People who love art devise ways to carry it with them and display it in innovative ways; with armfuls of beautiful tattoos, expressive fashion, even customizing their everyday accessories like smartphone cases and sneakers. With that in mind, our GeekVape Blade review looked at a new mod that gives vapers yet another way to express their creative side while experiencing the best in top wattage vaping.

With so many of the top advanced box mods being offered in limited color schemes, metallic coatings, and simple flourishes, it’s impressive to see a big vape company like GeekVape jump headfirst into a daring, artistic theme for their newest mod design. Although this robust box mod has the same chip as popular products such as the outrageously popular Aegis vape mod and G Box kit, they’ve followed the trends of the vaping industry and offered an expanded selection of vape battery options including their own version of a 18650 battery sled adapter like we’ve seen in the Smok I-Priv voice activated mod. It’s really the small improvements that warrant the Blade 235w TC vape kit to have its own intensive review.

Obviously, we don’t roll out detailed analyses of every mod that crosses our desks as plenty of them simply offer more of the same technology and performance in a familiar casing. That said, there’s nothing understated about the overall design of this vape starter kit and this GeekVape Blade review gave this powerful vape kit more than just a second glance, which is admirable given how it’s colorway assaults your eyes literally every time you look at it, and we looked at it a lot. Nevertheless, we gave it a thorough inspection to determine whether this advanced vape kit made up for it’s over the top patina with that familiarly impressive performance we’ve come to deeply appreciate in the GeekVape line of products.

In the past, we have shown love for the GeekVape company not only in terms of their craftsmanship and innovative engineering, but because of the durability and overall build quality of their products. Any vape brand willing to create equipment that is clearly meant to last users well past the competition is admirable and the rapid rise of their name has been due largely to their devices being both ahead of vaping technology as well as constructed to last until the competition catches up. Like all of our insightful vape reviews, this one takes an in-depth inspection into the inner-workings of the Blade mod as well as the Aero sub ohm vape tank to help you better understand why they continue to be at the top of their game, even as they offer artistically loud designs that won’t necessarily please the masses.

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Easier on the Vape Than It Is on The Eyes — GeekVape Blade Review

While obviously the “Starry Night” color way we used for this GeekVape Blade review isn’t for everyone, it has been an attractive addition for some vapers. Seemingly inspired by the Van Gogh painting of the same name, it employs a similarly bright, vivid and varied blend of colors to create a kind of splatter paint pointillism that many users will truly appreciate as a uniquely brave experiment (like someone put a unicorn through a meat grinder). With that in mind, it comes in two other color options including Crystal Sand which has a subtle rainbow flake finish and a matte black for a stealthy, modern elegance if you’re not into splashes of intense color.

As stated, the mod itself uses the same user-friendly chipset found in several other popular vape mods and the customizable suite is easy to navigate through the integrated temperature control (Ni, SS, and Ti), TCR modes, parallel bypass and variable wattage control features. The 0.91” OLED display is configured in a vertical stack of real time wattage, resistance, amps, volts, puff counter and of course battery strength. In fact, one of the most incredible attributes of the GeekVape Blade kit is its range of vape battery options.

Right out of the box, our GeekVape Blade review kit was set up to accommodate both 20700 and 21-700 vape batteries, meaning it is poised to outperform its predecessors not simply with its 235 max wattage, but in terms of the longevity of your vaping sessions as well. However, should you want to stick with the 18650 vape batteries you already own, the Blade vape kit comes equipped with a very slick sled adapter with a cut in the center to pull the ribbon through. In addition, the battery door itself is secure like nothing we’ve seen before using four unbelievably powerful magnets that hold it closed and snug with that familiarly well-designed touch we appreciate.

Speaking of GeekVape engineering, the Aero sub ohm tank has the standard quarter turn, locking top fill cap with the dual kidney shaped ports that make it easy to get the tip of pretty much any vape juice bottle into. The tank itself holds 4ml of eliquid and comes standard with two atomizer coil heads, a 0.15ohm quad design and a single coil 0.4ohm which, like a growing number of vape brands have begun to implement, are designed with similar structure and functionality to the Smok Baby Beast coils. As a result, you can buy fresh atomizer coils anywhere either the Smok or GeekVape version is available which just gives you more options for performance which we always like to see.


  • 235w Blade vape mod adjusts in 0.1w increments and available in Starry Night, Crystal Sand, or Matte Black finishes
  • On board variable wattage, temperature control (Ni, Ti, SS), TCR modes, and Bypass at 235w
  • Powered by either dual 20700, 21-700 or 18650 vape batteries (not included, though the adapter for 18650s is)
  • Aero vape tank holds 4ml of vape juice is top filling via quarter turn top cap and has dual port adjustable airflow
  • Kit includes two atomizers, a 0.4ohm single coil iM1 and a 0.15 quad coil iM4

GeekVape Blade Review Summary

It’s becoming more frequent to see cutting edge high power vape mods offered with flashy colors, blinking lights and eye-catching finishes. Of course, not all designs are created equal and when implementing these new attributes and accessories, functionality can sometimes take a backseat to a gimmick or tech upgrade. However, throughout our GeekVape Blade review, we found this high power vape kit to transcend that idea with the same, consistently impressive functionality and vapor production we’ve come to respect and value. Even though this is a dual vape battery mod, the whole body is made out of what they describe to be an “aircraft grade PPS” polymer, which is a fancy way of saying lightweight plastic.

Beyond sitting comfortably in your hand while still feeling solid and sturdy with those beefy batteries beneath the surface, the curvature of the body gives it a low-profile appearance even though it’s a bit chunkier than the comparable peak wattage box mods in the same class of power. The tactile fire button has a glowing green LED ring around it and the standard +/- button cluster above the micro USB port make it easy to navigate between modes and settings with very little research from the user manual.

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Though it did start out at a pretty steep price point initially, it has come down to nearly half of its original retail price which makes it a solid investment in your vaping future if you’re ready for a high wattage upgrade. While the Aero tank isn’t all that innovative or impressive in terms of improvements, it does have all the earmarks of the GeekVape seal of improved craftsmanship, everything fits together snugly and the lines are impressively precise. Plus, I know it’s not unique to this vape tank, but I love that quarter turn locking mechanism and though I love my TFV12 Prince tank, I detest the swinging hinge top cap with a hinge system that started off loose right out of the box.

Overall, my take on this GeekVape Blade review is that if you find a color finish you like, if you can get past the overbuilt feel of this burly vape mod and you appreciate the ability to use three different configurations or styles of vape batteries, this kit is definitely worth its weight (though as I said, it’s not heavy surprisingly). When I’m in the market for a new mod and I’m ready for a significant upgrade, I will definitely give this starter kit a serious consideration, though by then, GeekVape will likely have developed new technology way beyond what has been released up to now. That said, if I did spend the money now, I would be confident that the Blade vape kit would last through all my drops, spills and abuse well into the next era of my vaping future.