (without letting the vapor leave your mouth before inhaling).

To take a mouth-to-lung inhale, first suck in from your mouth and cheeks to fill your mouth with vapor. Then create a closed chamber with your lips. Then open your mouth and take a breath in. This will channel the vapor into your lungs. Then simply exhale naturally through your mouth to expel the vapor. It may take a few tries initially, but once you understand the principle, it becomes a fairly seamless action.

How To Inhale Vape Direct To Your Lungs

Direct lung vaping is an integrated draw of vapor from an e-cig device directly into the user’s lungs. This method of vaping is very similar to the way we breathe regularly. The primary difference being that the addition of vapor in the air creates an added amount of pressure. To take a lung hit or lung inhale, take a breath directly from from the e-cig drawing out vapor. Allow the vapor to funnel from the device directly into your lungs. Then simply let out your breath and exhale the vapor.