The costs of addiction in the US and around the world are simply stunning. Hundreds of thousands of lives lost around the world each year. When you get into the economic costs the numbers are almost unbelievable. The disease of addiction costs the US economy more than twice the amount of any other disease. We Face It has pegged the annual costs of addiction in the US at $428 billion annually. That is much more than the current deficit. Mostly, however, addiction is a serious concern for people and families. That’s where the true costs take their greatest toll.

One of the stories covered by Everything came from 22 year old Cole McReynolds. Cole has struggled with addiction for years and is now living in a sober living home. He and his housemates are now using electronic cigarettes instead of smoking as they make their way through the recovery process. McReynolds said “They’ve already bettered their lives so much why not cut off one more bad habit.”

Former alcoholic Adam Snell quits drinking through vaping.

Adam Snell is a recovering alcoholic and says that vaping has helped him stay away from drinking for the last nine months. he said that the nights and weekends are the hardest part of recovery and that being a part of the vaping community has been a key to his success thus far. People in recovery often turn to smoking. If they can turn to vapor instead to help wth the process, perhaps this is a potential benefit.

Can Ecigs Help Reduce The Costs Of Addiction?

The case of electronic cigarettes helping with the recovery from addiction is not a proven benefit. The Lubbock testimonials are anecdotal only. But the first hand experiences of real people working through recovery indicates that this is something that needs to be studied in depth as soon as possible.

Signs of recovery from addiction through vaping are right in front of you.

Reducing the costs of harms of addiction would be a public health benefit that we can not afford to ignore. Despite numerous and successful rehab programs, addiction recidivism rates are still a problem. Addiction is a lifelong battle for many people. We need to explore every tool and option available.

This story was brought to public attention by Hannah Rucker of KLBK TV Everything In her story, it was also reported that people in recovery are actually blending e-juice to help others in recovery. Perhaps this report will open a new line of inquiry into potential benefits of vaping.