Green Smoke is launching an e-cigarette cartridge recycling program and that sounds serious; but knowing Green Smoke, they’ve made returning used e-cig cartridges for recycling totally worth it!

Environmental friendly companies are awesome to say the least. To say the most would be that Green Smoke is a great company and this is just one more way they continue showing it. Let’s figure out why this e-cigarette cartridge recycling program is such a big deal!

We actually expect a lot out of Green Smoke, and they’ve done a great job keeping us happy.  They’ve gotta be in a really good mood lately seeing that not only do we have this news, but just a few weeks ago Green Smoke gave… and is still giving the public a chance to upgrade from any e-cig brand they are with to Green Smoke absolutely free. When they started doing this, they opened so many doors for potential customers. To not give Green Smoke a try, especially when it’s free… is *your caption goes here* — > Mine: Dumb.

Green Smoke very generously offered free cartridges to customers who would recycle their used cartridges rather than throwing them away.

You can read more about the free offer here.

So in the not so distant past, members of a few different forums were inquiring about the possibility of a customer loyalty program. Well…Green Smoke pulled through with that. Now when you purchase, you earn loyalty points. These loyalty points don’t take long to accumulate. You can easily earn a free pack of cartridges just purchasing your first kit.

The ideas of a recycling reward program that allowed customers to save their used carts and then send them in bulk to Green Smoke for some type of reward or rebate were definitely floating around. This is what makes what’s happening exciting news! After a year 1/2 or so, something that so many customers never would have seen coming…IS COMING! Give Green Smoke a pat on the back, because this is really cool!

“I’ve personally been waiting for this day to come. I’m going to make a video specifically for this, and you’ll understand why…” – Ray (Co-Founder of Expert Vaping)

In the past with Green Smoke, customers would save their used up cartridges and willingly send them back to Green Smoke for recycling. When it came to shipping costs though, that was for you to cover. Now though they’re putting a curve to it. They’re giving you a reason to recycle your old used up cartridges in exchange for new/full cartridges and they are offering the recycling box with your order with FREE return shipping on orders over $25. WOW!

So what do we know about the e-cigarette cartridge recycling program?

Since everyone is figuring out how to recycle e-cigarette cartridges, more companies are getting in on the act, including Green Smoke with a special incentive program.

The program is open to both Green Smoke and non-Green Smoke e-cigarette users, who earn a pack of FlavorMax™ cartridges when they send back their used cartridges. How does it work?

  1. Order the recycling box from Box and shipping are free with any order over $25.
  2. Fill the box with 80 used cartridges and then mail the full box back to Green Smoke.
  3. Call Customer Service at  877-473-3676  to arrange for free shipping back to Green Smoke.

When every thing above is done, Green Smoke will reward the customer’s account with 25 loyalty points – equivalent to one 5-pack of FlavorMax™ cartridges in the flavor and nicotine level of the customer’s choice. This is a $16.97 value and equivalent in smoke volume to up to 7.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.

Green Smoke’s Cartridge Recyling Program Was Inevitable

Old e-cigarette cartridges can be turned into other items or right back into more flavor cartridges.

This is  a surprise to some people, because the idea of this “recycling program” was being tossed around for so long that after a while people were left with nothing other than to think it’d never happened. In May 2013 Green Smoke is going to change that and will be revealing more information about this cartridge recycling program.

According to Green Smoke’s most recent e-mail to their customers they say:

“We’re proud to announce that starting in May you’ll be able to trade in your Empty Cartomizers for Full Ones!” – Green Smoke

What could be better than using a particular brand anyway and then having that company pay you back in fresh cartomizers for the ones you recycle? The short and long? You’re recycling and getting free Green Smoke cartomizers for doing it.

Be responsible about creating unnecessary waste, recycle your e-cigarettes and cartridges.

As the image demonstrates at the top of this article, Green Smoke will be publicly announcing more information as time goes by. This May is going to be pretty exciting for many Green Smoke customers. We will definitely be keeping up to date on this awesome recycling program and dishing out the details as soon as we get them. We run a review website, but we’re still customers to these e-cigarette companies. : ) With that said…this is good news for us too!

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