Like a star reaching critical mass in the sky, the newest technology from GeekVape takes a familiar idea and pushes it to the point of new evolution before becoming something completely new and infinitely more astounding. Part of conducting this Geekvape Nova Kit Review as with all of our objective vape reviews is to help vapers of all experience levels find the best equipment for their smoke-free future.

Although this cutting edge vape starter kit may look like vape technology of the past, we can assure you it is far more than your typical, easy-to-use box mod. Under the hood of the Geekvape Nova mod is the celebrated AS chipset that we’ve seen in other advanced power packs like their Aegis compact vape mod which have gained immense popularity for the intuitive menu system and range of comprehensive modes built in. If you’re unfamiliar with the best advanced box mod kits, don’t worry, we’re going to break down not only if this vape kit is worthy of your money, but how it sets itself apart from similar looking designs of the past.

Personally, I have a certain amount of nostalgia and appreciation for devices that draw upon the collective history of vaping and pull inspiration from the triumphs that built the vaping empire to offer products that clearly show how far the industry has come while still creating innovative engineering that improves the overall experience. To the uninitiated, GeekVape may sound like a silly name, but for those who have been following this high tech vaping brand for the last five years they have become a dominant name in offering some of the highest quality vape mods, RTAs and RDAs. Our GeekVape Nova kit review raised our eyes to the heavens to give this shooting a star a lingering glance to determine if it was truly a starter kit that was out of this world, or just a fall from grace.

With their standard blend of lightweight allow and resin outer construction, Geekvape has consistently made their mark on the vaping industry offering some of the most beautiful artifacts made of premium materials and the GeekVape Nova is next in line of succession to be crowned as part of their royal family of classy and expertly crafted vape mod starter kits. Beyond simply being an impressive unit aesthetically, built in variable wattage, temperature control for Ti, SS, and Ni atomizer coils, TCR, VPC power curve and Bypass mode which essentially turns the Nova kit into a 200w mech mod make this one of the most incredibly robust compact box mods we’ve encountered in years.

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A Shooting Star of Fabulous Functionality — GeekVape Nova Kit Review

It would be irresponsible of us to conduct this GeekVape Nova kit review without going into details about how incredible the included Cerberus sub ohm vape tank is. Like many top vape brands, they have designed this low profile tank topper with a 5.5ml bubble glass option in addition to the 4ml straight glass. In addition, the actual engineering is set up to accommodate the immensely popular Smok TFV8 Baby Beast atomizer coils which not only gives you plentiful options for resistance and configuration, but means you can pretty much pick up a replacement at pretty much any local vape shop whenever you need one.

That said, the 0.2ohm X1 kanthal mesh coils perform brilliantly and having used the Smok coils myself fairly extensively I couldn’t help but think about how I prefer the GeekVape version, especially when it comes to outstanding flavor from your favorite vape juice. However, the taste of your juice is just the tip of the subterranean iceberg floating above the Nova mod, the vapor production from this simple, sleek and elegant starter kit is understandably impressive, which is fairly par for the course as far as GeekVape kits go. In addition, from a personal perspective I like the fact that the Cerberus vape tank has what appears to be a hex head construction, which means if you find the right size box wrench it will be easier to take apart when you overtighten it (which I can’t seem to help myself from doing to all my tanks.)

It’s top filling via the oft-seen GeekVape quarter turn toggle top cap and has dual adjustable airflow ports on the control ring. The mod itself is an unbelievably lightweight alloy, especially considering it’s a dual 18650 battery device and the outer battery door and matching panel on the opposite side are an acrylic resin with artful patterns in eye-catching colors. While it does have all the aforementioned variable wattage, temp control, TCR, curve and bypass features of the Aegis, our GeekVape Nova kit review found this duo packed in some significant improvements over the wattage cap and the added battery capacity along with the reduction in weight that make it as comfortable to clutch as it is an overall joy to use.


  • 200w max output with variable wattage, temp control (Ni, SS, Ti), TCR, VPC curve settings and Bypass modes
  • Cerberus tank comes with 4ml straight and 5.5ml bubble glass and two X1 0.2ohm supermesh atomizer coils
  • Vape tank is compatible with Smok TFV8 Baby Beast coils
  • Powered by dual 18650 vape batteries (not included)
  • Mod available in Silver or Black metal body with Flare resin, Onyx resin, Cobalt resin, or Ember resin doors
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Geekvape Nova Kit Review Conclusion

With plenty of the top vape companies clearly going in similar directions with their newest mods and tanks, it’s nice to see a respected brand take cues from their own lineage and evolution to combine the best of their past and present into one of the best high wattage vape mod kits. To explain, many of the box mods that dominated the market were bulky, heavy and stout, making them inconvenient to carry and they often looked more like some loose part you’d find in a hardware store than anything high tech or polished. GeekVape obviously took that standard construction and shrunk it down, fitted it with elegant and artful accents then input it’s central nervous system with one of the most advanced chipsets available for advanced mods.

Although it may seem like a footnote to some vapers who already know there is a great deal to appreciate about the construction of the Nova mod, the GeekVape Cerberus tank is a small triumph on its own. Offered with the option of a bubble glass tank, that big switch to standardized atomizer coil design and that super sleek locking quarter turn top cap with dual ports, it’s an underappreciate feat of beauty and engineering that warrants its own review. Honestly, we haven’t seen any kind of streamlined standardization of vaping equipment almost since the beginning over ten years ago, and the companies making an effort to help users keep vaping regardless of whose coils they use, for my money is a testament to their commitment not necessarily just to make a buck, but help people continue vaping without the possibility of returning to combustion and this GeekVape Nova kit review determined that this is an ideal setup for vapers looking for an upgrade to take them through their next era of vaping.

Members of the Expert Vaping community know that we value products that sustain a life beyond smoking, anything that keeps you vaping and beyond the reach of Big Tobacco is important and well worth your money. However, it’s not often we truly love a vape mod that has made limited improvements upon existing technology, but we were hypnotized by the functionality, performance and most importantly the comfort of using this setup throughout our GeekVape Nova kit review. In fact, I took it home and this is going in my regular rotation in part because I really like how the wavy texture of the acrylic feels in my hand when I’m using it.

After extensively using the Nova mod and Cerberus tank, I can honestly say it’s been quite a while since I’ve used a new setup that produced poignant flavor and plentiful cloud production without much effort dialing it in. If you’re looking at cheap vape mods and tanks wondering what the difference is, it would be difficult to accurately describe how superior the Nova kit is compared to one of our favorite affordable compact vape mods like the unbelievably small and portable Innokin Oceanus kit, which obviously doesn’t have the double battery capacity or the available 200 watt range, but it’s more than that. Finding the perfect vape starter kit setup that fulfills your needs, meets all your requirements and continuously surpasses your expectations is key to reigniting your excitement about vaping, and for me, the GeekVape Nova 200w TC kit embodies all of that in a complete and tactile package that doesn’t disappoint.