Wouldn’t it be incredible to get a free eCig or even an entire vape starter kit without having to spend any money? Of course there are e-cigarette free trials, as they say, “the first one is always free”, but what’s in the fine print they don’t tell you? Vaping has clearly carved out its place in society and is steadily gaining popularity. As a result, the journey to reaching out and grabbing an e-cig for free has been a long and bumpy one for those chasing their vaping dreams.

The truth is, the majority of these free e-cigarette samples are just scams wrapped in an offer that seems to good to be true. Well, it is and at Expert Vaping we believe the truth is sacred. These free eCig Trial Scams aren’t all that different from those “20 records or CDs for a penny advertisement some of us remember, there are hidden costs these vape companies aren’t sharing with you up front.

Buyer beware, the free trial e-cigarettes offers you see are a scam, they are not free at all.

Free eCig Trial Scams Pull The Cloud Right Out From Under You

So many people see the price tags of the best vape mods and e-cigarettes and go into sticker shock almost immediately weighing the initial costs. Many are compelled to search alternative sources elsewhere hoping they can find a cheap vape device that performs almost as well. Others simply want free eCigs to give vaping a try without the commitment of spending any money and they’re more than happy to hand over any personal information just to get free vape equipment. This is without mentioning people who just enjoy getting things for free whenever possible, like filling out those forms at a mall to win a new car (does anyone actually win those things?). If you can see yourself being in any of the above positions, you may be a potential victim for free vape pen starter kit, eCigarette or vaping scams.

American made ejuice
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We don’t take joy in detailing how people trying to improve their lifestyles are getting hoodwinked by big companies offering free vape pen sample packages or a free e cigarette starter kit free shipping included. In fact, we’d like to believe the vaping industry represents the best of humanity, a growing community trying to reverse the environmental impact of cigarette butts on the ground and smoke in the air. However, wherever there is an opportunity, someone will always figure out how to profit and these free eCig scams are a perfect example of how those people take advantage of others trust.


The free e-cig scam uses an elaborate ruse to scam you out of money.

How The Free Electronic Cigarette Samples Scam Works

You may have searched for vape mods, eCigarettes or vaporizers before, just looking for information or doing some price shopping. We’re not discouraging you from seeking knowledge, only to be vigilant, because on the side of website you may visit there may appear a banner that looks official even associated with a brand you have already done some research on. That said, those flashy advertisements promising “free ecigs”, “free vape mods” or any image with the words “trial offer” and “free sample” may well be trying to rope you into this con. If you choose to click on these links, there are a few outcomes you can expect and none of them is free vape products:

1. Following the advertisement offering a free ecigarette you will arrive at another website. There you’ll be asked to enter some personal details, sometimes, uncomfortably familiar ones. After which they’ll go through the motions of explaining the value and performance of this product and how it’s going to cost you $0.00 and it’s 100% free no strings attached. They may even offer free shipping, though some are up front about where there hidden fees and costs are and may say “+ S&H”. The image below is a good example:

2. In your excitement at the prospect of getting free vape stuff, they bet you’ll skip through the fine print, which most of us do. Finally, they ask for your credit card information, “just to keep on file” or “to cover cost of the shipping” and that seems like a fair exchange, after all, how much could shipping something so small possibly be right? This is where you have to be careful, this is the moment to put all that anticipation and excitement about getting free eCigs to the side and assess what they are actually doing. If you’d taken the time to read the terms, look between the lines and read the fine print, that really small print that you can’t really read without squinting your eyes at the screen you may have noticed there’s more to this free vape deal than they told you up front.

advanced ecigs
advanced ecigs

Now no two advertisements for free electronic cigarette trials or samples are quite the same, but this is a common example of the sales traps and scams people fall victim to regularly. By skipping past the fine print, they miss the crucial switch that hides in the margins of those terms and conditions written in complicated legal speak you didn’t have time for and aren’t sure you would understand even if you did. Here’s what this scam shares with those magazine advertisements of the past.

In the SCMA e-cig scam, be careful to read the fine print which automatically signs you up for a kit and ongoing delivery of materials.

3. When you receive your package of ecigs or free vape starter kit, or whatever you ordered, you’ll find the free electronic cigarette samples are typically low quality devices that aren’t satisfying, produce very little vapor, etc. Basically,  it will be immediately clear that they sent you junk instead of a quality vape device. Between the look and feel of these free ecigs your own logic begins to realize this deal was not exactly what you signed up for. But hey, it was free right, there’s not problem, it’s part of a sample pack or trial period, what’s the real harm?

Well, free electronic cigarette samples and trial offers are often fledgling vape companies just trying to turn a quick buck for as long as they can keep the scam going. Any customer support you encounter is likely to just insulate the company and frustrate you to the point of giving up on getting what you need.

4. In the mean time, you’ll keep trying your free eCigs hoping they will suddenly improve and then….voila! Your cartridge is empty, or your coil is burnt, point is, something needs to be replaced. No need to panic, by signing up you already agreed  to automatically receive refills every month. These are not free. In fact, by this point you may have already a seen a mysterious charge from a company you don’t recognize on your bank statement for the same price as a typical mid range vape kit would cost retail, which you thought was free, plus, additional fees for the refills, cartridges, coils, etc. I mean, in theory they were free ecigs, or they were going to be, just before you clicked the button to allow auto payment to this “misc. company” or however they appear on your credit card statement.

As mentioned, this type of dishonest marketing has been around for a long time and has always roped in those of who didn’t read the details first. However, people continue to fall victim to this particular brand of scam and get taken for a lot of money in the process. In fact, while I wrote this, while you read this, someone fell into the trapping of this free ecig scam. To explain, in some cases people aren’t even aware that they are being billed for these products and services and just keep accepting the refill cartridges that the company is sending them. Or worse yet, they realize what is happening and aren’t able to stop it because they have already signed a “contract” that makes them responsible for a year’s worth of goods and services.

Shockingly, the people who typically don’t pay a lot of attention to their bank statements can sometimes rack up thousands of dollars in debt from this one “free electronic cigarette sample” had no idea until a collections agency came knocking. Being vigilant when it comes to finding a trial offer for a free anything, free e-cigs included,  while it may seem like an offer you can’t refuse, you should, because as we now know, vape brands are no longer legally permitted to give out free vaping gear or promotional items, and this scam, is an extension of that regulation, it’s a loophole, because you’re agreeing to be charged for them in the terms.

One of the worst parts of this scheme, are that any charges like this that appear on your credit/or debit card statement can not be disputed as you have opted into a legally binding agreement to pay. Your bank may simply wash their hands of it and tell you to work it out with the eCigarette company, the scammers themselves. Wait, there’s more, many of these shady companies make it difficult to contact them at all, leaving you to twist in the wind with crippling debt.

NOTE: Online retailer O2 PUR was previously running a subscription program not unlike this one.

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Is There Such a Thing As Free Electronic Cigarettes?

You may have heard the phrase, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Essentially, this means, nothing is truly without recourse or cost, you just have to see the big picture. In this case it’s a smaller picture that just has much longer strings attached. That said, there was a moment, before it was regulated, that yes, in fact, some of the ecig trial offers and free vape mod trial periods may have been legitimate. It wasn’t that long ago that Apollo eCigs was giving away free stuff right on their website:

This introduction to our smoke-free cigarette is absolutely free without any hidden costs or fees. There are no membership requirements and no annoying credit card charges. We believe in the quality of our product and in the difference it can make in your life. Try it for free today!

Apollo was offering free disposable ecigarettes hoping that potential customers tried their e-cig and vaping products they may be persuaded to invest in better devices or premium mods and tanks down the line. That said, Apollo remains a major player in the vaping industry, maybe not as big as other names you know, but they have definitely been around long enough to be trusted. Putting an offer out there like that one was risky, but after a few hundred people tried it and reported that it wasn’t a hoax or scam via social media, and other platforms, it helped other people to find the confidence to try vaping and take advantage of an opportunity for a free ecig.


Apollo electronic cigarettes was offering 23 percent off for Valentine's Day on their website.

Here’s How Can You Get Apollo’s Free eCigarette Samples

  • Head to the Apollo website.
  • On the left side, click “Disposables”
  • On the right click “Add To Cart” for the disposables
  • Select your flavor, and nicotine strength – Click “Add To Cart” again.
  • Go to check out, and use the coupon code: FREECIG
  • Click “Recalculate” – Your total should now be $0.00

Now, all you need to do is enter your shipping information, choose your form of shipment. This is when you select the cheapest option. Which happens to be….. $2.07 for USPS First-Class Mail Package. Not bad if you ask us. Should arrive in 2-3 days.

And Don’t Forget!

There are plenty of legitimate vape deals available online to help you get the top selling vape starter kits and ecigarettes at an affordable price. Check out our coupons page for some incredible deals on the brands and products we review. It’s as valuable to us to get verified, safe, satisfying and top quality ecigs into the hands of the people that need them without getting taken for a pile of money in the process.

Don't fall for complicated offers for free e-cig scams, they're a trap.

In Summary

Just be careful of offers that seem too enticing to be genuine. If the offer or website looks even a little bit shady and something does not seem right to you, don’t do it, it’s better to make the mistake of missing an opportunity for free electronic cigarette samples than end up locked in a scam. Again, there are a ton of valid vape deals, vape giveaways and offers out there by reputable companies you can trust, it will require doing some research before surrendering your credit card info or banking data.

While free ecigarettes may sound like the perfect solution to trying out vaping instead of just getting cheap ecigarettes, it may end up costing you infinitely more in the long run. Our best advice is expect to get what you pay for, the money you invest will either carry you with outstanding equipment or it’ll fail and you’ll have to replace it. Vaping has the potential to improve people’s lives and purchasing a top quality ecig starter kit goes a long way towards satisfying your needs and helping users make the transition from to smoking to vaping a an easy and painless process.

Happy Vaping