There’s a difference you wouldn’t believe between the new Halo G6 Mini Tank and the previously pre-filled or refillable cartridges. They are new and not many people are aware of them. However, after you’re done reading this article you will definitely be well informed. That’s an Expert Vaping promise.

Being that I am a self-proclaimed “loyal Halo customer” I had to share m thoughts on the G6 clearomizer mini tank. As soon as I found out that they were offering mini clearomizer tanks for the Halo G6 batteries I had to try one. Well, being that I personally enjoy Halo, of course I was interested in a new product. As soon as they arrived I filled one up and attached the mini tank to a G6 battery. I took a draw and had my mind pretty much made up. These Halo G6 Mini Tanks are awesome!

You may have noticed we have a live support chat on our website for you (the visitor) to contact us at Expert Vaping should you have any questions. Well… now when I receive a chat request concerning Halo – I won’t even recommend Halo’s regular carts or their refillable cartridges. After trying these mini tanks, I really can’t find anything negative to say about them. That’s not something that I can easily exaggerate. You just need to try them for yourself 🙂

Read on for further insight!

Halo G6 Pre-Filled Cartridges

Halo's G6 pre-filled vaping cartridges provide the perfect amount of juice and power for the daily vaper.

Let’s talk about the Halo G6 pre-filled cartridges for a minute.  When you order pre-filled cartridges, things are simple. Halo makes it easy for people who don’t want to deal with the mess that some e-cigs can create. Their pre-filled cartridges are a perfect example. You select the color, flavor, nicotine strength, and you pay.

When you get them in the mail you simply screw it onto your G6 battery, and puff away. No real problems there. The flavor is there, but it’s a bit eliminated – just a bit. Nothings really wrong with them. Good choice if you’re looking for simplicity.

Halo G6 Refillable Cartridges

The Halo G6 clearomizer mod is the ideal compact and discrete e-cig for quality refillable vaping in a compact design.

If you’re ready to start messing around with e-liquids then refillable cartridges would have been a good go-to-option for e-cig users looking to explore the e-mazing flavors of e-liquids. The problem with the refillable cartridges is:

  • You can’t see how much e-liquid you’re placing in the cartridge
  • The longevity isn’t very long, maybe 3 days filling twice a day.
  • When filling, you need to be careful not to drip e-liquid into the center, doing so will allow the liquid to come in contact with the battery.
  • The refillable cartridges are definitely time consuming. They aren’t something you can just dump some e-juice in…and run out the door.
  • Refilling cartridges is so inconsistent. The flavors are so far and in between, it’s like one minute you’ve filled a good cart… and the next was not so good. You have to have a knack for filling cartridges, seriously.
  • I would get roughly 100-125 puffs per complete refill.

With the above said….the refillable cartridges are not absolutely horrible. Unless you compare them to the G6 Mini Tanks 🙂

Halo G6 E-Cigarette Mini Clearomizer Tanks

The Halo G6 clearomizer vape tank has a 1ml capacity.

Welcome to simplicity. The mini tanks are the gateway to that one time in your life and mine where we finally get to have our cake… and eat it too. Just looking at it you’ll notice that it’s almost exactly the same size as a cartridge in width, but its a bit longer. You’ve got about an extra two centimeters. However – you will notice it looks like something you would pour e-liquid into. Just one benefit amongst many:

Benefits of investing in the Halo G6 mini clearomizer tanks
  • You can literally pour e-liquid into this tank. Unlike a cartridge, it’s free flow. There’s no filler to worry about.
  • Flavors are more bold. Throat kick is much better.
  • Eliminates overfilling. The ability to see how much e-liquid you are pouring in is pretty nice.
  • The vapor production is decent. Nothing like a cloud that a bigger e-cig using a tank would produce, but definitely decent.
  • Quick and easy…while yes this may sound a bit cliche… please understand this is something that you can put some e-juice into and run out the door with it. : )
  • No leakage. (Also as mentioned above – no overfilling)
  • You save $$$
Halo G6 E-Cig Mini Tanks Vs. Pre-Filled and Re-Fillable Cartridges

The Halo G6 clearomizer tank can hold hours worth of e-liquid for an all day vaping experience.

Who Wins? The Victory goes to….

On average I got about 150-200 looooong drags (approximately 7 seconds long)… I take really long drags. So being that I take long drags, if you were to take what you think is a regular drag…you would probably get a lot more puffs. Either way, it’s a snap to re-fill, and I’ve always got e-liquid within my reach. I personally love that I can see how much e-liquid is in it and I never have to leave home without a full cartridge/clearomizer tank. Just those few benefits right there suits my decision to strictly purchase Halo’s G6 mini clearomizer tanks when I purchase. Which brings us to our next point: when buying the mini tanks – you’ll save money.

Dependent on how much you “vape”…you can save a lot of money with these. I’ve gotten up to 25-30 refills without a problem. After that, I’m not so cheap that I can’t afford new ones. So typically I ditch a clearomizer roughly about 1 every 4-5 days. But that’s like getting a carton of cigarettes for $30/month (+ $20 30ML e-liquid) for the average person who vapes. All in all… I love it, and that’s why I’m blogging about it. Also, because now I have a link to send the chat visitors to when they’re inquiring about the Halo G6 electronic cigarette or similar products. So who wins? I think it’s obvious… but if I must point it out, it’s definitely the mini clearomizer tanks. Give them a try. You’ll see what I mean.

Thanks for reading, cheers!


We’ve put together a review video for the Halo G6 mini clearomizer tanks!