UPDATE 11/29/2015 – Green Smoke Has Discontinued The Mountain Clove Flavored Cartridges. Check Out other Green Smoke Flavors Here

After unveiling a new e-cig flavor that has generated a lot of buzz we decided a Green Smoke Mountain Clove Flavormax cartridge review was in order. Capturing the flavor of aromatic, flavorful mountain flower buds is not an easy task. Fortunately for vapers everywhere, Green Smoke’s new Mountain Clove FlavorMax cartridge has succeeded in finally creating a clove flavor that will have your taste buds thanking you.

Many e-cig liquids have attempted to mimic the flavor of cloves to varying degrees of success. Now, a new standard has been set.

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Cloves have been a sought after spice for centuries. Syzygium aromaticum is the scientific name given to cloves. Remember, science guys like big words.  Anyway, obviously, ‘aromaticum’ refers to the strong sensations of aroma that are associated with cloves. The smell of cloves can quickly fill a room with the very rich scents. The taste of cloves is very powerful and unmistakable.

The best and most pungent cloves are grown in areas where the soil is rich, not depleted by repeated planting and harvesting. The wild cloves found in remote mountain areas are like no other. They dwell in unspoiled soil, nourished like no commercial agricultural operation could ever compete with. The wilds of Madagascar, for example, are untouched and the cloves found here are among the purest on the planet. Cloves with a richness in vibrancy just as nature intended. Green Smoke has achieved a similar level of  vibrancy.

FlavorMax Cartridge

If you have read our Green Smoke review, you know that Green Smoke’s FlavorMax cartridge is probably the best in the business. Each cartridge provides an amazing 275 – 325 puffs. That is real, human puffs. Many e-cig brands utilize a mechanized puffer designed to take minute puffs in order to inflate the count. Expert Vaping’s testing measures based on actual puffs as opposed to a machine.

It is little wonder that Green Smoke was the winner of the best cig-a-like for 2014.

Not only are FlavorMax cartomizers long lasting, they have phenomenal flavors.  There are 8 flavors to choose from and 5 nicotine levels. That means that you have a lot of options.

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Despite the success of the original FlavorMax cartridges, Green Smoke was determined to do even batter. The new cartomizers feature flavor shield technology. Flavor shield is self-explanatory. It involves a removable insert that seals in the flavor to give you a more satisfying vaping experience.

There are a lot of e-liquid flavors out there but Green Smoke’s flavors are special. Everybody makes a chocolate flavor or tobacco flavor but Green Smoke cartomizers stand out. If you were to do a blind taste test of e-liquids or e-cig cartridges you could pick out Green Smoke flavors anytime anywhere. The flavors are so robust and consistent every puff that you really can’t mistake Green Smoke with anyone else.

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For example, there are hundreds of clove flavors out there. Clove cigarettes are popular and that has translated into an active market for clove flavored e-liquid. In countries like Indonesia, 90% of smokers use a kretek, which is a mix of clove cigarettes and tobacco. The kretek has a unique taste and it has also caught on in  popularity in the west.

Trying to create a clove flavored e-liquid is one thing, doing it right is another thing entirely. Cloves are a very distinguishable flavor, very powerful and to get it right would be pretty amazing to say the least. Well, Green Smoke got it right. The Mountain Clove flavor is a hit.

Green Smoke Mountain Clove

Expert Vaping founder Paul Rucci recently received some very exciting vape mail. In case you are wondering, vape mail is your latest shipment of e-cigs and/or e-cig liquid. Inside this vape mail was Green Smoke Mountain Clove FlavorMax cartridges. With the new Flavor Shield technology and the improved draw, Paul expected the vapor production and overall performance to excel but he had his doubts about whether or not an e-cigarette flavor could really be up to the challenge of achieving a genuine clove flavor.

After testing the Mountain Clove e-cig cartridges, it was time to share the results with you, Expert Vaping’s readers. watch the video below to both see and hear the results.

The first thing you notice is the black color of the Green Smoke Mountain Clove cartridges. We liked the look. It indicated that we might be about to experience something really different. That was very much proven true!

One thing about the Flavor Shield technology, it really does protect the flavor. Your e-cig cartridge orders often spend a few days in the mail, bouncing around trucks or the bellies of airplanes. They have been through a few things before they get to your door! Cartridges sold at retails stores have it even worse, who knows how long they were sitting on a shelf. In any event, the flavor shield really works. The flavors are so robust and so fresh that you will be amazed.

You will also be amazed by the Mountain Clove flavor. It has a genuine “wow” factor. Much better than clove cigarettes.

Vapers have been looking for better vaping options for years. Many have been looking for a real clove flavor. Mountain Clove really captures the best features of clove favoring but it really is even better because it’s vapor, not smoke.

If you have been looking for a clove flavor that really gets it right, you should try Green Smoke Mountain Clove. If you are not already a Green Smoke customer, you might want to give them a try. There is very good reason that they consistently rank as the best cig-a-like e-cigarette.

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