We just might be on to something here! The new Horizon Krixus vape tank with ceramic coils provides vapers with the ability to enjoy a sub ohm vape tank with permanent coils. You no longer have to buy replacement coils. Simply replace your cotton wick and keep on vaping. Interesting, right? If you like building coils this might not be the tank for you but if you are looking for an improved long term value and convenience, this is a tank that you should consider.

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The ceramic heating coil is said to last 6 months. When you buy the Horizon Krixus tank, you will get one coil in the tank and a replacement ceramic coil so technically you could get one year of use without requiring a replacement coil. Theres re probably a number of factors that impact those estimates. If you vape heavily and constantly, perhaps you will not get a full 6 months. Time will tell.

The Krixus from Horizon Tech ceramic tank heating coil is rebuildable and comes with Japanese cotton for the highest quality of components.

We have been testing the Horizon Krixus sub ohm tank for a week and so far and it has worked flawlessly. There is an aspect of the Krixus vape tank that we feel lends credence to the claim that these ceramic vaping coils will last up to 6 months. Specifically, that aspect is the ease with which you can clean the coils. To clean the ceramic coils you simply remove the top cap, remove remove cotton and then set your device to 30 watts and fire the coils. They will self-clean to a new looking condition.

When you first remove the cotton, the coils will have a disclosed appearance of course. But after you fire them to 30 watts all of that gunk disappears. The become pure white again. With cleaning and care, I can certainly see these ceramic vape coils having a long and productive life span.

At the end of the day, the Horzon Krixus vape tank is the latest in a new trend toward sub ohm ceramic tanks like the Dolphin.  The Krixus has a better performance than the Dolphin although it is tricky to re-wick the Krixus coils. Horizon also features some top notch vape tanks like the Arctic and V8. Both of those models have been counterfeited by many shady manufacturers. It is safe to expect that many of the same less than scrupulous manufacturers will also copy the Krixus.

The Horizon Tech Krixus ceramic vape tank kit comes with spare atomizer coil, glass tank cylinder and o-rings stretching the life of your vape mod.

Ceramic tanks are complex in design and require specialized technology. The blending of the heating elements and ceramic materials must be done perfectly. Cloned and counterfeit devices will not have the same level of quality. Krixus clones will be cheaper, but they will not be very good quality. Things will not attach well, threading will be off, and the list goes on. If you buy a Krixus sub ohm tank from a vape shop or some online vape stop, make sure to go to the Horizon Tech website and enter the security code to make sure you have an authentic product.

Or, better yet, avoid the worry of being ripped off by a clone and buy from a trusted source that guarantees no clones, ever. If you are interested in a the Horizon Krixus, get yours from Direct Vapor. You will always get a 100% authentic product at the best price.

Horizon Krixus Sub Ohm Tank With Ceramic Coils

The Horizon Krixus sub ohm tank comes with the tank with a pre-installed ceramic coil and one extra RCC ceramic vaping coil. The atomizer resistance of both coils is 0.3 ohms plus or minus 0.1 ohm. The ideal vaping range is 60 to 120 watts. In addition, you will get 5 Japanese cotton sheets for re-wicking. You will get an additional glass tank along with spare seals and o-rings. The price is $34.95. So, if you are comparing, the Krixus is a step ahead of the Dolphin in terms of technology and has a better price. Also, when you order from Direct Vapor you will get free shipping plus warranty protections.

The Krixus ceramic atomizer coil by Horizon Tech creates an intricate curl of swirling vapor.

One of the features that I really appreciated with the Horizon Krixus is that it is a top fill vape tank. In time, it is likely that almost all vape tanks will have a top fill feature. It really is more convenient. The trick is to make top fill tanks accessible but leak proof. Horizon has accomplished both of those goals with a beautiful and precisely engineered design. The Krixus top fill is very easy to use. You can see the size of the eliquid holes in the image above. Nice and big but when you thread the cap back on, and it goes in perfectly every time by the way, no leaks. Well done.

The vape tank itself has a 4 ml capacity. It is 22 mm in diameter and has a standard 510 connection. It also has a 510 drip tip and comes with a stainless steel drip tip that is insulated with Delrin, a very safe and heat resistant plastic. Overall, it looks great and is a no frills design.

The Horizon Krixus Ceramic vape coils are very carefully crafted to provide a fast heat up and consistently smooth, flavorful vapor. Each ceramic vape coil is manufactured in a multi-step process. First, ceramics and tungsten heating elements are blended. After the initial steps, another layer of ceramics is applied to coat the coil. The coil components can be easily attached and detached thanks to excellent engineering and machining. Everything attaches / detaches smoothly.

The Horizon Tech Krixus ceramic atomizer coil is not just rebuildable but rewickable, allowing vapers to change the quality and variety of cotton they use.

With a vaping range of 60 to 120 watts, you will need a quality, powerful mod. A 200 watt mod would work and let you use the Krixus tank at its limits. As would the new Sigelei T150 touch screen mod that will go up to 150 watts. One caveat, when you are cleaning the coils, do not set your power to any more than 30 watts. Clean your Krixus coils by firing to 30 watts only! It will work like a charm every time.

You can see in the image above how a sleeve fits over the coil. When you re-wick the coil, you have to wrap the cotton tightly around the ceramic coil and then finesse the sleeve overtop of your wicking and then thread the sleeve onto the coil base. This is where things can get a bit tricky and it will take some practice to perfect your process.

You can’t simply wrap on the wick and push on the sleeve. You will have to finesse the sleeve in place slowly. It can be annoying but don’t worry, you will get the hang of it! Once you thread the sleeve in place, you may have to use the tweeters to tuck in some loose ends at the top. That will only take a few seconds. So, it is a process to learn how to re-wick the coils so be prepared for that.

Benefits Of Ceramic Vape Coils

A lot of vapers enjoy temperature control vaping with Nickel or Titanium coils. Or they like to wrap kanthal coils that let them push their mods to extremes. Ceramic vape coils are different. They require re-wicking not rebuilding. The most obvious benefit is the financial factor in that you do not have to constantly replace coils like you do with metals. There are, however, additional benefits that pertain to actual vaping.

Ceramic vape coils provide a crisp, clean vapor. You are going to get excellent flavor from your favorite e-juice. The flavors are very vibrant. Many also comment that the vapor itself is smoother. If this will be your first ceramic vape coils, you will probably notice that the vapor is different. It will perhaps seem a bit more mellow, milder, but there will certainly be ample vapor production. You will get nice big vapor clouds from the Horizon Krixus.

The Krixus rebuildable ceramic atomizer coil from Horizon Tech is the perfect blend of form and function.

Ceramic vape coils have been criticized because of the amount of time it can take for them to warm up. It has been said that you need a few warm up hits before you get the full amount of vapor. With the Horizon Krixus, when you are vaping at 70 watts or above there is no warm-up time needed. The ceramic coil design of the Krixus is a step above anything we have seen so far. These coils are very responsive and produce excellent vapor and flavor.

Horizon Krixus Review

Our Horizon Krixus review process involved a lot of testing, a lot of experimenting and actually a lot of fun. It was a challenge to go through the process of wrapping the cotton wick around the coil but a fun challenge. Everything assembled so well thanks to the precision engineering. The top fill tank feature is fantastic and, like we said earlier, no leaks! Quality really make all the difference and there is no denying the very high quality of the Horizon Krixus.

Of course the best part of the Horizon Krixus review was the vaping. The 0.3 ohm coils and the huge wattage range gave us a very diverse vaping experience. We could go nice and mellow at 60 watts or make huge clouds at 100 watt to 120 watts.

The Horizon Tech Krixus ceramic vape tank comes with everything you need to vape big clouds with controlled heat.

The vapor is excellent and the flavors are very rich, very noticeable. The vapor is nice, clean and pure. The ceramic coil is a very clean heat source and certainly an excellent vape. The Krixus really nails it with a more responsive ceramic coil than any other. You get billowing vapor from the get go.

If you are looking for a new addition to your vape gear, the Horizon Krixus tank would be an excellent choice. It has also been called the Krixus ‘re-wickable’ sub ohm tank. Maybe you want a break from coil building or at least an alternative. If you want longer lasting coils that you do not have to replace once or twice a week, then by all means try the Krixus. Horizon has put in the work to make a better ceramic vape coil. It vapes magnificently.