If you’re looking for an easy to use, excellent quality sub ohm mod that is also a great value this Halo Tracer review will present a device that satisfies all the functionality you need at an affordable price. How about a complete mod kit including a 30 ml bottle of e-juice for $50 all in? The Halo Tracer Sub Ohm mod kit comes with a large capacity battery, tank, 0.5 ohm atomizer coils and a 30 ml bottle of Halo or Evo e-liquid.  This is not a variable wattage mod or complex box mod. It is plug and play.

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I wanted to talk about the Halo Tracer today because I have been getting a lot of emails from people who want to try sub ohm vaping but don’t want to spend a lot of money and they don’t want a complex mod. More than one person that has emails me has said that they have been to a vape shop but the mods they were shown were kind of complicated and by the time they added a tank and some e-juice they were looking at north of $100.

It’s important users get a mod kit that comes with everything they need including e-juice. If you’re just starting out, it can be frustrating to get a new mod and then have to make an additional purchase just to use it. Additionally, it’s important that it’s easy to use and enjoyable. Above all, it’s important that products I suggest to users be top quality, genuine and not a clone or counterfeit, covered under a responsible warranty and available at a reasonable price.

Halo Tracer Review — Sub Ohm Vaping In A Nutshell

What is sub ohm vaping? The quick nutshell explanation is that sub ohm vaping involves using an atomizer coil with an electrical resistance of less than one ohm. That means more power is drawn from the battery and vast amounts of vapor can be generated. That’s really the draw. An enjoyable satisfying experience with very large vapor clouds! Our Halo Tracer review will explain why you should check out the Halo Tracer as an introduction to sub ohm vaping. Another option might be the Halo Triton 2 e-cig mod. The Triton 2 is smaller than the Tracer and a terrific vape but the Tracer has a bit more uumph.

So a couple of key points I want to quickly make here. I know a lot of our readers are already well aware of the nuances of sub ohm vaping, temp control, coil building etcetera. But I want to make sure that I address some of the people who may be new, such as the folks that have sent emails over the last few weeks. Okay, there are some other differences involved with sub ohm vaping that you should be aware of. We’ll start there.


First, if you have been using a cigalike or standard vape mod then you probably vape the same way that you smoke. That is you draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale. This is MTL, or mouth to lung, vaping. To get the big vapor clouds, the vast majority of sub ohm vapers use a different technique we call DL or direct lung vaping. That is when you draw the vapor directly into your lungs and then exhale.

VG E-Liquids

Second if you have been vaping with a cigalike or using a standard mod with atomizer coils over 1.0 ohms there is another change you need to make. And this has to do with the e-juice you choose. With sub ohm vaping you will be using a VG e-liquid. VG is a denser vape juice and produces more vapor than PG. Now with the Halo Tracer get you will get VG e-liquid included so thats great. But I want to let you know that you will not need as much nicotine content with sub ohm vaping a VG eliquid.

six sample flavors halo purity e-liquid

For example if you use a cigalike with 18 mg of nicotine, you should choose a 6mg nicotine level for your Halo VG e-liquid. In fact, 6 mg is about as high as anyone needs to go with sub ohm vaping and 3 mg might be enough. You may have to try each to see which hits the spot better.

What Happens If I Don’t Like Sub Ohm Vaping

So sub ohm vaping is very enjoyable. The big vapor and the satisfying feel when exhaling those vape clouds hits the spot. But I realize that it may not be for everyone. For example, you may simply prefer the throat hit and sensation that you get when MTL or mouth to lung vaping. This possibility brings me to another reason that I am recommending the Halo Tracer. halo tracer kit with black battery and stainless steel tracer tank

You can get a 1.2 ohm Halo Tracer coil to use in the Tracer tank. If you get the 1.2 ohm coils and some standard Halo e-juice along with a narrow bore drip tip you can use the Tracer for standard MTL vaping. So if you are looking for a sub ohm mod that is versatile and will not waste your time or money, then the Tracer is one you should take a look at. So not let’s move on to our Halo Tracer review.

Halo Tracer Review — A Sub Ohm Kit For Anyone

Now we get to the part where I can really get into the Halo Tracer review and why I am recommending it. First I’ll tell you what it comes with. You will get the Halo Tracer 2300 mAh Halo Tracer battery. You will get the Tracer tank and two 0.5 ohm atomizer coils. The kit comes with two mouthpieces for the tank and a USB and wall charger along with the user manual. Plus you will get a 30 ml bottle of Halo or Evo VG e-liquid. Your choice of flavor and strength. You get all of this for $50.

Halo e-juice purity

Anytime you buy a mod and tank kit, there is another value proposition to think about. Depending on how much you vape, each atomizer could will last anywhere from 5 days up to a couple of weeks. So how much do replacement coils cost? In this case, I don’t know. I’m sorry. Just kidding! Seriously, Halo sells Tracer coils in packs of five for $14.00. That’s a solid long term value proposition. You can use Horizon Arctic coils as well and maybe save a little money but the Halo price is certainly reasonable. And you can pick from five different coil styles and resistances but start with the 0.5 ohm and go from there. Tracer coils are very good and have large juice ports to keep your wick saturated and vapor plentiful.

Note The Nice Large Juice Port On The Halo Tracer CoilsWe also have a Halo Cigs coupon code EXPERTVAPING5. Let’s add this up again. You get the complete kit and a bottle of e-juice that is worth $15 to $20 alone. You are getting this from a leading US vape company so you know you are getting authentic quality and warranty protection. Not to mention the fact that Halo E-Liquids have won several awards for their impeccable quality.

Vaping The Halo Tracer

The Halo Tracer is very easy to use. All of the components thread together effortlessly. Swapping out the coils is a quick easy process. This is a high quality device. You do not have to adjust any power settings. Refilling the tank with e-juice is quick and easy. Take the tank off of the mod, unscrew the bottom, drop in e-juice and then hook it all back up again. Takes seconds. The tank is constructed of stainless steel. It has a 22 mm diameter that perfectly matches the diameter of the Tracer battery. The 4 ml e-juice capacity can last for a day or more of vaping.

On your first direct lung inhale, go easy! The Tracer is responsive and will produce a lot of dense vapor very quickly. Once you settle in, the vaping experience is excellent. The Tracer is consistent and reliable. With a 4 ml e-juice capacity and a 2300 mAh battery working with the 0.5 ohm Tracer coils you will get a full day of vaping. Of course that always depends on how much you vape so I will put it this way. The 2300 mAh battery will vaporize the full capacity of the 4 ml tank and a bit more. Lets say 5 ml total. So 5 ml of e-juice vaped should be enough for a full day of vaping for the vast majority.

The Tracer Battery Is A Mech Mod

The Halo Tracer is a mech mod which means there is no pre-set power output. The Tracer will deliver as much power as the atomizer will draw. There is a cutoff of 15 seconds so if the fire button is held down for 15 seconds it will cut off. This is a safety feature. The benefit is that regardless of the atomizer resistance that you are using the Tracer will draw and deliver the appropriate amount of power. Halo tracer black sub ohm battery mod. The Tracer battery is 80 mm tall or 3.1 inches. The battery storage capacity is 2300 mAh which is about the equivalent of your typical 18650 battery. The battery charges very quickly with a re-charge time of two hours or less.

Halo Tracer Review Wrap-Up

Time for the Halo Tracer review wrap-up! The spirit of this review was directed toward vapers who may be thinking about trying a sub ohm mod. I understand that many of you want something simple and easy to use and you don’t want to pay too much either. This Halo Tracer mod kit review is for you and any sub ohm vaper looking for an affordable, portable back-up. Halo cigs blue company logo The other benefit here is buying directly from a US vape company vs buying an imported potentially cloned device from another source. Halo Cigs has excellent customer service and you will be dealing directly with them and their Florida based customer service team. If you want to switch back from sub ohm vaping to standard vaping, you can do that with the Tracer and Tracer tank. You can get 1.2 ohm coils and use a standard Halo or other e-jucie. Speaking of Halo E-Juice, know that Halo uses only the best quality USP grade ingredients. No diacetyl! Halos vape juice has won multiple awards. Every batch of e-juice is tracked after it is produced in a state of the art lab facility staffed by actual professionals. halo tracer sub ohm mod black and silver color

Of course all of this stuff is great but better yet is the quality, reliability and performance of the Halo Tracer mod. easy to use and lots of vapor. That about sums it up!

  • The Halo Tracer sub ohm mod kit comes with everything (with USA made e-liquid) for only $50
  • 0.5, 0.2, and 1.2 ohm atomizers for multiple vape styles
  • Awards winning e-liquid
  • US vape company involved in the fight for your right to vape
  • US based customer service
  • No clones, the Tracer mod is 100% authentic
  • Backed by warranty