With discretion and stealth being all the rage with regards to the top portable vaporizers available, it’s important to many users not to sacrifice functionality in favor of a compact device. As a result, our Firefly 2 review gave this cutting edge compact vaporizer a thorough testing to determine whether it combined the best in vaping technology to earn its price in performance as well as design.

The first Firefly vaporizer gained almost immediate notoriety for its sleek appearance, allowing users to hide their weed vaping in plain sight without drawing attention to the device they were cradling. In fact, it looked more like a small cell phone or power bank than anything related to vaping. That said, the Firefly 2 vape unit improves significantly on the original configuration, implementing its own smart phone application to control the temperature performance and optimum heating for different herbs and wax concentrates.

As a result, we decided it would be valuable to the Expert Vaping community to cover the significant improvements and upgrades with a Firefly 2 review in order to help our readers figure out whether this compact device was one of the best portable vaporizers for dry herb and concentrates to improve the quality of your cannabis vaping. Take a look as we delve deep into the inner workings of this incredibly popular dry herb vaporizer to see if it’s the ideal weed vape mod for your needs.

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Getting Fired Up Without the Flame — Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

Essentially, the entire concept behind switching to vaping is to rid your recreational or medicinal use of dry herbs and wax concentrates of harmful carcinogens like tar (yes, tar is also a byproduct of burning cannabis). In fact, while there are many products deemed dry herb vaporizers, the convection method provides lower likelihood of combustion or burning. While the Firefly 2 may not be a true convection vaporizer alone (it does apply certain principles of conduction), it certainly does its best to provide maximum vapor production without actually cooking the dry herb material or dab concentrates.

In detail, during our Firefly 2 review we used the suggested amount of dry herb in the metal alloy oven with a relatively coarse grind and were able to extract satisfying clouds of infused vapor without the material leaving the chamber without any evidence of burning or charring which is a good indication of appropriate heating without cooking the dry material. With that in mind, unlike full temperature control dry herb vaporizers like the Dray, Firefly 2 has six preset heat levels that can be adjusted and locked in with the corresponding Bluetooth smart phone application navigated remotely. There are five heating settings at low, medium low, medium, medium high, and high, plus a sixth setting specifically for concentrates.

While the performance is fulfilling, the build quality of the Firefly 2 vaporizer is truly its most impressive attribute. A removable magnetic top lid covers the transparent oven window showing users the state of their cannabis flower or concentrate in real time ensuring it is never overcooked. It activates by pressing the two touch sensors on either side of the device, which can also be used to check the temperature control level and battery health without using the app by tapping them three times. It heats up quicker than most of the competition in just 2-5 seconds and allows users a 30 second heat up cycle before automatically cooling down in between. Uniquely, this weed vape starter kit comes with a spare battery and the door holding the removable and replaceable 770mAh lithium ion battery secures snugly.

The body is made of a durable magnesium alloy, with a removable plastic mouthpiece that is also replaceable with a metal screen inside it that can be easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. It charges via the included cradle and a USB cable, reaching full 50 watt power in just under an hour. This provided for consistent four to six full vaping sessions throughout our Firefly 2 review making for thorough rotations of the device being passed between members of the vaporizer testing team. In all, the capacity of the oven chamber accommodates a significant amount of herb or cannabis flower and wax dabs when set on the included concentrate pads which help to prevent any combustion in direct contact with the heating element separating it from even some of the best wax and dab pens enjoying massive popularity.


  • Replaceable 770mAh battery, rechargeable via included USB dock with spare battery
  • Convection heating chamber for dry herbs or wax concentrates using included pads
  • Available in black, white, red, gold and blue top lids and battery doors (sold separately)
  • 50 watt device with six preset heat levels controlled by Bluetooth smart phone app
  • Touch sensor activation as well as active temperature and battery strength levels with LED indicator light
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Firefly 2 Review Wrap Up — A Glowing Example of Portable Vaporizers

After using the Firefly 2 extensively (and enjoying it immensely) we found this to be an outstanding portable vaporizer that exudes class and elegance not only in the design but the performance as well. There is something indistinguishably classy about using this pocket weed vape even in an office setting and at one point I picked it up thinking it was the Apple tv remote only to look down at its relative heft and substantiality to realize I was holding a vaporizer instead. Although I’m a sucker for well-engineered vape mods and devices that clearly put minimal and elegant design on par with performance, this small weed vaporizer truly performed well beyond my expectations.

To explain, with most of the top portable vaporizers you find yourself making serious compromises on aspects like vapor production, flavor, design, engineering or gulp, price. That said, this can not be considered in any way a cheap vaporizer, but that applies to the amazing quality of how every modular piece fits together almost perfectly, its ability to correspond with the smart phone app and its cleaning. Bear in mind, many pocket vaporizers can be difficult to clean, especially if the heating chamber itself is small or hard to reach, but for every session of our Firefly 2 review this device cleaned up quickly, easily and with limited materials (the starter kit includes alcohol pads).

For one of the best dry herb vaporizers for cannabis that can also effectively vape dabs or other concentrates, the Firefly 2 dazzles. The flavor is exceptional even with the ceramic material which is presently dominating the devices for vaping weed materials and the 30 second cycle duration is ideal for pumping out satisfying plumes of medicated vapor (though a primer puff definitely helps to warm up material as well as draw denser clouds). While it may seem a bit pricier than competitive stealth vaporizers on the market, you immediately see where that money was spent and this unique design is definitely one that has endured with good reason.

By the end of our Firefly 2 vaporizer review I was definitely a believer in what this compact device had promised and with a small company that is able to sustain itself with a singular device, it’s clear that their accomplishments vape for themselves. Do you have experience using the Firefly 2? Did we miss something you feel is significant or crucial questions? Let us know, feedback from the vaping community is important to us to ensure we are providing our reader with the most accurate and useful information possible on their way to leading smoke-free lives. Until next time, we hope the grass is greener on the vapor side.