Halo E-Cig has kicked off their Black Friday 2014 e-cig promotion early and it is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on some of the best e-liquid in the business and to take the opportunity to try out the G6 or the Triton e-cigarette.

Halo prides itself on American products and USA made e-liquid. Quality is their hallmark and they have established a loyal customer base exactly because of that quality. We have thoroughly tested the Halo Triton, G6 and G6 tank. The results were all very good.

Expert Vaping contributors have also contributed a large number of consumer ecig reviews. Out of a scale from 1 to 10, the public has given Halo E Cig an overall score of 8.9. This is a very strong rating. People have mentioned noticing that the Triton tank can leak on occasion but we find that if the threads are kept clean and you attach everything securely the Triton is a rock star and the vast majority of Triton customers agree.

American made Halo e-liquids come in a variety of sizes, flavors and qualities.

The G6 has also been very well received and has picked up a lot of fans along the way. There is no doubt that Halo makes top quality electronic cigarettes but the real start of the show is Halo’s famous e-liquid.

Halo e-liquid is a vaping favorite. If you have ever been in a vape shop you have probably seen Halo E-Liquid on the shelves. You may not know it buy you can buy Halo eliquid right from the company itself. In fact, buying online direct from Halo is the best way to get the best price and the freshest e-liquid.

Starting right now, you can save 15% off of any Halo Cigs purchase when you apply coupon code CYBERSALE when you check out of the Halo Cigs website.

Halo Cigs coupons and coupon discount codes do not come along every day. Halo already offers excellent prices so they don’t have much room to come down. A 15% discount is a tremendous opportunity to save on Halo E-cigs and Premium E-Liquid.

Halo Premium E-Liquid

Halo premium American made e-liquid comes in a wide variety of flavors including Tribeca, Turkish Tobacco, Prime, Torque56, Longhorn, Midnight Apple, Captain Jack, Voodoo, HX3, Tiki Juice, Freedom Juice, Southern Classic, Cafe Mocha, Sub Zero, Kringle's Curse, Malibu Menthol, Mystic Menthol, Shamrock, Menthol Ice, and Cocoa.

Halo Premium E-Liquid is the leader of the pack in the e-cigarette business. You will find it at all of the best vape shops. The reason it is in such high demand and held in such high esteem is a combination of quality, purity, consistency and flavor.

Any discussion of ‘the best e-liquid’ has to include Halo e-juice. Halo Cigs e-liquid is made from the highest-grade ingredients and blended to exacting laboratory standards. Halo sources its ingredients from USP grade sources in the USA. United States Pharmacopoeia sets the global standard for quality assurance and, most importantly, safety.

The ecig and e-juice market is full of less than reputable brands that do not adhere to any standards. As of right now, they don’t have to. That’s the scary part.

If you buy a tub of propylene glycol off of Ebay, get a gallon of liquid nicotine for $150 and throw in some flavoring from who knows where you can literally start an e-liquid brand and start selling. Until the FDA ecig regulations kick in, basically anything goes in the e-cig industry.

The vaping industry is enjoying an anything goes atmosphere ahead of the FDAs regulations.

That’s why Expert Vaping is here. We work non-stop to determine the best of the best. Halo E cig is a reputable brand that exudes quality. As such, we are pretty excited about their Black Friday special!

With Halo, you can rest assured that you are getting pure quality and you never have to worry about contaminants. This is the good stuff. As for the flavors, it is generally universally agreed upon that the flavors are fantastic.

The vapor and satisfaction are also a cut above. There is little doubt that the superior vapor and satisfaction (including strong throat hit) are a direct result of the quality of the ingredients and the consistency of the blend.

Halo Premium E-Liquid comes in 23 different flavor options and five nicotine strength options ranging from 0 mg up to 24 mg. Some of the flavors available include:

  • Prime 15  –  authentic tobacco taste
  • Freedom Juice  –  classic tobacco flavor with a sweet touch
  • Captain Jack  –  tobacco with punch, strong flavor
  • Tribeca  –  smooth tobacco, among the most popular flavors
  • Cool Mist  –  a crisp menthol
  • Midnight Apple  –  imagine tobacco brought to life with the taste of a Granny Smith apple
  • Malibu Tropical Blend  –  like a minty Pina Colada

On to Halo’s hardware. The Halo brand ecigs include the G6 and the Triton. The G6 looks and feels like a tobacco cigarette and the Triton is a more powerful e-cig tank system. Let’s take a quick look at both in case you may want to give either a try.

Halo G6

The Halo G6 e-cigarette kit comes with two devices, three refills, a USB charger and a carrying case.

The Halo G6 is a cig-a-like electronic cigarette that is available 9 different colors. The white finish looks the most like a tobacco cigarette but if you want to try a different color …. why not? The G6 mimics the size, shape and function of a tobacco cigarette. It utilizes a 2-piece design that is very easy to use.

Halo G6 Black Friday Sale Price – $38.24!

The G6 starter kit sells for $44.99 and comes with two batteries, two chargers, five cartridges of your choice and a Halo e-cigarette case. Factor in the 15% discount currently available to you and you can get a Halo G6 for $38.24.

The battery has a very nice feel to it. It has a light coating that is pleasant to the touch. Attaching a cartridge to the battery is very easy.

The engineering is excellent and the threading stands up to long-term wear and tear. Read our Halo E-Cig G6 review for all of the details.

You have two choices in terms of Halo G6 cartridges. You can buy pre-filled cartomizer cartridges in any of nine flavor options and four nicotine levels. Each cartridge lasts for about 175 puffs, which is solid. Not the best but certainly a quality performance.

The Halo G6 Offers Excellent Long-Term Value

The long-term value of using a Halo G6 e-cigarette is excellent. You can buy a pack of five refill cartridges for only $9.99. That is less than $2.00 per cartridge. That is a very high quality cartomizer for an excellent price. Factor in the 15% discount available as part of the Black Friday promotion and you can stock up on cartridges while spending only $1.70 apiece.

The other cartridge option afforded by the G6 is a blank cartomizer that you can manually fill with any e-liquid. That would allow you to use any of Halo’s 23 flavors. With the Black Friday discount, you will be able to buy a pack of blank cartomizers for just $7.64.

You can buy both pre-filled cartomizers and blanks. That way you can try a bit of everything. It’s all up to you. Have fun!

Halo Triton

The Halo Triton refillable tank system vape pen comes with a matching tank sleeve and charger.

The Halo Triton is a mod type e-cigarette that is comprised of a battery that attaches to a re-fillable e-cig tank. This is a bit bigger e-cigarette than the G6 but the advantages are a larger battery with more capacity and a larger tank that holds more e-liquid.

To compare, an e-cigarette cartridge holds about 1ml of e-liquid. The Halo Triton tank holds 2.4ml of e-liquid. So you more than double your capacity.

The tank is easy to attach to the battery and, better yet, easy to refill. Triton tanks come in 11 different colors.

Triton batteries have a manual switch meaning you push the button to activate the battery and create your vapor. The switch has an automatic cut-off to prevent draining your battery or over-heating your e-liquid. The batteries also come in 11 different colors. Halo has got style covered!

When you buy a Halo Triton starter kit, you can choose either a 650 mAh battery or a 400 mAh battery. Besides a difference in size, the 650 mAh battery obviously lasts longer than the smaller 400 mAh battery, but, and this is impressive, that halo 400 mAh Triton battery should give you about 400 puffs. A very good performance for a smaller battery and it has a very quick charge time.

For more details about the performance of the Halo Triton, consult our e-cigarette review and review video for all of the finite details about the Triton starter kit.

You can customize your Halo starter kit and choose either battery size or even one of each if you wish. Why not go for variety!

Halo Triton Black Friday Special Price – $55.24

The Halo Triton starter kit comes with two batteries, two Triton clearomizer tanks, two battery chargers, a cone and a Halo Cigs carry case.

Halo Points

Halo Cigs offers a customer loyalty rewards program that allows you to access free stuff from Halo. How it works is you set up an account by clicking on “Register” at the top, right hand corner of the website.

All you need is a first and last name along with an email address. For you one name people out there, Bono, Prince, Cher, Sting and the rest of you – I have to admit that you might have to contact Halo to be accommodated. For those of us with first and last names, we have a huge advantage over those one namers, sorry Bono!

Anyway, you register and when you make a purchase you earn Halo point. For every $20 spent on e-liquid you get 100 points. By the way, if you buy a bottle of e-liquid for $19.99 halo will give you the points! So, you spend $40 on e-liquid and you get 200 points. And so it goes.

Anytime you spend $20 on Halo Triton hardware (batteries, tanks, kits etc) you get 75 Halo points. $40 gets you 150 points and so on.

If you share Halo on your online social media network, you get 15 Halo Points. If you write a Halo review you get 25 points. If you refer a friend, you get 250 points.

You can accumulate points and redeem them anytime you like. What can you do with these points? You can get free 30 ml bottle of Halo Premium E-Liquid for 1000 points. Basically, from a numbers perspective, that translates into getting 10% back on every dollar you spend.

For the next couple of days, you pretty much get 20% back on every dollar.

Halo e-cigarettes is an American company selling vape products produced in the USA.

As part of the Halo E-Cig Black Friday promotion, not only do you save 15% off of any purchase, you also receive double the Halo rewards points. So, when you combine discounts, it is a golden opportunity to save.

E-cigs are also the ideal gift for a smoker in your life.

If you decide to buy Halo, we recommend signing up for Halo Points. Why? Because free stuff is good. Black Friday sales are pretty awesome, too.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend everyone! We hope you enjoy a warm holiday with family and friends. We know that holiday weekends are often hectic with travel schedules, shopping, football etc, but we certainly hope you have the opportunity for some quiet relaxation and just enjoying moments with family and friends. All the best to you.