No matter how rugged your lifestyle gets, everyone knows having the right tools built with quality materials and craftsmanship can make all the difference in their performance. Our GeekVape Aegis Legend review takes a look at a sturdy, solidly built vape kit that may be the only thing missing from your tool box.

One of the things we loved about the first GeekVape Aegis mod was how incredibly durable it was, incorporating shockproof, dustproof and waterproof technology into a vape with outstanding functionality. Now that’s not to say there wasn’t room for improvement with the first incarnation, while it was able to run on either a 20700, 21-700 or 18650 vape battery using an included adapter (which has become a standard accessory of many top vape mods we’ve seen recently) it only accommodated for a single power source. In addition, it was only able to fire up to a maximum wattage of 100 watts, a power cap that most users of modular sub ohm vape tanks rarely reach with the stock coil heads, but one that vapers who prefer RDA vape tanks and drippers prefer to at least have the opportunity to surpass if they want.

Reflexively, the next evolution is powered by twin 18650 batteries and is able to reach an astounding 200 watts. Bear in mind, having higher power possibilities and lower resistance coefficients, a quicker drain of your batteries typically comes along with it. While this was a significant detractor for users of the first model, our Geekvape Aegis Legend review determined this to be an enduring issue even with twin batteries.

However, when paired with the GeekVape Aero sub ohm tank that comes in the kit, your suggested wattage peak is in the 80 watt range. As a result, this starter system increases this tough, dependable and tenaciously constructed box mod’s capabilities and functionality. To explain, like many of the best top wattage box mods, the equipment it comes with is a suggested pairing for users to acclimate themselves with a new device and this immensely durable power plant can cradle up to a 30mm RDA vape tank without overhang.

A Travel Mod Built for Abuse — GeekVape Aegis Legend Review

Vapers are people on the go, we’re made up of people from every walk of life from jet-setting celebrities like actors and musicians to skilled tradespeople like carpenters and hairdressers. As such we rely on our equipment, our tools and dependable routine to keep us sharp and our vape devices to keep us tobacco free. However, it can be tough to find products built with the same care, detail and craftsmanship that we require for our busy lives. Luckily, our GeekVape Aegis Legend review revealed this reliably impenetrable starter kit to be just that.

The outer body of the mod is constructed of a blend of shock-resistant rubber, silicone, stainless steel, colored aluminum grip frame, carbon steel, zinc alloy, and leather with a removable rubber stopper to protect the micro USB port and an unbelievably well designed, venting rubber gasket system to seal and waterproof the battery compartment. Accessing the battery door is as easy as toggling the button on the bottom and the spring-loaded hinge flies open to reveal clearly marked slots for two 18650s. With a surprisingly durable LED screen, you can easily navigate through the AS chipset programs including power(variable wattage), TCR, temperature control(with Ni, SS, or Ti coils), VPC(power curve), and bypass(mech) modes with the confidence that wherever you are and whatever you’re working on won’t affect the functionality of your vape mod which is well worth the investment.

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Just like its predecessor, if you look up videos of this vape starter kit you’re going to see a lot of people doling out a range of abuses including submerging it in water, throwing it off a roof and generally trying to destroy its overall construction before concluding that it still functions perfectly. That said, there is a disclaimer on the GeekVape website asking users not to do this purposely as there is a chance you could damage the batteries inside from high drops onto hard surfaces. Regardless, throughout our GeekVape Aegis Legend review this lightweight armored vape mod proved its worth as one of the most durable vape mods built to last the world has ever seen.

Additionally, the Aero sub ohm vape tank comes standard with a 0.15ohm mesh coil that is among the most well engineered stock atomizer coils we’ve used in recently memory. It comes with a bubble glass outer tank that accommodates up to 5ml of vape juice and is easy to fill via an impressively well-machined top cap that quarter turns to lock and seal perfectly. In all, this setup is not only built to blow the best electronic cigarette starter kits out of the water in performance, it may be the only thing left after a post-apocalyptic event (perfect vape mod to keep in your storm shelter).


  • Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof mod fires between 5w-200w
  • Powered by dual 18650 vape batteries (not included)
  • Integrated variable wattage, VPC curve, bypass, TCR and temperature control modes
  • Aero vape tank comes with 0.15ohm mesh coil, 5ml bubble glass and 4ml straight glass
  • Leather palm grip comes in Snakeskin, Camouflage, or Brown and aluminum frame available in Rainbow, Silver, Azure, Navy, Red, Orange or Stealth Black

GeekVape Aegis Legend Review Summary

Whether you’re headed to the construction site for a hard day on the job, to the seaside for a day of swimming and lounging in the sun, or into an underground government bunker this is definitely the vape kit to take along for the adventure. With intensely tight-fitting and durable rubber seals keeping all the electronics safe from any obstacle that you may come across, this mod is made to withstand the daily abuse that busy vapers dole out. Our GeekVape Aegis Legend review discovered that not only is this vape mod even more well crafted and designed than the original, that 200-watt maximum power output from the dual vape batteries is plenty of juice to keep you vaping for hours of plentiful and fulfilling vapor.

Experienced vapers know that finding your ideal vaping temperature and wattage is less about pushing your device to its limit than it is finding the sweet spot with the equipment you have combined with the opportunity to scale up your performance output if you want to. Though few of us build our RDAs with resistance meant to be operated over 100 watts, knowing that you’re able to and experimenting with different coil builds is a valuable asset, particularly for advanced vape mods that are meant to withstand long term use and frequent drops (Expert Vaping reviews readers already know I’m accident prone) overall its an outstanding value for how long it’s meant to endure.

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The AS chipset inside the Aegis Legend is among the easiest to select from and navigate through, and while many devices employ complicated menus and successions of buttons, this unit has plenty of shortcuts to get users directly to the settings they need with a simple succession of clicks. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys vaping, there are few mods built as rigorously, specifically for your lifestyle of traveling and bumping around either from home to work or trekking across the globe.  Discovering equipment for vaping that is meant to last is rare, and even more so those that factor in frequent occurrences of submerging them in water (for whatever reason), being susceptible to dust and dirt in every crevice, and being knocked over (or off a window sill onto the ground below).

We’re based right here in Southern California, the heart of earthquake country, and though I’m not looking forward to the day that a shelving unit or other piece of furniture falls on my favorite mod, the results of our GeekVape Aegis Legend review found that if those events came to pass, they wouldn’t be much of a hurdle for this burly vape mod. In fact, I envisioned myself sorting through the rubble of my apartment, sifting through the remnants of what had once been my possessions, only to find this rugged box mod not only intact, but ready to fire right away. We already live full, bustling and at times hectic lives, why not equip ourselves with perfect vape starter kits to complement that momentum that are built just as resiliently as we are.