For those of us expecting announcements regarding FDA electronic cigarette regulations, once again we wait. By now, we expected the FDA to make clear the rules pertaining to ecigarette packaging and eliquid warning labels. We had expected to see some requirements of child resistant packaging as well.

Back in June, the FDA announced that it was drafting rules that would apply to packaging and warning labels on vaping products. At the same time the FDA also announced that it was accepting public comments about what measures should be taken and what should be included on electronic cigarette and eliquid warning labels.

FDA has announced that they will start requiring e-liquid warning labels according to new overreaching regulations.

The public comments were due to close at the end of August but that commenting period has been extended as the FDA seeks additional information before making a final decision. Anti-vaping health officials have been pushing for finalized ecig regulations by the end of summer and we may still see the overall deadline met.

eLiquid Warning Labels

What does this delay of the imposition of eliquid warning labels and ecigarette packaging rules mean? Is it because the FDA is seeking comments to justify more austere and oppressive regulation? That’s the fear in the vaping community. It really is mysterious as to what they are looking for.

The vast majority of the vaping community agree with eliquid warning labels. We want to see common sense restrictions. What we don’t want to see, but what anti-vaping extremists want, are oppressive rules that villify and scare people away from vaping. They are waging a war on ecigs that plays right into the hands of Big Tobacco. It would make sense to work with the vaping industry on this matter. Obviously it would make sense. Must be why it’s not happening.

The FDA has announced that they will require a long list of warnings on all labels of e-liquid including reference to it's toxicity.

Our hope is that we have sensible warning labels and childproof eliquids. We do not want to so insane, over the top warnings that are ridiculous. The obvious intent of those types of warnings would be to scare people away from a life saving smoking alternative.

What do you want to see on eliquid warning labels? Have you say. Let the FDA know. Click the link below and tell the FDA what you think should be on eliquid warning labels.