How much is hookah bad for you? That doesn’t get asked as much as it should. If you haven’t heard of hookah, also called shisha by some, you are in the minority. The water pipe has a long history originating from the Middle East, where it is still incredibly popular today. But in recent years this popularity has spilled over here to the US, and it has happened in a big way. With so many young people smoking the water pipe, the question is hookah bad for you needs to be asked a lot more.

There are some key differences with other tobacco products that prevent a great deal of people from asking is shisha bad for you. For one, it doesn’t have that terrible smell that we are so used to getting from traditional tobacco smoke. On the surface that sounds like a great idea, because who wants to smell like an ashtray? Yet what it can also do is camouflage the actual dangers behind water pipe smoke and prevent people from understanding how much is hookah bad for you.

You may hear people referring to hookah as shisha, another traditional name for the practice.

Nobody seems to want to focus on hookah dangers, probably because electronic cigarettes are much sexier to talk about. They like to talk about ecigs being bad for you, even when they can’t back that up with facts. They like to talk about teen smoking being tied to electronic cigarettes, although that has been proven false as well. Basically they will talk about anything ecig related, something that serves as an alternative to smoking tobacco, rather than discuss the tobacco product that is actually terrible for you. It’s probably worse than you even imagined.

Hookah Bad For You Shows New Study

Though many believe hookah is better for users than smoking, just one hour of use can be equivalent to up to inhaling up to 200 cigarettes.

The is hookah bad for you question should be easily answered at this point. I mean we are talking about something that still burns tobacco, like traditional or “analogue” cigarettes. Burning tobacco creates carcinogens, this we know. Yet people still ask, is shisha bad for you? A new study is making that answer even more clear than it already had been.

The facts are that this form of ingesting tobacco may be worse than we thought, and may be worse than any form of smoking period. If you like smoking hookah, you are going to want to give some serious consideration about making the switch to vaping after hearing how bad it actually is.

What researchers are saying is that those using hookah “inhale considerably more smoke, nicotine and carbon monoxide in a single session than cigarette smokers.” That’s pretty big news and it should be sending shockwaves out there to anyone who has been witness to the trend of hookah lounges opening up across America, and especially their popularity among teens. This is something that has become popular overnight it seems, yet not enough people are taking seriously the “is hookah bad for you” angle into consideration.

One of the greatest appeals of smoking hookah is the sweet aroma emitted from the heavily treated tobacco as it burns under a hot coal.

This may very well be because of the sweet aroma that hookah gives off. It could be the illusion that the water is somehow filtering the tobacco and getting rid of all the bad stuff. It isn’t. Not even a bit. Researchers concluded “in a single session, hookah smokers inhale 25 times more tar than cigarette smokers, 125 times the smoke, 10 times the carbon monoxide and 2.5 times the nicotine.” Those are just outrageous numbers! Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is bad enough, but now think of this every time you hear the question is shisha bad for you.

The new data is important to us because it highlights just how easy it is for people to get their fill of bad stuff without even knowing it. It also further paints a picture of a media that is clueless in how they persecute electronic cigarettes on very little facts, while ignoring something that has been proven to be bad for you. Is hookah bad for you? Yes! Why aren’t we really talking about it? Good question. As long as the media focus is on a product that actually helps smokers make that switch instead of on the products that we know do real harm, we won’t be getting anywhere. In the meantime, if you have made smoking hookah a practice you would be advised to stop, or at least make the switch to vapor as soon as possible.