Public health officials in France are now recognizing the overwhelming value of electronic cigarettes and vaping in the fight to reduce the harm caused by tobacco. Tabac Info Service is an agency that is run by the French government’s branch responsible for public health. Their website has published information to inform French citizens that electronic cigarettes represent hope for smokers, or at least that is how Google translates it! Ultimately, Tabac Info Service says vaping may help smokers quit and offers a reduced risk. The end goal should be to quit both smoking and vaping.

Tabac Info Service is responsibly informing the public that electronic cigarettes reduce or even eliminate the risk of serious disease compared to smoking cigarettes. No American vape brand is allowed to say this, I am not even sure that I am allowed to say this but I am merely reporting a public record issued by an official French agency. So, just the messenger here.

Flag of France unwavering in its declaration that vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

Continuing with the reporting, Tabac Info Service also sates to French citizens that can be a help to stop or reduce smoking. The French then hit you with a few facts. They point out that even vapers that continue to be dual users, smoking and vaping, they at least reduced cigarette use by an average of 9 cigarettes per day. They say that the e-cigarette could help dual users quit gradually in addition to those vapers that have already completely quit tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping: Not a Gateway

Tabac Info Service did not go so far as to say that the electronic cigarette is the best way to quit smoking but they are studying the issue in France. They also acknowledge that there is no legitimate study that shows that vaping is a gateway to smoking. In fact they say that the research is promising that vaping is not a gateway to smoking.

Just to be clear, Tabac Info Service states strongly that the ultimate goal should be to neither vape nor smoke. That is only reasonable.

Side by side comparison of the detrimental effects of toxins and carcinogens in a study of why vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Here we have health officials in another European country that is responding to the mounting body of scientific evidence that clearly demonstrates that vaping is orders of magnitude safer than tobacco. The French position follows on the heals of the position adopted by Public Health England which recommends that people vape instead of smoke because they found that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.

America has led the world in many ways. But while more responsible health agencies around the world recognize that the fight against smoking is far from won and more tools are needed, including vaping, the FDA regulations threaten to move vaping in the United States back to the stone age.