Expert Vaping’s goal is to help identify the best ecigs that are going to work reliably and give vapers a real chance to find their ideal electronic cigarettes. We have been testing a huge range of ecig products for years now and Green Smoke ecigs still sets the standard for cigalike products.

You don’t just have to take our word for it, take a look at Green Smoke ecig consumer reviews. How about this, want a great way to measure the quality of a product? If any product is satisfying customers the market shows a vote of confidence measured in repeat sales. Basically, if you make your customer happy, they will come back. Well Green Smoke ecig has now sold almost 45 million electronic cigarette products!

Green Smoke classic e-cigarette is one of the best selling introductory vaping devices.

You can’t really argue with 45 million products sold. What makes that even more impressive is the fact the Green Smoke ecigs relies on online orders. You won’t find them in too many stores. This is very common in the evapor business though as you will always find the best ecigarette products online.

The reasons that you find the best evapor products online, including Green Smoke ecigs, begins with the fact that the best quality products do not have the high profit margins of the cheaply made ecigs that you do find in retail stores, gas stations, convenience stores etc. To draw interest from distributors and retailers, there has to be a nice margin so everybody can get a piece. Unfortunately, the cheaply made ecigs allow that margin so what you see in stores next to the cigarettes are lower quality electronic cigarettes.

Green Smoke ecigs also meets our criteria for providing vapers with a number of options when it comes to flavors and nicotine strength levels. Once again, this is reason why you don’t see the better quality ecigs in stores. Stores only have so much shelf space so they go with brands that offer one or two options. Half the time retail ecigs don’t even indicate their nicotine level. You are so much better off buying a better quality product online and getting the nicotine level you need and having plenty of flavor options.

The Green Smoke E-Vapor cig-a-like kit comes complete with two devices, ten cartridges, USB charging devices and a direct plug e-cig.

If you have tried an ecig that you bought from the same place you buy cigarettes, you probably did not get a quality product. Maybe you didn’t even like it at all. Don’t confuse the experience of trying a lower quality ecig with what is possible when you experience a much higher quality electronic cigarette like Green Smoke ecigs.

With Green Smoke ecigs, you get 8 flavor options and 5 different nicotine strength levels to choose from. The fact that you have so many options is just the beginning of why Green Smoke ecigs may be the best ecig to start out with.

Why Start With Green Smoke eCigs?

If you are reading this because you know a vaper and want to give them a chance to try the best, getting started with ecigs begins with choosing a quality ecig device that is going to satisfy. Don’t buy them any old ecig because they are not all the same. Green Smoke ecigs make a great gift for a vaper in your life.

Green Smoke ecigs offer a large range of starter kits. Our first Green Smoke review was of the Ultimate Kit. The Ultimate Kit is a huge kit that comes with 4 batteries, FlavorMax cartridges, battery chargers and carry cases. It is a huge kit and will really enable you or someone you know to get a great start with ecigs and vaping.

The Pro Kit is also an excellent choice. It is Green Smoke’s most popular kit. Recently, we completed an ecig review of the Green Smoke Express Kit that comes with 2 batteries, 2 chargers, FlavorMax cartridges and a carry case. The express Kit sells for less than $50 and if you use our exclusive Green Smoke coupon code, Expert Vaping15, you will save an additional 15%. That will put the price at about the $40 mark. You won’t find a better value.

The Green Smoke electric cigarette battery pack looks like a regular cigarette with a glowing green tip.

There is also a Green Smoke Essentials Kit that sells for $18.49 ($15.72 when you use coupon code Expert Vaping15). The Essentials Kit is a great way to sample Green Smoke and see for yourself how it compares to other ecigs that you may have tried before.

Overall, you get a better value with a more complete kit and the Pro Kit as well as the Ultimate kit give you the most long-term value.

Both Green Smoke ecig battery styles, the long and short batteries, are simply exceptional. The battery life is amazing as the long battery will give you in the area of 400 puffs and the short battery will give you about 350. That is real puffs, too. If you see an ecig in a store that says it will give you 400 puffs, well they probably got to the number by using a puff counting machine and that does not give you an accurate, human count. Green Smoke gives you quality, satisfying, and consistent puffs.

The FlavorMax cartridges from Green Smoke ecigs are so consistent from the first puff to the last. The flavors are excellent and the vapor is better than any other cigalike. We can’t talk enough about the vapor. The throat sensation and richness of the vapor are so superior that you will be amazed.

The Green Smoke Flavormax cartomizers come in a variety of flavors including chocolate, coconut, menthol and tobacco.

Absolute Tobacco and Red Label Tobacco are Green Smoke ecigs most popular flavors but they have a lot of options for you. If you like clove flavors or chocolate, you are in luck. Smooth Chocolate and Mocha Mist are awesome. The Mountain Clove ecig flavor really captures the clove flavor that many folks enjoy. All the flavors are terrific and, better yet, the flavor is consistent throughout the life of the cartridge. You don’t find that with too many other brands of ecigs. Yet another reason why getting started with Green Smoke ecigs is a wise decision.

When you are choosing a nicotine level, there is no exact science. The best rule of thumb is to start low and if you don’t experience full satisfaction, then try a higher level. If you find the strength too sting, try a lower strength. That’s the beuty of Green Smoke as compared to retail ecigs. You have choices.

There is also a zero nicotine Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges. Some people just want vapor and flavor. For the non-nicotine vapers, Green Smoke has you covered.

Green Smoke ecigs has a cartridge recycling program as well so don’t just throw away your used cartridges. You can send those back to Green Smoke and earn points toward free stuff. It’s a win – win – win scenario.

The Green Smoke Pro starter kit is the perfect beginner vape setup and includes three devices, two boxes of cartridges, carrying case and USB chargers.

Green Smoke ecigs are perhaps the best ecigarette to help an adult vaper begin a journey toward a fully satisfying experience. It sets quality standards other ecigs cannot begin to reach. It provides options and value.

With 45 million products sold, Green Smoke has changed a lot of lives.  It really is an ideal ecig to get started vaping with.

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