Halo E-Cig makes some of the best electronic cigarettes you can get but what they are really known for is their phenomenally successful Premium E-Liquid. Halo had 23 flavor varieties to choose from and with the 2015 release of Black Calico e-juice, you can make it 24.


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Halo sets industry standards for e-juice quality and performance. Halo Premium e-liquid is a USA made e-juice that adheres to the absolute highest standards. To put it in a nutshell, Halo Cigs is the gold standard for e-liquid. They use only the best USP grade ingredients. Their nicotine base is sourced from their FDA registered laboratory.

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These standards matter and they matter a lot. There are a lot of e-liquids out there that have a USA made label but just because an ejuice is blended in the United States that does not mean that it adheres to a higher standard. In fact, there have been instances where vape shops have been selling e-liquid with mislabeled, incorrect nicotine concentrations.

In the world of vaping, at the heart of which is the desire to find a less harmful alternative to smoking, one of the keys to successfully making the switch is choosing the right nicotine level. While we are all concerned about the prospect of over regulating the e-cig industry, the current state of affairs is pretty much a case of anything goes. Buying e-juice from a supplier that might be USA based and well intentioned but not professionally qualified to blend e-liquid, well that’s just an unnecessary risk in my book.

The bottom line is that with Halo E-cig liquid, you have nothing to fear. You are getting one of the best USA made e-juices from an FDA registered professional lab and fully disclosed, accurate ingredients. Stick to the ecig and ejuice brands that are professional, accountable and proven trustworthy.

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I think we’ve covered the fact that Halo Cigs e-liquid is top of the line. So, how about flavor and vapor. Well, Halo has amazing flavor and vapor. We’ve covered just how good the flavor is in our Halo E-Cig review.

There is a reason that the vast majority of vapor stores carry Halo e-liquid. It is in demand. The flavors are rich and rewarding. Every puff is consistent. Halo e-liquid sits at the top of almost every “best e-liquid” list. On the lists where it is not on top, it is still top three.

Halo E-Cig makes several of the best tobacco flavored e-liquids. Tribeca, Voodoo and HX3 are favorites among Expert Vaping contributors. Now, Halo has added a new tobacco flavor to the family with the release of Black Calico e-liquid.

Halo Black Calico E-Liquid

Black Calico ejuice is a tobacco flavor with a little punch topped with some vanilla. Inspired by Danish pipe tobacco blends, the deep tobacco flavor really captures the sensation of a strong, vintage tobacco.

The vanilla touch adds a bit of sweetness, really just the right amount. If you like some punch with a bit of sweetness, you will probably want to try Halo Black Calico e-liquid.

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Black Calico comes in five different nicotine levels ranging from 24 mg down to 0 mg (just for you non-nicotine vapers!) The price is only $5.99 for a 7 ml bottle and $19.99 for a 30 ml bottle. Feel free to use our Halo Cigs coupon to save on your order. The coupon code is Expert Vaping5.

Actually, right now Halo Cigs is also offering you a free 10 ml bottle of Black Calico ejuice when you order $20 or more in Halo E-Cig products. You don’t have to do anything to get the free bottle it will automatically be included and shipped along with your purchase.

This is a great opportunity to stock up on Halo ejuice, try out a Halo Triton, or if you prefer a cigalike the Halo G6, … and pick yourself up a bottle of new Black Calico ejuice for free.

Halo calls Black Calico a “complex balance of authentic tobacco flavor with subtle sweetness”. If you enjoy the combination of strength, but not too much strength, and sweetness then this is a must try. You might just find yourself a new favorite!

By the way, if you do prefer cigalikes we have to mention that Black Calico is not offered in pre-filled cartomizers at this time. But, you can certainly buy a pack of blank cartomizers and fill it with Black Calico. No problem!

Halo E-Cig Coupon

As mentioned above, Expert Vaping is also offering you access to a Halo E-Cig coupon. It is easy to use. All you have to do is use our Halo cigs coupon code Expert Vaping5 when you check out on the Halo website. You always get the best prices and the freshest product when you buy online.

You should also check out Halo’s electronic cigarettes. They offer an easy to use cigalike called the G6 and a more powerful, long-lasting mod called the Triton.

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Both of these e-cigarettes are excellent products and well worth your consideration.

If you usually buy from vape shops, you have probably seen or tried Halo e-liquid but not the Halo Triton or G6 e-cigs. That is a shame. Vape shops generally buy directly from overseas manufacturers and they are really, really missing out on some innovative products designed by American e-cigarette brands. The Triton and G6 are proven performers.

The offer of a free bottle of Black Calico with the purchase of $20 or more is a limited time offer. Of course, you can use Expert Vaping’s Halo e-cig coupon for any Halo purchase anytime.

So, you can buy some Black Calico to try out and why not? You can also buy a Halo Triton, or any purchase of $20 or more, and get the Black Calico for free. Either way, you win!

halo cigs high vg e juice black calico

I have been waiting a long time for the next Halo flavor and it is finally here! Yah, I’m pretty excited. It was worth the wait. We have thoroughly tested Halo e-cigs for our Halo e-cig reviews and the quality speaks for itself. So if I seem exuberant about a new flavor, there is good reason. Hey, new stuff is always exciting!

By the way, before signing off, just a quick mention about Halo points rewards. Halo Points allow you to accumulate points with each purchase and then cash in those points on Halo products. It is a great rewards program and the savings do add up.

Okay, you’ve heard enough from me, click the link below and:

Happy vaping!

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