Hello! Thanks for stopping by to take a look at our Halo Reactor Mega review. I’m going to get a bit into the weeds on this device but before we go any further, lets get a few formalities out of the way and make sure that this is a product that you would genuinely be interested in.

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So, who is the Halo Reactor Mega mod designed for? This is a very diverse device and the kit comes with a fantastic top fill vape tank. It also comes with an internal battery and Halo VG e-juice. So that’s step one. The Reactor Mega kit is a complete kit perfect for people who want everything they need all in one vape kit. Perfect.

Halo Reactor digital 80 watt power plant mod power supply.

Okay next. The Halo Reactor Mega is for those of you who want a mod that comes with an internal battery as opposed to a mod that requires a separate 18650 battery. The Mega kit is for people who want to be able to enjoy standard vaping, subohm vaping or temperature control vaping all with the same Reactor 5.0 ml top fill vape tank. The mod is an 80 watt device capable of temp control. Additionally, the Halo Reactor Mega is a great choice for people who want a vape device that is basic, comfortable and easy to use.

Finally, the Halo Reactor Mega is designed to go the distance. The high capacity battery and 5.0 ml tank mean that you can vape for extended periods of time without refilling or recharging.

So, if any of these descriptions sound like you then let’s continue. If you want something a bit more basic then check out the Halo Triton 2. The Triton 2 is a basic mod that does not require any adjustments to power settings. It is plug and play.

If you are looking for an advanced device that lets you use your own 18650 batteries then you might want to have yourself a look at something like the X Cube Ultra.

For the rest of you still with me lets dig some more into the 80 watt TC Halo Mega Reactor review.

Halo Reactor Mega Review

Our Halo Reactor Mega review follows our previous review of the original Halo Reactor vape mod. The original Reactor is a 50 watt device. The Mega is a larger 80 watt device. However, what really makes the Reactor Mega “Mega” is the 5000 mAh battery capacity. In terms of actual size, the Mega is not huge. In fact it is very comfortable to hold and carry. The Mega mod is 3.3 inches in height, 2 inches wide and less than an inch thick. But within that space is 5000 milliamp hours of juice for all day vaping and then some.

The Reactor Mega has a spring loaded 510 connection with airflow channels which is great. Some of you that may have certain drip tanks will like the airflow channels. The buttons on the Reactor Mega mod are fantastic. very clicky and no rattle. If there is a downside it would be that the USB port is located on the bottom of the mod. There are a variety of functions available including variable wattage, bypass, temp control including TC  and smart pre-sets for your convenience.

Halo Reactor wood grain pattern mod power supply.

The Halo Reactor Mega vape mod comes in four different color options. There is a white, a brushed silver, a deep bronze color and finally a woodgrain finish. The woodgrain is not actually made of wood by the way. But it does look good!

Halo Reactor Mega Specs

Who likes bullet points? Me too! So here let’s break it down by the bullets:

  • Reactor Mega Mod Size 83.5 mm tall x 49.5 mm wide x 23.5 mm thick
  • 510 thread connection which is the vape industry standard
  • Vaping modes are VW/Bypass/Smart/TC(Ni,Ti,SS,TCR-M1,M2,M3)
  • The wattage range is from 1 to 80 Watts
  • Atomizer resistance range is from 0.05 ohm to 1.5 ohm for TC modes and 0.1 ohm to  3.5 ohm for the VW/Bypass and smart modes
  • Temperature control vaping range is from 100 C to 315 C or 200 F to 600 F
  • Four different color finishes are a brushed silver, white, grey, bronze, and a cool looking wood grain (not actually wood, but looks like it)

Generally, these types of vape mods are upgradeable. Although there are currently no firmware upgrades available, it is said to be capable of taking on upgrades down the road.

Isn’t This The iStick Power?

If you are an experienced vaper familiar with the industry, you may have noticed that the Reactor Mega looks like the iStick Power mod. Well, it basically is the iStick Power mod! But hold your horses. I know a lot of vapers out there have a problem with US companies rebranding. Most of that issue comes from companies that rebrand products and then charge double the price. That is not the case here. The Reactor Mega is the same price as the iStick Power mod.

There are huge advantages, however, to buying the Reactor Mega vs the iStick Power. How? Well when you buy the Reactor Mega from Halo you know you are not getting a clone. That’s one. That’s big. Next, when you buy the Reactor Mega from Halo Cigs you are dealing with a US based company that personally manages the product and the warranty. No getting shuffled off to an overseas manufacturer, and everybody you talks to speaks English. Finally, you are buying from an American ecig company that was the first in the right to stand up to oppressive FDA regulations. Halo Cigs is using its proceeds to fight FDA overreach.

I think all of those are pretty darn good reasons to support Halo Cigs. You also get an excellent 80 watt temperature control vape mod with an internal 5000 mAh battery. A big league plus is that you are getting excellent value and quality without the fear of getting a clone or having to jump through 8 million hoops to get some customer support. You can go direct to Halo. They’ve got a toll free number, email and live internet chat all available to you. We also have a Halo Cigs coupon code that you can use to save 5%. Seems small but combined with Halo Points rewards it adds up to an even better value for your dollar.

Halo Reactor Tank — A Tight Draw With Big Clouds

The Halo Reactor vape tank is a fantastic tank. There are a large number of coil options including a 1.5 ohm single vertical coil that can accommodate MTL, mouth to lung, vaping. MTL vaping is when you draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale, much like smoking. There are also coils for subohm and Temp Control vaping including Claptons. TC and subohm coils are geared toward DL, direct lung, vaping where you draw the vapor directly into the lungs.

Halo Reactor sub ohm e-cig reservoir tank.

Learn More About SubOhm and TC Vaping Here

We have compiled a list of available coils that you can use with the Halo Reactor top fill vape tank and here it is:

Kanthal Coils

1.5 ohm single vertical coil

0.25 ohm dual vertical coil

0.5 ohm Clapton coil

0.5 ohm dual vertical coil

Ni200 Nickel Coils (For Temp Control Vaping)

0.15 ohm dual vertical coil

0.25 ohm dual vertical coil

Stainless Steel Coils (For both temp control or variable wattage subohm vaping)

0.25 oh dual vertical coil

0.5 ohm dual vertical coil

All of the above coils come in packs of 5.

Halo Reactor dual vertical Kanthal coil 5-pack sealed box.

The Reactor vape tank has a huge 5.0 ml e-liquid capacity. It comes with a 510 stainless steel drip tip as well as one 510 glass drip tip. The tank is 2.9 inches tall so it is a good sized tank as you would expect given the large capacity. Along with the easy access and very convenient top fill design, the capacity and diversity of coils make the Reactor tank an excellent choice.

The Halo Reactor Mega mod kit comes with two 0.25 ohm Ni200 coils. These coils are for temp control vaping only. If you are want to try regular subohm vaping you can order some Kanthal or stainless steel coils.

Vaping The Halo Reactor Mega Kit

How is the vaping with the Halo Reactor Mega kit? It is awesome. The kit comes with two 0.25 ohm Ni200 coils so the coils it comes with are designed for temperature control vaping. I also bought some Clapton coils as the 1.5 ohm coils so I could try all the various forms of vaping.

Three big things with the vaping. Number one, the responsiveness. For a mod that frankly does not cost that much, the responsiveness is impressive. There is no discernible delay from hitting the fire button to getting vapor production. No lag. Next, the Reactor tank and mod combine for excellent flavor and vapor production. What I really liked here was all the different coil options that I was able to try.

Halo Reactor starter kit includes Kanthal coil, 80 watt mod power supply, and Reactor reservoir tank.

TIP: When using the 1.5 ohm MTL coils, I found that I got a better vape when using a narrow bore 510 drip tip as opposed to wide more DL. If you don’t have a narrow bore drip tip already you can get a narrow drip tip from Halo by going into the Triton 2 accessories and getting the stainless steel drip tip for $2.50.

Halo Reactor Mega Review Wrap Up

Time to wrap up the Halo Reactor Mega review. By the way, if you have the Reactor Mega or any Halo device or juice, please submit your own Halo Cigs electronic cigarette review on our consumer reviews page. Consumer reviews are at the heart of what we are doing here. Back to the Mega.

The Halo Reactor Mega passes all of our tests. The longevity of the vaping experience is one of the best that we have experienced. You can get almost 2 full days out of a full charge. Of course that will vary vaper to vaper depending on how you vape. If you vape heavily at 80 watts, you will probably only get one day but that is still a phenomenal performance. Using the 1.5 ohm coil at 12 watts I could go for days.

Halo E-cig Reactor reservoir tank.

The vaping is excellent. This is a responsive device. The value of this vape kit is exceptional to be honest. You get everything you need including Halo E-Liquid. Replacement coils come in packs of 5 and sell for $14 and that is very reasonable. That value gets even better when you use our Halo Cigs coupon codes Expert Vaping5. And the value gets better yet if you join Halo Points rewards. You should too because in the long run, in conjunction with our Halo coupon code, you will save in the range of 15%.

Excellent Vape Kit Value

Value and performance are key here. The biggest plusses are the diversity and longevity you get fro the Reactor Mega. I also like the size and comfortable feel of this device. Then range of color options are fantastic. The one downside is that the USB port is on the bottom of the mod. That is minor I realize but just letting you know. The OLED screen and controls are terrific and it is easy to use.

5 Halo Reactor Kanthal coils.

That’s about it for our Halo Reactor Mega review. The Reactor Mega vape kit sells for $70 all in. That includes the mod, the Reactor top-fill vape tank, two 0.25 ohm Ni200 coils and 30 ml of Halo’s award winning e-juice. Add it all up and this is a vape kit that boasts excellent value. Remember to use our Halo coupon code Expert Vaping5. By the way, you can buy the Reactor Mega mod separately for $41 if you wish. The complete kit is the best buy.

The bottom line is this. If you want a high capacity battery that will last for extended periods of time in an easy to use multi-functional vape mod, then The Reactor Mega is one that you should absolutely take a long look at. Halo makes incredible vape juice and offers outstanding vaping devices. You will also be buying from a company that is at the leading edge of fighting for your right to vape.