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You may have already heard about Green Smoke and that’s why you are here, but in any case you should know about their history of quality. Green Smoke was started by a husband and wife team back in 2008 and they put a priority on the vaping experience. This was back when many ecig brands were only getting into the market to take advantage of what they viewed as a fad. But the creators of Green Smoke were in it for the long haul from the beginning and thus a user-focused electronic cigarette company was born.

To make it even easier for customers to try their product, the company wisely introduced a 30-day money back guarantee from the get go. Allowing smokers to try a Green Smoke starter kit and then send it back for a full refund if they didn’t like it was a brilliant move for the new brand back then. It made it really easy for people to say yes to vaping when it was far from a well-known concept. Thankfully that same guarantee is in place today, so those who have thought about trying Green Smoke don’t have anything to lose.

Green Smoke Reviews Reinforce Their Ranking

The reviews don't lie, not only is Green Smoke Expert Vaping's #1 rated cig-a-like, it's one of the best selling electronic vaping devices ever.

Since they first opened shop, Green Smoke has made great strides to keep themselves at or near the top of the industry in terms of quality. Although not one ecig is made for everyone, Green Smoke has done enough to stay atop our editor’s rankings as the #1 brand we recommend. This is especially the case among cigalike type electronic cigarettes, where they simply reigns supreme. They continuously rack up some of the best feedback we get, all of which you can read in the Green Smoke reviews section.

Among the things consumers love the most about their products is the strength of their flavors, as well as that of their batteries. Green Smoke tried early on to stake out a real difference from their competitors and, after much experimentation through research and development, they succeeded in doing so.

The Green Smoke signature starter kit comes complete with spare battery and replacement cartridges.

That pinnacle moment came when they released their FlavorMax line of cartomizers. Now their flavors packed an even greater punch and lasted longer. Since then some other brands have done a good job of trying to keep pace, but nobody in the cigalike market has ever been able to fully match them.

At the same time, Green Smoke reviews indicated that customers were very happy with they quality of their batteries. This wasn’t a small feat back then, as cigalike batteries often failed or didn’t last near long enough. Again their commitment to higher quality paid off and resulted in long lasting batteries. They obviously aren’t in the same conversation as mod batteries, but for a 2-piece cigalike you get plenty of juice from Green Smoke batteries. Along with that you’ll get customer service that people rave about, which is hugely important as well.

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The Green Smoke deluxe e-cig kit includes five full battery bases, cartridge refills, chargers and storage boxes.

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Along with so many different options that have sprung up and grown rapidly over the years, consumers keep coming back to this brand, especially those new to vaping. Of course we make sure we check things ourselves first, and the Green Smoke reviews are reinforced by our testing.

What a Green Smoke starter kit can do for smokers is truly special to see. There have just been so many ex-smokers who have made the switch to cigalike type electronic cigarettes and specifically this brand. It was one of the first to bring us hope of a wide-ranging solution to the needs of so many smokers and it continued to be supremely effective for that purpose.

Now some will have moved on to ecig tanks or mods for even higher performance, but it doesn’t put any damper on the role of 2-piece cigalikes for the market. They play an integral role in introducing so many to vaping, and this is the premier brand that does just that. Even people who use advanced ecigs often want a cigalike for back-up, travel and conveninece. In that case, our Green Smoke coupon is the perfect option to save money an the best cigalikes you can get.

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We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but sometimes you have to give people credit for doing what they do. All of the ecig brands in our editor’s ecig rankings are great and each can serve you well for what you need, and Green Smoke does that too. It would make an excellent buy for yourself or for a loved one who is looking to make the switch. Along with that 30-day money back guarantee, it makes it really easy to dive in. Use our Green Smoke coupon code to save an additional 15% off a kit and see if this well-known brand fits the bill. Make sure to come back and tell us either way in our Green Smoke reviews section. We would be happy to hear about your success and any improvements you think can still be made. Whatever you choose to do, always have that goal of yours in mind and see how vaping can help you get there.


Happy Vaping!