You may have seen the viral dance move of people pressing their face into the armpit of an outstretched arm which became popularly known as “dabbing”. What you may not know is the technique on how to dab takes its form as well as its name from the growing method of inhaling cannabis extracts.

Though it has been around for a number of years, the dance itself is almost a caricature of what occurs following users taking a dab, or inhaling burned or vaporized wax extracts. In order to explain, we need to detail the different ways in which you can take a dab before laying out why it causes this common response. A dab, or cluster of concentrated cannabis extract is a thick, waxy material created from a process of removing weed essence either through extreme pressure applied to the cannabis flower, through solvents or other methods leaving behind an incredibly concentrated substance.

It became popular due to the intensity of the active cannabinoids in the essence which originally required a high amount of heat to generate a vapor or smoke for inhalation. As dabbing evolved and how to dab became simplified to a series of steps and parameters, dab rigs or elaborate glass devices with intricate water cooling chambers became the norm for taking dabs. In fact, the best wax vape setups as well as the more complicated and efficient wax vape bubblers are modeled after dabbing rigs such as the Mig Vapor Mig Rig eNail.

That said, the intensity of what is inhaled is so concentrated, people who do it using a dab torch or the not recommended “hot knife” method frequently find it difficult to hold in what is inhaled, causing an auto response of coughing or at least covering their mouth with their shoulder as their hands are occupied with equipment. If you think back to how the dance move is performed, it may make sense that it looks like someone stifling a cough or choke. That said, the most efficient and smoother technique for how to take a dab is through vaporization, we’ll discuss both to give you a better idea of what to expect and how to dab effectively.

Guide on How To Dab — Dabbing Techniques Explored

When using a glass dab rig, you’ll need a torch, or intense heat source to bring the bowl up to temperature to efficiently heat the material before adding it. Once added, it reaches immense temperature almost immediately and covering it with the carb cap or bowl cover will contain the smoke and give you time to inhale it. However, this also may trap unintended carcinogens or particulates which is a growing concern for many cannabis enthusiasts.

Using a dab pen or enail on the other hand, the heating source is regulated very specifically and accurately electronically, bringing the bowl to precise temperatures or wattages and keeping it in the optimal range of warmth for vaporizing the material. In turn, this ensures the wax is vaporized without bringing it to a high enough heat to burn it. An e-nail or e-rig functions much the same as a regular dab rig, except the heat has an exact peak at which the concentrate is melted and turned into vapor.

Popular e-rig configurations implement much of the same technology and process of the torch-fed designs only they limit the heat as it is applied more scientifically rather than with the extremity of intense heat. Instead of cooking the wax or concentrates, you are simply removing the essence through warming.

Dabbing 101 — What You Need to Start Dabbing

Just to get started, you’ll need a device set up for wax concentrates, not every vaporizer or water cooled product is created for dabbing. Many of the popular designs are glass, due to the intensity of heat they are able to conduct and sustain. Reflexively, wax vaporizers are able to generate the optimum wattage, voltage and temperature to generate clean, flavorful vapor without actually burning the material and creating particulates or high heat that would cause users to cough uncontrollably. As a result, vaping wax is becoming the most popular way to dab among users who don’t want to “do the dance” everytime they get medicated.

Keep in mind, lots of people who take dabs enjoy the process, changing their techniques for heating, inhaling, and loading up their devices. They take a certain amount of pride and enjoyment from the accessories and methods in addition to the result. Vaporizing wax concentrate simplifies this immensely, with calculated wattage and temperature ranges suggested in the owner’s manual for most of the best selling dab pens for concentrate. In this way, users get the optimum amount of essence and vapor without the risk of inhaling carcinogens associated with smoking or combustion.

A great deal of the e-rigs, or elaborate dabbing apparatuses designed for vaping extracts, wax concentrates like shatter and crumble, are simple to the point of plug and play; you charge them up and follow the detailed instructions laid out by the manufacturer. Reflexively, traditional wax rigs require a great deal of trial and error to get the heating, inhalation and concentration of material dialed in. There is a learning curve for finding the sweet spot of vaping extracts at the perfect temperature, however, it offers a much smaller range for ideal vapor production with far less possibility of overheating and error.

Dabbing on the Go — How To Dab While Traveling

Though it may seem like a fairly simple method for vaping cannabis essence, carrying around a hard case or a bunch of equipment everywhere you go isn’t the best way to get the cannabis extract you need while traveling. As a result, many users have turned to small devices like dab pens and batteries threaded for a range of cartridges to ensure they aren’t caught without what they need away from home. Sure, carrying around an e rig sounds like a workable plan when you can stash it in your car, at your house or somewhere it won’t get broken, but being constantly mobile in places where you aren’t comfortable breaking out the kit and setting it up can make taking dabs complicated.

In this way, vaping weed extracts from pen mods has become the optimum method for getting the cannabis essence you want on the go. Additionally, some of the best wax pens designed for weed concentrates are incredibly stealthy and compact, meaning you can carry them in your pocket or bag and take a quick draw in almost any setting without anyone knowing. Not only have these devices emerged as the best way to dab, but they are immensely popular with users who enjoy prefilled vape cartridges with specific strains and terpenes of concentrate.

Plus, there are many wax concentrate brands that offer cartridges for specific vape pen configurations, meaning you can pick up a single battery that is good for an infinite amount of weed strains. Convenience has certainly overtaken craft to some degree in terms of the dab market. As such, even the most dedicated dabbers are moving towards smaller, more discreet vaping equipment to get what they need, when they need it with minimal attention.

Dabbing vs Vaping — From First Dab to Your Next Dab

There is plenty to consider when deciding to start dabbing and the learning curve for new users can be fairly complicated. However, dabbing for beginners is infinitely easier with vaping as everything is set up with a range and technique that is established and appreciated by people who use it everyday to experience the cleanest concentrated wax vaping available. Not simply more affordable, easier to use and maintain, but without the harmful byproducts associated with carcinogenic material created by burning material.

Vaping concentrates could open the door to an entirely new realm of convenient and satisfying cannabis use with minimal investment and less equipment. If you aren’t sure whether you’re ready to drop a pile of money on a complicated rig or e-nail, wax pens may be the best way to experience how to dab before you spend big bucks on a lot of pricey equipment. Experience the best that dabbing has to offer in a compact vape kit that won’t burn you out or your concentrates.