Halo Cigs literally burst onto the scene in 2009 and has quickly made believers of pretty much everyone that has tried their products.

Based in New Jersey and clearly expressing a no-nonsense New Jersey attitude, Halo prides itself on well-built, USA made products that work better than the competition’s.


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That work ethic and commitment to quality is certainly evident in Halo’s Premium E-Juice. Like all Halo Ecig products, the care and attention to detail has led to tremendous results.

Halo Purity makes a broad range of e-juice flavors all made in the USA.

Brands that invest heavily in research and development are easy to distinguish from the cheap, low quality brands that you find in gas stations and convenience store.

Halo absolutely falls into the category of a company that has done its homework, taken the time and resourced to invest in R&D because they are dedicated to doing things right.

If you have read our Halo G6 Ecig review, then you know about the consistency and vapor production of this brand. In fact, Expert Vaping has multiple Halo E-Cigarette reviews that you can refer to and see the videos as well as the hard, empirical data that clearly shows exactly how Halo E-Cig has separated itself from the pack.

Halo e-vapor delivers a premium American made e-liquid in flavors like Twisted Java.

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Halo E-Cigarette Reviews

The majority of Halo E-Cigarette reviews touch on Halo’s Premium Ejuice but this USA made e-liquid deserves more attention that a few lines in a review. After all, this e-liquid is a definite contender for the best e-liquid period.

Creating the best e-liquid is no easy task. Long before you receive your Premium Ejuice order in the mail, a lot of people spent a lot of time and resources to make sure that your vaping experience is second to none.

Halo's range of premium e-liquids including flavors like Malibu, Tribeca, Kringle's Curse and Belgian Cocoa are all made in the USA.

Before we really get into how Halo’s USA made e-liquid is made, it should be noted that at the other end of the spectrum are a wide range of cheaply made e-liquids that are blended from cheap, after market ingredients. These e-liquids are typically blended in an amateurish fashion and prone to including impurities.

The whole idea of making the switch to e-cigs is avoiding harmful compounds. Remember that tobacco has more than 5,000 toxic ingredients so any form of vaping is less harmful than tobacco but vaping has the potential to minimize risk by several orders of magnitude.

Halo’s Premium E-Liquid Ingredients Are Sourced In The USA And Adhere To The Highest Standards

The more you can limit your exposure to toxins the better; nothing could be more obvious than that. So, using the best e-liquid is critical. Cheap e-liquids do not cost much less, in fact many of the cheapest brands are overpriced, so there is literally no reason to ever use a cheap e-liquid made with inferior ingredients.

With Halo Cigs, you do not have to worry about the potential impurities found in cheap e-liquids. Halo does not buy cheap, pharmaceutical nicotine from sketchy dealers in China. Nor do they get their propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin from some chemical company’s cast-offs.

Halo Purity e-liquid is a tropical paradise in a tiny bottle with flavors like Tahitian Tobacco.

Halo’s ingredients are sourced from top-quality USP grade ingredients. USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia and it is the standard setting authority for all over the counter, prescription and all other health care products sold in the United States. USP standards are recognized worldwide.

The Premium Ejuice itself is then blended at the highest standards. A perfect blend is essential for a consistent vaping experience. If you have ever vaped an ejuice where one puff had lots of flavor but very little vapor and the next puff was the opposite, then you know that a poor blend equals a lousy vape. You don’t want that. Halo’s blending ensures a consistency and satisfaction that you can count on.

Halo Premium Ejuice pricing starts at just $5.99 for a 7 ml bottle and $19.99 for a 30 ml bottle. This is Exhibit A in the case that proves that the best e-liquid is not necessarily the most expensive. Like we mentioned earlier, oftentimes the poor quality ejuice is also overpriced. In addition to a great price, you can choose from 5 different nicotine levels.

If you are wondering which nicotine level is right for you, refer to Expert Vaping’s guide for which e-liquid strength is right for you.

When it comes to Premium Ejuice flavors, halo has something for everyone!

Halo's Tribeca e-juice delivers smooth tobacco flavor with every puff.

Tobacco Flavored Premium Ejuice:

  • Tribeca (smooth tobacco flavor)
  • Turkish Tobacco (self-explanatory)
  • Prime (authentic tobacco taste)
  • Torque56 (strong, unfiltered tobacco throat hit)
  • LongHorn (fire cured tobacco)
  • Midnight Apple (tobacco with a touch of apple flavor)
  • Captain Jack (a premium tobacco taste)
  • Voodoo (sweet and spicy tobacco)
  • HX3 (sweet, dry tobacco with a touch of menthol)
  • Tiki Juice (spiced tobacco with a tarce of menthol)
  • Freedom Juice (subtle tobacco with sweetness)
  • Southern Classic (New Orleans style tobacco with vanilla, honey, citrus and cloves)

Menthol Tobacco Flavors:

  • Mystic Menthol (sweet menthol)
  • Menthol Ice (clean, classic menthol flavor)
  • CoolMist (crisp menthol)
  • SubZero (strong menthol sensation)
  • Menthol X (strong, crisp menthol with a touch of sweetness)

Halo Purity creates custom premium flavors made in the USA such as the frosty Mystic Menthol.

Gourmet Flavors:

  • Kringle’s Curse (peppermint flavor)
  • Shamrock (minty chocolate)
  • Malibu (pina colada flavor with cool flavor)
  • Belgian Cocoa (dry chocolate flavor)
  • Café Mocha (coffee and nutty chocolate combination flavor)

Can’t decide on a flavor? Halo Ecig has sample packs available for $24.99. Each sample pack comes with six 7ml bottles. It is a terrific deal and a great way to discover your favorite flavor.

Add it all up and you have top marks in quality, price, nicotine options and flavor. You really can’t go wrong. The Halo G6 Ecig, G6 Tank System and the Triton are all truly excellent choices as well. In fact, the Triton may be the best mod available today.

Until next time, happy vaping!