Right on the heels of the growing popularity of cannabidiol usage as a dietary supplement and the FDA approving its first ever CBD-based medication, there are scores of eliquid companies coming out of the woodwork to offer what they promise to be the best product available. Having tested quite a few for ourselves, we decided our overall excitement with their line of vape juices warranted a Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice Review as well.

Well known to experienced vapers who favor the flavor of their vape juice over fancy packaging, Hot Juice has gained recent popularity for their impressive range of sixty eliquid flavors. More recently, they have added a CBD vape juice option to their incredible repertoire of delicious vape flavors, taking some of their most popular taste combinations throughout the vaping community and replacing the liquid nicotine with a range of cannabidiol dosages in twelve tasty options. There are few vape juice brands making an effort to creative synergy between eliquid flavors people already love offered with the option of CBD, and we’re pretty fired up that Hot Juice is one of them.

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, Hot Juice has been the best kept secret in vaping for years, but with the addition of dedicated CBD ejuice taste varieties they have skyrocketed to become one of the top destinations in the industry for the best eliquid available. Where many of the CBD oil and vape juice manufacturers are operating in unregulated facilities or in the back of local vape shops adding unknown, or unmeasured amounts of CBD to vape juice, Hot Juice has its own dedication laboratory safe production facilities. As a result, vapers have access to some of the highest quality premium CBD vape juice the world has seen thus far.

By combining their experience of creating some of the most popular ejuice flavors on the market and their responsibly sourced 99% pure CBD isolate in carefully calculated measurements, Hot Juice has effectively set the bar for the best CBD vape juice incredibly high. In fact, with dosage ranges up to 5000mg and user’s choice of VG/PG blend in 70/30 or 30/70, they may be the only vape brand offering this much customization in a potent and flavorful CBD vape juice. Even with our experience enjoying their nicotine based eliquid, we felt it necessary to conduct this Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice Review to determine whether they could bring the same high level of quality and integrity to their flavored CBD ejuice.

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Precise CBD Dosage By Design — Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice Review

One of the reasons so many CBD oil varieties and hemp derived ejuices come in unflavored varieties is with the intention that users simply add it to the vape flavors they already use. However, inconsistent dosages, due to most local vape shops and dispensary employees suggesting “just add a few drops” can lead to insufficient amounts of CBD or as in many cases using too much which isn’t harmful necessarily, but does waste money given the limited bioavailability of cannabidiol absorption in a single session. Part of what makes Hot Juice CBD so unique is the ability to add a similar flavor to your go-to vape tank of delicious eliquid without diluting the flavor and with the knowledge that you are getting the most effective dose you need in every single drop.

To explain, some CBD producers may add 5000mg overall to a batch of liquid they’re mixing up, but the bottle itself may not contain that dosage by volume. An unbelievably admirable aspect we found throughout our Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice Review, was that every consistently flavorful cloud of vapor seemed to have varying amounts of cannabidiol we could actually tell were different just by vaping it. Some CBD oils and vape juices may not have any effects on their user that they can feel, others you may have an inkling that you have just inhaled a hemp-derived isolate, but with Hot Juice CBD you are sure that the dosage on the bottle is exactly what’s going in your tank with every robust puff of vapor.

Another important aspect of Hot Juice CBD to consider is how they source their isolate. We already know the ingredients of their premium eliquids are sourced locally in California where it’s made, but the cannabidiol isolate comes from a responsible farm that raises industrial hemp plants with naturally low occurrence of THC which is then completely extracted before the CBD is added to their vape juice. As a result, vapers get one of the purest, cleanest, highest quality CBD vape juice available in all 50 states due to its designation as a hemp product and not one derived from any variety of cannabis.

This is of particular concern for users worried that CBD vape oil and juice labeled as “full spectrum” will show up on drug tests or put them in violation of state and local laws. Our Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice Review found that we experienced no disorienting or intoxicating effects from vaping a full vape tank of it even at the 5000mg dosage which is the highest they offer (not to mention one of the highest on the market). We can’t speak for any health effects or treatments that CBD is reported to be useful for. What we can say is that Hot Juice continues to turn out an amazing vape juice infused with responsibly sourced CBD designed to last you through continuous sessions of poignant usage. Regardless of whether it has liquid nicotine or CBD isolate listed as an ingredient on their bottle, it’s clear that Hot Juice takes great care in crafting every drop.


  • 12 tasty flavor combinations including Dreamberry Waffles, Island Dream, Kiwiberry Stardust, Pineapple Tranquility, Lounge Cherry and Tobacco Moonlight
  • 5 exceptional 99% pure CBD isolate vape levels in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 5000mg per ml
  • Optional VG/PG blends in 70/30 for heavenly clouds or 30/70 for discreet, flavorful vapor
  • Available in 30ml dropper bottles
  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California from locally sourced vape juice ingredients
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Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice Coupon

5% Off All Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice Flavors! Deal Expires Soon! Happy Vaping! More Less
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Hot Juice CBD Review Wrap Up

Here’s the thing about CBD vape juice and oil, there hasn’t been enough study into its effect for us to make any claims about what the different dosages will do or which would be appropriate for your needs, but if you already know cannabidiol helps you in some capacity, you aren’t likely to find a higher quality CBD eliquid than Hot Juice. Bear in mind, they are applying years of experience and a respected reputation for incredible premium ejuice products to creating effective, carefully crafted CBD eliquid, it’s a background and pedigree for vape chemistry that is proven and trusted.

Everyone knows they can get a cheap CBD oil or additive from their local vape shop, but you don’t really know anything about the company, how its made or the accuracy of the dosage for sure. One thing we can speak to is that throughout our Hot Juice CBD review we received poignant, concentrated doses of CBD from a vape brand that has earned our respect from industry professionals whose work we admired well before they joined the Hot Juice team. As a result, we know for a fact that every bit of concentrated CBD isolate printed on every label of Hot Juice is exactly what’s inside the bottle.

Aside from gathering their CBD vape juice ingredients locally, the integrity that they have put into each and every bottle is indescribably noticeable; from the flavor accuracy to the CBD intensity, there are plenty of attributes we loved about these Hot Juice products, especially the variety. In detail, with five different CBD vape milligram dosage options, two vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol blends for bigger clouds or better flavor (though the flavor is incredible either way) and twelve tasty flavors, Hot Juice offers more personalized vaping for CBD than most of the prominent cannabidiol vape juice companies operating in the industry. Combine that with the confidence that they are responsibly and accurately mixing their products to deliver calculated doses of hemp-derived isolate in every puff along with delectable flavor and we can’t make a higher recommendation for the best CBD vape we’ve ever tested.

Just as anything related to vaping, you have a great deal of choices that may lead you in every direction when trying to find the best products to fulfill your needs. We hope this Hot Juice review helped to provide you with some guidance towards finding the best CBD vape juice products in pre-prepared eliquid flavors we know you’ll appreciate.