Members of society curious about vaping frequently ask how do e cigs work? E-cigarettes and vape mods are all advancements based on the same original design. Cig-a-likes were the first to reach consumers and have the simplest design.

A lithium-ion battery sends a charge to a heating coil which vaporizes e-liquid as it is drawn out of the device by inhaling. Imagine taking a sudden, concentrated breath through a straw. As the user breathes in, vapor is generated and drawn through the device and into your lungs.

How Do E Cigs Work? — Ways To Inhale Vapor

There are different methods for inhaling vapor beyond the basic principle including mouth to lung or MTL and direct lung or DL vaping. Mouth to lung vaping employs the same technique as traditional smoking; vapor is taken into the mouth and then drawn into the lungs. Direct lung vaping is a direct conduit of inhaled vapor directly to the lungs.

Generally, each device has a light to indicate activation. Cig-a-likes have a built-in indicator light on the end to show when the device is being used and on some models this tells users whether it needs to be charged. This design uses the same technological principle upon which all vape products and mods are based.