Why do people say to avoid finding cheap electronic cigarettes online? When e-cigarettes hit the market back in 2008, they started showing up on eBay.com and then eventually made their way over to Amazon.com. Interestingly enough though, electronic cigarettes haven’t had the best online retail store relationships. Almost immediately after e-cigs came to the United States,  Amazon.com noticed online marketers using eBay to run scams for e-cigs and with all the “negative ecigarette propaganda” put out by the FDA they banned the present and future sale of electronic cigarettes.

In fact, some of the largest retailer websites prohibited the sales and advertisement of e-cigs. This made it difficult for legitimate companies to sell their product online but also helped to keep scammers away and ultra shady product out of the consumer’s hands. All because a few thousand people couldn’t find better means of marketing or at least decent products to sell.

So What Happened To Those Cheap E-Cigs?

Gray hat marketing techniques sit on the edge of internet ethics.

People would find exploits in certain wholesale or affiliate programs and then use them for financial gain by means of questionable marketing. Doing this was a cheap way for people to reap profits on eBay and for a short while on Amazon. When Amazon.com took initiative against the sale of e-cigarettes, they were sending resellers and other account holders messages like:

“We have prohibited the sale of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, electronic pipes, nicotine nebulizers, refill material for any of these, and similar products on our site.” – Amazon.com

Though they don't sell them, Amazon has keyword filters for e-cigarettes.

The way I see it…Amazon did what they felt was necessary before things got too far out of hand. There are still people who are using search engines to find an Amazon sold e-cig or cheap electronic cigarette alternative to the bigger brands that cost a bit more than a person’s budget would allow. Amazon knows this and they’re doing their best to filter out any rubbish. In the past, we must say – eBay could have done a better job.

Cheap Electronic Cigarettes Are More Likely To Be Sold Retail

If you’ve found an e-cigarette being sold on Amazon.com, more than likely it probably hasn’t been through the filter. Anything relating to e-cigs, electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, etc is removed almost as quickly as it was posted. Chances are the product you’re seeing slipped through by keyword manipulation or a loop-hole that hasn’t been corrected yet – which would lead to unethical marketing. The whole reason Amazon banned the sale of them.

Amazon and Ebay are not allowing e-cigs to be purchased on their sites.

So now that you’ve got a good idea why you:

  • can’t find an e-cigarette on Amazon or eBay
  • shouldn’t buy an e-cig on Amazon.com

Let’s explore our other options…

Online Retailers With Affordable E-Cig Options

There are so many online retailers, and we understand that. I wrote this blog post for a reason… – for you! Why? Because you’re trying to find a decent electronic cigarette and every single e-cigarette company is trying to seduce you into handing them your credit card. There are a lot of good brands of e-cigs on the market, but there are also some really money hungry companies trying to pawn off sub-quality product through clever marketing and/or ultra low prices. We won’t mention any particular names, we’ll let you have a look at our Editor’s electronic cigarette review chart to form your own opinion.

Ebay will not allow e-cigarettes to be sold on their site.

If you’re ready to purchase an e-cig, watch some of our e-cigarette video reviews, read our text reviews, and do your own research. Our electronic cigarette consumer review chart is a helpful place for new visitors to the site. This in-depth chart will give you insight as to what other consumers are saying about the different ecigarette brands and products. You can click through to each product on the chart and see what other Expert Vaping visitors think of each particular ecigarette brand.

When people start buying from shady suppliers on sites like eBay.com and Amazon.com – stuff seems to go stale, really fast. There are really small companies that are feasting off of just making it 1 day on Amazon every so often and it’s because they use Amazon’s “retail website trust” against it’s users to sell a crap product. We’re hoping that you’ll take our advice, and when you do, please come back and leave a consumer review!

Happy and Safe Shopping Out There!