As the electronic cigarette marketplace has become more and more crowded, the end-user looking to pick up their first e-cig has been faced with the really difficult task of finding the best e-cigarette brand. When the industry was just starting up, consumers had limited choices when choosing an e cigarette starter kit and, in a way, life was easier back then!

Of course the technology wasn’t what it is now, but the increased competition has just made it downright tough these days to find the best e cigarette from the best e-cigarette brand.

With the growth of vaping there are now an impressive variety of e-cigarette options.

This year has been a pivotal one for electronic cigarettes, a turning point of sorts for overall acceptance, and a subsequent embrace by big tobacco. With e-cigs seemingly here to stay, pioneer brands that were each already producing and developing their own e cigarette starter kit now had to realize that big tobacco’s new motto of “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” meant increased competition.

Earlier this summer we read about the reactions from some of the bigger e-cig brands, with most hoping that big tobacco would play fair as they enter the industry. What is most important to us here at Expert Vaping is how this changes the landscape for the e-cig consumer, who now has to wade through all that is out there, new brands and old brands alike, to find the current best e-cigarette brand. Below are some key factors to help you find the brand that produces the best e cigarette for your needs:


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Choosing the best e-cigarette brand for you sometimes means going through a few not so stellar experiences. Of course, if you do your research you can cut down on time and money wasted, not to mention the disappointment. What a lot of pioneer brands have that the newer ones don’t is a developed consistency to their products and their brand. When you pick up an e cigarette starter kit from Green Smoke, Apollo, or White Cloud, among others, you know exactly what you are going to get because those companies have been refining their products for years.

Availability and Customer Service

Finding the best e-cigarette brand also means finding a reliable company that stands behind their products. Every company out there believes they make the best e cigarette, but when you go out to make your purchase you want to find a company that stands behind their products and delivers for their customers. To us, this means having the products you want available when you need them, along with the customer service that will be there for you as you transition to using e cigarettes as an alternative to traditional tobacco.

The best way to select a vape system is to choose one with excellent customer service.

Newer brands can experience problems early on with distribution, and customers will see that when they go to re-order their favorite flavor in their preferred nicotine level but find it out of stock. This can be really aggravating, especially for the new e-cig user. The best e-cigarette brand will have what you need, if not all the time, then 95% of the time at least. This quickly becomes an important factor when choosing an e cigarette starter kit.

The only thing worse than not being able to get what you want, is not having the customer service to help make the situation better. Every company makes mistakes; the test is what they do when those inevitable mistakes happen. Can they fix mistakes and make you a happy customer? Do they stand behind their product with a lifetime warranty? Are they ready to take your call or your live chat when you need help? Good customer service is paramount, and that’s why our highest rated brands each have the service we expect from those vying to be the best e-cigarette brand.

Highly Rated

Another way of selecting your vape device or e-cigarette is to choose recommended or well-reviewed brands or manufacturers.

That brings us to ratings, and this can really save you a lot of hassle. No one electronic cigarette fits everyone, but by doing your research and reading our reviews and those of other consumers, you can find the best e cigarette that will fit your needs. A lot of our top rated brands are veterans, pioneers of the e-cig industry and deserving of their place at or near the top. But we don’t discount newer brands and we are constantly reviewing e cigarette starter kits to make sure you have the clearest choice possible. Take a look at our reviews, videos, and overall rankings to help give you a bigger picture as to who are the highly rated brands currently on the market. Read: 4 Effective E-cigarette Brands That Are Highly Recommended

Electronic cigarettes are becoming big business, with 2013 being the year that pushed the e-cig industry past $1 billion in sales. A billion dollar industry – wow! When things get that big, everyone notices and wants a piece of a wildly growing and profitable field. For the consumer, increased competition can mean greater innovation and lower prices. It also means a flood of companies making your decision on the best e-cigarette brand that much tougher. As you search for an e cigarette starter kit that will fit you, try to keep our key factors in mind to help you narrow in on your choice. If you’re still unsure, hit us up on our boards or on live chat. We’ll do our best to keep you informed and make your decision that much easier. The road leading to your best e cigarette awaits you!

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