Halo Cigs has unleashed a sweet new ejuice flavor. Halo Devlin eLiquid is now available and by all accounts people are snapping it up like crazy. Described as a full-bodied caramel flavor with just the right touch of sweetness, Devlin seems to be an open invitation to satisfying your sweet tooth while at the same time enjoying Halo quality vapor.

Halo Premium eLiquid is perhaps the best in the business. The flavor and vapor are famous. The quality of Halo eLiquid is undeniable. They use USP grade ingredients and adhere to strict manufacturing standards. Recent studies showed that 74% of eliquids have diacetyl in them. Not Halo. Halo does not compromise on ingredients or production standards. Why would you compromise?

Halo eLiquids set the standard. You can buy a 7 ml bottle for $5.99 or a 30 ml bottle for $19.99. When you buy Halo eliquids online, you get fresh product delivered right to your door at the best price. Why buy ejuice from a vape shop that may have been sitting on a shelf for months? Get quality, get freshness and get awesome flavor delivered to your doorstep.

Halo Devlin eLiquid

The Halo Purity Devlin e-liquid is an American made sweet goodness of smooth caramel.

Vapers love sweet eliquids. The flavor sensation and the thick vapor clouds that you will get with the new halo Devlin eLiquid will put a smile on your face. This stuff is good. We have come to expect nothing less from Halo. They are always in the discussion of the best eliquid brand.

A long time ago, back in the earliest days of the ecig industry, Halo Cigs made the decision to invest in making a USA made eliquid that would be the very best. They took eliquid manufacturing out of the garages and into the realm of the highest professional standards.

Halo developed a state of the art lab and invested in developing eliquid recipes made with USP grade ingredients.

USP sets the global standard. It stands for United States Pharmacopeia and is used worldwide as the standard for food, medical, beauty and nutritional supplement ingredients. Halo Devlin eLiquid is made to the absolute highest standard.

There are a lot of eliquid brands out there. I was at a vaping convention last week and there was a booth that sold eliquid manufacturing equipment that would let anyone start a new brand. You can come up with a clever brand name, a colorful edgy logo and voila, start selling. There’s no standard that they have to meet. The eliquid consumer is on their own to figure out which ejuice brands are quality and which are not.

Halo Vapor, a subsidiary of Nicopure is one of the largest American vape retailers.

When you buy eliquid from a shop or from a home manufacturer, you never know what you are getting. It’s not worth it! There are professional eliquid brands that are making the best juice at the best prices. Go for quality.

Halo Devlin eLiquid is a high quality eliquid with fantastic flavor. Halo Cigs is very selective about every new flavor and the first time you try Devlin you will be able to tell. Rich and just the right sweetness. Give it a try! Use Halo coupon code Expert Vaping5 to save money on your order. Also join the Halo Points club and you will save money of future ejuice and ecig purchases.

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