Green Smoke is one of the most widely-known and reputable electronic cigarette brands on the market, and rightly so, as they were one of the first e-cigarette brands to hit the US market in full force back in 2008. Green Smoke completely leap-frogged the older 3-piece e-cigarette technology many other companies were using and worked to introduce consumers to the newer 2-piece “cartomizer” technology insteadAll the other Green Smoke starter kits contain variations of what this Kit provides, so you can be confident that we’ve covered all of their products in this editorial Green Smoke Ultimate Kit review.

In hindsight, this was a brilliant and visionary move and has propelled Green Smoke to the forefront as one of the highest quality e-cigarettes on the market today. Expert Vaping ordered a Green Smoke Ultimate Electronic Cigarette Kit for our e-cigarette review purposes as it contains all the necessary gear you’ll need in one shot to get a good start on making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. All the other Green Smoke starter kits contain variations of what the Ultimate Kit provides, so you can be confident that we’ve covered all of their products in this editorial Green Smoke Ultimate Kit e-cig review.

Green Smoke Ultimate Kit: What You Get

unfortunately green smoke no longer offers their ultimate starter kit

Update: While the findings of our Green Smoke review remain in tact, the Ultimate Kit is no longer available. Green Smoke has streamlined their ecig starter kit choices. All Green Smoke kits use the same high quality, top performing hardware and ecig cartridge technology. So, by all means enjoy the review just keep in mind that instead of the Ultimate Kit, the new option is the Green Smoke Pro Kit which has a new low price of $74.05.

Priced at $92.56  Green Smoke’s Ultimate Kit comes packed with:

– 3 Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Batteries Your Choice Of Length

– 1 Short Electronic Cigarette Battery (Glows Green)

– 2 Packs of Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartomizers, You Choose The Nicotine Level And Flavor

– 1 Carry Case (Black) And 1 Leather E-Cigarette Carry Case

– 2 USB E-Cigarette Battery Chargers

– 1 High Powered Wall Adapter

– 1 High Powered Car Adapter

– Limited Lifetime Warranty

Green Smoke Ultimate Kit Battery And Charging Performance

green smokes batteries offer an extra long charge in a tiny package

Green Smoke uses lithium-ion polymer e-cigarette batteries as many other companies also do, but we’ve been assured by Green Smoke that theirs is a unique proprietary design. Even though they don’t slap a fancy techno-name on the batteries, you can rest assured that within these electronic cigarette batteries is state-of-the-art technology and top grade lithium components. Many lower quality brands use factory second e-cig battery components and no real microprocessor technology.

Currently, Green Smoke offers a long extra capacity e-cig battery and a short regular capacity e-cig battery. On most kits, you’re given a choice as to whether you would like a long or short battery. Under the accessories section on their website you’ll even find that they have numerous color and designer options. If you view the photos to the right of this review, we have taken some nice high-definition pictures of the designer battery line up Green Smoke currently has on offer for those that like to add some bling and spice to their e-cigarettes.

We’ve spent quite a long time vaping on the Green Smoke product and really put these ecig batteries to the test. Our Green Smoke review, and all of our e-cigarette reviews for that matter, are all the product of long-term testing and re. We don’t take short cuts, we dig in and get every detail and that takes time.

We highly enjoyed the vaping experience and were happy to keep puffing away until the batteries finally gave up the last bit of charge in them. Through our testing, we found the long battery lasts approximately 350-400 puffs or approximately 8-9 hours of regular vaping.

For most people, a fully-charged long battery will last a full day and may even last into the next day of vaping. The short battery, although not lasting quite as long, was a great performer as well and lasts about 300-350 puffs or approximately 6-8 hours of regular vaping.

The only real difference between the Green Smoke long and short e-cig batteries is battery life. The draw on both batteries are very good, although we found the short battery has a bit of an easier draw on it. This may be due to an increased airflow to add a bit more life to the battery. The performance on the draw is so close on each battery that most will not even notice the difference. As experienced vapers, though… we definitely preferred the long battery with it’s increased life and slightly stiffer draw.

Charging these particular e-cigarette batteries is a snap with the Green Smoke USB charger, wall plug or DC car adapter. From dead to fully charged, the long battery takes about 2.5 – 3 hours and the short battery takes about 2 – 2.5 hours. With some of the products we’ve tested taking around 5 hours for a full charge, we have to say we’re very pleased with the battery life and the shorter charge times. Green Smoke’s batteries are top performers and are among the longest-lasting e-cigarette batteries on the market today.

Refill Cartridge Performance

green smokes flavormax cartridges pack a full flavor punch that doesnt drop off like most other brands

In 2011, Green Smoke introduced a new line of e-cigarette cartomizers dubbed “FlavorMax”. At Expert Vaping, the team was anxious to put that name to the test and see if it was just clever marketing or if the name actually had substance to it. We puffed and puffed on all the different varieties of cartomizers we received in our order and really put them through the paces. One thing we were concerned about was how long the flavor lasted as this can be an issue with some e-cig brands. It’s truly disappointing when you’re enjoying a particular refill cartridge flavor and after 50-75 puffs the flavor drops off leaving you to vape on glycol flavor just to get the rest of the nicotine out of the cartomizer and feel you got your money’s worth.

After going through several carts, we’re happy to report that Green Smoke’s “FlavorMax” cartomizers were up to the challenge and they proved that sometimes… a product does justify it’s name. Seriously, the flavor packed into these cartomizers is bold and tasty. The vapor is rich, dense and satisfying. From the ever-popular Red Label to the aromatic goodness of Mocha Mist, the flavor lasts and lasts… and when the flavor goes you know the cartomizer is finished.

Still, you’re probably wondering just how long the Green Smoke FlavorMax cartomizers last…

The consensus around the Expert Vaping office is that the Green Smoke FlavorMax e-cigarette cartridges average about 200 to 250 puffs. This is really, really good! Specifically, what makes it stand out is that every one of those 250 puffs is full of rich vapor and the full flavor sensation. Not to be left out is the nicotine satisfaction. After all, you can have really long-lasting batteries with great tasting vapor but what good is it if it leaves you feeling empty and unsatisfied?

Remember, our Green Smoke review provides this data after extensive testing. This is a consistent product.

That is good news for prospective Green Smoke buyers! This is where the Green Smoke product really shines. You’re sure to be surprised at just how much vapor you can pull off a FlavorMax cart with a nice long drawback. The real beauty though is the fact that you get a really nice throat kick followed by some sweet nicotine satisfaction as well. Blowing vapor rings is cool, but the nicotine satisfaction is key with any electronic cigarette product, right?

When buying additional Green smoke FlavorMax cartomizers, Expert Vaping does offer an exclusive Green Smoke discount coupon to help ease the cost a little bit. In this day and age, or any day and age for that matter, every little bit helps. So, use Green Smoke coupon code Expert Vaping5 to save 5% off of your cartridge or accessory purchase from

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

green smoke uses traditional shipping methods and usually ships within 3 days

First off, if you’re concerned about Green Smoke’s shipping and delivery times, we’re very happy to report that Green Smoke’s shipping is not a problem. They use DHL and a few other options for shipping… so even though it’s not the FASTEST shipping on the planet, it’s quick enough and nothing to complain about. Within the continental US, you’ll get your goods shipped to you within 2-5 days. We’re fairly confident that most of you will have it within 3 days.

Review Wrap-Up

Feel free to take a look at our in-depth Green Smoke Ultimate Kit video review  for a good look at the product contents, live commentary, and a demo of the vapor production. We have also star-rated the qualities of the product with an overall rating as well. Be sure to check out the Green Smoke e-cigarette consumer reviews and feel free to leave your own e-cig review as well.

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Before signing off we wanted to share with you a couple of additional notes about Green Smoke. When we first tested Green Smoke you may have read our initial Green Smoke review and noted that the FlavorMax cartomizer puff count numbers were higher. At one time, you could get 275 to 325 puffs for every Green Smoke cartomizer.

That has changed and we have re-tested and amended those numbers to reflect the current cartridge performance of about 250 puffs, which is still well above average and the remarkable flavor and consistency remain. The quality is as outstanding as ever.

The reason for the reduction likely lies in the company’s financial bottom line. That is 100% understandable. Every business venture must occasionally adapt to ensure its own long-term welfare. The bottom line from a vaping standpoint is that 250 puffs is still far above average and offers you a far superior value than you will find in other cig-a-likes with very few exceptions.

though green smoke offers a great product they were purchased by altria and are now part of the big tobacco umbrella

Next, if you follow Expert Vaping’s news section then you know that Altria, a Big Tobacco company, has bought Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes. Many in the vaping community have an aversion to Big Tobacco, particularly their efforts to dominate the e-vapor business. We certainly understand that perspective and share many of those same concerns. We covered the story just as we have been covering all of Big Tobacco’s incursions into the e-cig industry.

If this is an area of concern for you we simply wanted to make you aware. If you are just looking for the best products to help you escape tobacco then Green Smoke has to be considered.

Finally, Expert Vaping’s current Green Smoke coupon codes are Expert Vaping15 which is valid for a 15% discount off of starter kits. Also Green Smoke discount coupon code Expert Vaping5 for a 5% discount off of any other purchase, including cartridges. Check back with us often as will keep you posted on any sales and specials as well as any new Green Smoke coupon codes.

Overall, we’ve placed Green Smoke at the top of our charts. Green Smoke wins the Expert Vaping Gold Medal Award for overall top-notch quality and performance. From the massive vapor to the sweetly satisfying nicotine and throat kick, we are extremely confident that your purchase of a Green Smoke product will end with a huge smile and complete customer satisfaction. Please take a look at our in-depth video review for a good look at the product contents, live commentary, and a demo of the vapor production.

as of this time the green smoke love birds kit has also been discontinued

Other Products Offered By Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

  • Green Smoke Express Kit  – $46.72
    • 2 Green Smoke E-Cigarettes
    • 5 FlavorMax Cartridges
    • 1 Wall Adapter
    • 1 USB Charger
    • 1 Carrying Case
  • Green Smoke Pro Kit – $74.05
    • 3 Green Smoke Batteries
    • 10 FlavorMax Cartridges
    • 1 Car Charger
    • 1 Wall Adapter
    • 1 USB Charger
    • 1 Carrying Case
  • Green Smoke Love Birds Kit – $129.60 (no longer offered)
    • 2 Long Batteries
    • 4 Long Or Short Batteries (Your Choice)
    • 20 FlavorMax Cartridges
    • 2 USB Chargers
    • 2 Wall Adapters
    • 2 Car Chargers
    • 2 Carrying Cases

Happy Vaping!