Green Smoke has set standards for quality and performance that very few e-cig brands can some close to. As part of our e-cigarette review process, we really put GreenSmoke to the test over a long period of time. We measured every performance standard and the numbers speak for themselves.

Everything You Need to Know About Green Smoke Ecigs!

green smoke offers a consistent battery charge and flavor with every puff to keep you satisfied all day

Green Smoke e-cig batteries are long lasting and provide a consistent power source so that every puff is satisfying. Expert Vaping’s e-cig reviews give you exact details about battery life, charging time and durability.

Green Smoke FlavorMax cartomizers last longer than 99% of the competition. More than that, the flavors are fantastic and consistent from puff to puff.

You may have noticed that we have mentioned consistency a couple of times. That is because consistency is so important. If you have ever tried a cheap e-cig from a gas station or corner store then you know that for every puff that gives you flavor and vapor, you get a couple of other puffs that are not satisfying at all. Green Smoke is far superior and every puff gives you the satisfaction that you are looking for.

green smoke has truly earned their stellar reviews

So far, this sounds like ad copy. It is not. We can speak superlatively of Green Smoke because they earned it. Our testing is relentless and we actively look for weaknesses. Green Smoke has very few.

The only issues that we have with Green Smoke are the fact that they have been bought by a Big Tobacco company, which may or may not matter to you, and the fact that they have not added any new products such as a mod. If you just want the best quality e-cigarette brand, neither of these concerns is really relevant.

Green Smoke Ecig Reviews

the green smoke starter kit is a great way to try out this amazing e-cig company

Expert Vaping has thoroughly reviewed two Green Smoke starter kits. Both kits utilize top quality Green Smoke batteries and Green Smoke cartomizers. The main differences are the number of products you get with each kit and the costs.

The Green Smoke Ultimate Kit is a massive kit that comes with four batteries, 10 cartridges, cases, and chargers. With four batteries, you will never have to worry about being stuck with a dead battery.

Update: The Green Smoke Ultimate Starter kit is no longer available. You can still enjoy our Green Smoke Ultimate Kit review as the same components are used in every Green Smoke electronic cigarette starter kit. Instead of the Ultimate Kit, you will want to consider the Green Smoke Pro kit.

The Green Smoke Express Kit comes with half the product but all of the quality. It is a more affordable vape kit that you may want to try to sample GreenSmoke and see what you think.

Give GreenSmoke a try and let us know what you think by filling out an e-cig consumer review.

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make sure to look up a green smoke coupon before making a purchase to save even more money on this great brand

If you are interested in giving Green Smoke e-cigs a try, make sure that you use our Green Smoke coupon code Expert Vaping15 to save 15% off of starter kits

You can use Green Smoke coupon code Expert Vaping5 to save 5% off of any Green Smoke purchase.

These codes can change so make sure you check back often for any new Green Smoke coupon code or special sales. Our exclusive coupon codes give you the chance to save some money. Green Smoke gives you an additional chance to save even more money through their subscription Green Smoke eCig Cartridge program. We do recommend that you sign up for the auto-shipping program because it really will save you a lot on the long run.