As the popularity of vaping reaches the world many users are curious about how much nicotine is in a JUUL. Although there are some very significant differences between getting your nicotine from a vaping vs smoking cigarettes, there seem to be as many between the majority of ecigarettes and the JUUL nicotine content.


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With this in mind, many public agencies who were initially critical of vaping are changing their tune. Having an idea of how much nicotine is in a JUUL may help users making the switch decide if the Juul nicotine strength makes it perfect for the next step toward their smoke free future.

Additionally, being aware of how much nicotine in a JUUL goes through your bloodstream, can help you efficiently manage your cravings and personal needs. Since how many mg of nicotine in a JUUL Pod only comes in a single strength, it helps to understand the effects in each puff of nicotine salt dosage compared to what each user’s body is accustomed to. First off, let’s look at how much nicotine does JUUL have to find out how it measures up to the competition.

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How Much Nicotine Is In A JUUL Pod? — Is JUULing Right For Everyone?

Essentially, each JUUL pod contains 0.7ml of liquid promised to provide users with up to 200 puffs. Within that JUUL vape juice is a blend of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, benzoic acid and nicotine, which makes up 5% of the content on its own. The company claims that as you draw on the JUUL ecig, it provides users with 59mg of nicotine per milliliter of liquid.

To explain, this may seem confusing since the JUUL cartridges themselves do not contain an entire milliliter of ejuice. However, each JUUL cartridge contains around 45mg of nicotine, which the company says generates a similar sensation to an actual cigarette when compared to smoking. In this way, the JUUL pods nicotine level sound like a like a lot, especially when you compare vaping vs cigarettes, and given that most vape juice is available in a range from 3mg to 24mg by volume in a 30 or 60ml bottle, how many mg of nicotine is in a JUUL suddenly sounds like too much?

The truth is, the research of the Pax JUUL brand partnership sought to create a method in which any level of user was able to get an effective dose of nicotine regardless of their experience. In effect, they narrowed the choices of what users could customize to make the process of switching to vaping less overwhelming, and it worked brilliantly. Without the endless choices for types of vaping devices, flavors, nicotine strengths and having to go to a vape shop nearby to understand this new practice where you seem to need to be a math wiz or an engineer, JUUL ecigs remove the learning curve and replace it with fulfilling vapor.

How Much Nicotine In a JUUL — Nicotine Salts

If you’re wondering how much nicotine in a JUUL pod actually reaches your body, it’s important to understand how nicotine salts may change the experience. Some years ago, Pax Labs devised an innovative way to implement how much nicotine in a JUUL was effectively absorbed in a unique way. For years, big tobacco as well as much of the vaping industry used a liquid form of nicotine, but higher nicotine dosages in eliquid could create unpleasant throat hits which were off-putting for many users making the switch.

As a result, Pax decided to refill a JUUL pod with nic salts instead, a more naturally occurring form of nicotine that appear in tobacco leaves. What JUUL products achieved was a much higher dosage that utilized the bioavailability of nicotine (how much humans can absorb in a single puff) while leaving them with a mild throat hit from each puff of the vape pen. In fact, what is in a JUUL pod additionally contains benzoic acid, which is meant to lower the pH levels in the salt and helps the nic salt to vaporize without turning up the heat while still maintaining how much nicotine is in a JUUL.

In recent years, nicotine salts have swept the industry, causing a scramble of the top vape brands to offer compact all-in-one devices like the Aspire Breeze and Eleaf iCare specifically designed to compete with the JUUL vape pen. However, the JUUL vape starter kit has been so innovative and popular, even industry giants haven’t been able to keep up. In short, having pioneered nicotine salt technology and continuing to offer a line of JUUL products that satisfy users consistently with fulfilling clouds of tasty vapor, they have continued to dominate the vaping industry for the best ecigarettes available that utilize nic salt, maintaining their popularity above all JUUL alternatives.

That said, nicotine salts can effect every user differently, especially given how much nicotine in a JUUL flows through your system may be too intense for the majority of users. In fact, they only offer a singular dosage in all of their vape cartridges which quite frankly can be excessively high and may lead to a deeper addiction. Consequently, a similar pod vape system like the Mig Vapor Trap Pod offers the same technology, design and stealth size with the added customization of being able to add whatever vape juice you choose to their completely refillable and replaceable pods. Not to mention that each pod will last up to five full rotations before needing a replacement which saves you a ton of money.

Comprehending how many mg of nicotine in a JUUL Pod enter your body is a primary aspect of why they are so popular. Delivering the most effective method and dosage users need to ease their transition from smoke to vapor is a cornerstone of what makes the JUUL device so successful. Overall, being familiar with the principles of bioavailability as well as how much nicotine in a JUUL can be applied to your cravings and aid each user in attaining the best ecig experience possible in every puff of their pocket vaporizer.