The discussion around e-cig safety, which inherently includes e-cigarette dangers, continues in another public forum. With FDA e-cig regulations on their way at some point in the future, the government watchdog is set to hold a second public e-cigarette workshop next month from March 9th through the 10th.

This follows the workshop the FDA conducted late last year that covered five topics, including packaging and labeling as well as environmental impact. Obviously there are a lot more topics to address and thus the FDA set the next workshop to occur not that long after the first. The importance of these workshops may be a little overstated since they won’t affect FDA e-cig regulations, but they do impact public opinion and industry watchers.

fda ignores public feedback and goes ahead with regulations anyway

This time around the in-depth issues behind e-cig safety will be at the top of the list again. The agenda for the March workshop begins with the topic of exposure to nicotine and toxicological considerations and continues further to talking about the movements of drugs within the body, also called pharmacokinetics.

From there the topic on the effects of nicotine exposure in users will be broached before getting into issues that relate to e-cigarette dangers. Those would be topics like abuse and dependence, short and long-term health effects of using e-cigarettes, and considerations for high-risk or vulnerable populations. A topic vaguely called “human factors” wraps up the six-pronged look into electronic cigarettes.

FDA E-Cig Public Workshop: You Can Take Part

The workshop will be streamed live over the internet, and you can watch the webcast by registering by February with the FDA by clicking here.

While some of the talk may be overly scientific for us laymen, there are certain discussions that could be very relevant and interesting to hear talked about.

who can go to the fda workshops

If you do choose to attend you must act by Feb. 20. The FDA has already received thousands of public comments regarding e-cigarette regulations. If you do participate, we urge you to take it as only one source on the subject of e-cig safety, as e-cigarette dangers typically are magnified beyond reality when the FDA looks at them.

This has been the case not just with the FDA, but with many other organizations that have studied the topic. Unfortunately, we often come out with very slanted results or ones that fail to take into account that e-cigarettes don’t exist in a vacuum, which is to say that they should be judged as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you want to rail on nicotine, which isn’t justified anyway, don’t forge that analogue cigarettes have it too, along with thousands of chemicals.

the fda blows the dangers out of proportions

These workshops, and this is the second in a series of three, aren’t intended to land the gavel down one way or the other, which is the good thing about them. The FDA e-cig regulations that have been drawn up aren’t dependant on this at all; they are simply waiting for eventual implementation. No, these sessions are only supposed to provide the organization with more information about electronic cigarettes.

There will be much more research once the FDA gets on with governing the e-cig industry from a regulation standpoint, so this is what amounts to a head start. Knowing how the FDA behaves, this is likely just a tip of the iceberg for their look into e-cig safety.

There are more e cigarette regulations to come in the near future

It isn’t that these things do not need to be looked into and actually there could be some positive elements to FDA e-cig regulations. Creating a production standard is important to any new industry, and that much more for one that is growing so quickly. We certainly don’t want to see e-cigarette dangers that have to do with poor builds and a lack of quality control. The question is where the FDA will draw the line and if they will swerve into using suspect data to constrict a product that has been helping millions.

That is just one of the big questions for the electronic cigarette industry, one that will govern how far and how fast the e-cigarette revolution reaches the millions of additional smokers that it can help. We’ll be watching closely and bringing you the latest as the future of vaping unfolds in front of us.