Years ago, when electronic cigarettes first appeared we couldn’t have imagined fashionable vaping accessories. Any future for vape apparel designed specifically with vapers in mind were just fleeting moments of possible fancy for ecig brands just trying to secure a future. However, at that point the vaping community was hoping for any stylish addition to their vaping, at the very least a vape case that didn’t look like a plush lunch box or a bargain tool kit.

Never did we envision the popularity of vaping to the height its reached, nor did we expect to see ecigarettes making their way down the aisles of high fashion. That said, just years later, strutting down the catwalk at a fashion show we glimpsed the future with the unveiling of an NJOY ecig jacket. In fact, vaping became so popular that ecig accessories suddenly became fashionable.

Ada Zanditon and Nik Thakkar are the creators of high fashion's Ada + Nik, the duo hit the runway recently with a bespoke leather jacket that had a built in storage pocket for vaping devices.

At the time the newest vape fashion item came to us by way of the brand Ada + Nik, which was founded by designer Ada Zanditon and model Nik Thakkar.

The pair were apparently big fans of NJOY vape products, or at least fans of their sponsorship. However, if you are to believe Nik, he and Ada have been supporters of NJOY for years. Claiming that it was “a pleasure” to design a jacket with NJOY in mind, Nik points out that “the ‘N’ shape in the back yolk and in the seams, [showcase] the exact same angles as the lines on the NJOY box.”

E-cigarettes have become so popular so fast, high fashion has caught on with some designer creating bespoke jackets with built-in vape pockets.

The vaping jacket had a dual-pocket made specifically to fit the NJOY ecig King model and we have to admit that there seemed to have been a lot of thought gone into this. Although this was years ago, there have been plenty of developments in practical clothing designed with vaping in mind since.

Enter The Vape Hoodie

Significantly, a Colorado-based sportswear company called Vaprwear appeared offering an ecig compatible backpack and vape hoodie that integrated vaping technology right into their designs. Not only did they create a practical, comfortable and most importantly stylish hooded sweatshirt in a variety of styles and designs, but they engineered it so that users could vape directly from the drawstring. It is arguably one of the stealthiest vape “mods” we’ve ever seen and honestly, you can never have enough hooded sweaters, what’s one more that can technically be considered one of your vaping accessories?

You can even get your own personalized logo printed on them right through their website so it doesn’t have to look like you’re wearing your “vaping hoodie”. Vaprwear was the brain child of two college buddies, one an entrepreneur and the other with a background in professional sportswear who happened to acquire the patent through a casual conversation with a mutual friend. The result is one of the most functional, wearable stealth vaping accessories that we have seen so far.

It’s like having a hands free vape pen that’s always at the ready, needs no preparation to use at a moment’s notice and doesn’t draw attention to you for any other reason than chewing on the drawstring of your sweatshirt, which plenty of people do anyway. The years between the NJOY jacket and the vape hoodie have clearly made an impact on what the community wanted in their vaping accessories. It has it’s own vaping system that comes standard with a dedicated stealth pocket built into the vape hoodie that can accommodate a wide range of devices, including many of the popular dab pens for cannabis concentrates and in case you were wondering, it’s Juul and Mig Vapor Trap Pod compatible too.

A Vape Backpack Designed For Adventure

Additionally, Vaprwear makes backpacks with the drip tip built into the shoulder strap design like a hydration pack. In fact, some of their vape backpack designs double as hydration packs with a separate liquid bladder compartment in addition to the feeder hose, it’s like a vaping camel back! Consider it your personal jet pack ready and waiting to blast you off to a distant destination of deliciously dense vapor. Again, the best part is that Vaprwear products don’t look like vape apparel fashioned around a gimmick, they are fully functioning, high quality sportswear products that happen to have a little extra, secret function for sneaking a puff of vapor.

Even if keeping your vaping on the low isn’t your primary concern, having a dedicated piece of vaping apparel that is as useful when you’re not using the vaping system as when you are is priceless. It’s as close as you can get to having discreet vaping accessories integrated directly into your everyday life. In fact, if you’re wondering if they have a summer fashion equivalent, you can buy the drawstring vaping system alone and turn anything you own, even your swim trunks or bikini top into functional vape clothing, you can be the next Gianni Vapesace.

Designs like these also got me thinking about other ecigarette accessories we’d like to see and how most vape cases don’t appeal to the everyday vaping lifestyle or address the social effects of vaping. If these ambitious designers can stretch the possible, why can’t the industry follow their lead and come up with some ideas for more innovative vaping accessories we’re missing from our lives? Good news, they already have.

Fashionable Vaping Accessories We Need Right Now

eCigarette jeans: Stuffing your electronic cigarette in a pocket isn’t the wisest habit, nor an advisable one for high performance vape mods with removable batteries, but since jet setters and vapers on the go don’t have the space afforded by carrying a backpack, purse or handbag, a lot of us end up sticking our ecigs straight into our jeans pocket. We know it isn’t a good idea because our pockets offer little protection and very often we will forget about metal items like keys already packed in there posing a danger from lithium ion vape batteries that aren’t stored properly (not us, but you know, some folks).

How about a pair of jeans that had a special pocket built in? It could have a strong lining that offers protection and keep your ecigarette safe from bending, breaking, pods being crushed or any other kinds of damage due to being stuffed in a pocket? We’d like to see more vape clothing designed with vaping in mind, I mean, what’s that extra little pocket for anyway, back when I was a smoker I kept a lighter in there, but these days I’m constantly moving my bulky box mod around just to accommodate how I sit. Vape clothing designed specifically for this purpose can even be matched to fit the style of girly vapes or specific devices and shapes. You’ll never have to ask if your vape mod makes your butt look big.

Now that we have high fashion clothes designed for people who vape, we want jeans that are meant to accommodate them.

Vape Mod Smart Phone Case: This is one of those vaping accessories that I am genuinely surprised took so long to become available. The market for smart phones cases, especially with internal batteries built in, has gotten so huge that you can find dual-use cases for so many other purposes, it was only a matter of time before one was available with a vaping attachment. Since my smartphone and my vape mod are among the essentials (along with wallet and keys) that I can’t leave the house without, a cell phone case with a single slot for an ecig cartridge or integrated mod batteries would be endlessly convenient.

Enter the Lotus Vape Case for the iPhone, an integrated battery unit with a 2000 mAh battery that has a 510 connector on the top for a vape tank. Ostensibly, it’s a phone case that acts as a box mod with a variable voltage adjustment. It’s literally everything you want in a convenient package that protects your phone while you use it. The fire button is right on the side of the case placed for easy usage, you can put your calls on hold, but you never need to put your vaping on hold again. While it isn’t ideal for compact or stealthy vaping since the vape tank sits well above the case, it does help to integrate all the items you carry around with you to consolidate for space in your loaded pockets.

If you’re looking for stealth vape smart phone cases, there’s the VQ from Vaportronix, a fully integrated phone and vape case all in one. They designed this sleeve specifically for their VQ pocket vape pen that uses refillable cartridges you can fill with vape juice, weed wax and other concentrates. As a result, the only visible section of the ecigarette in use is the mouthpiece, which sort of looks like a USB thumb drive sitting right above it.

It’s an incredibly compact, discreet vape system that is easy to use and is all wrapped up in something you normally hold next to your mouth anyway. Among vaping accessories that are truly multi-use, space saving, convenient and stealthy, the VQ phone case doubles as an invaluable vape kit that allows you to get the potent vapor you need without having to carry any extra equipment. Importantly, the ecig is protected by the case itself, ensuring it doesn’t bend, the vape cartridge doesn’t separate and you aren’t leaking eliquid or weed concentrate into your pocket, assets that may actually save you money in the long run.

Companies are considering every combination of lifestyle accessories like this one offering products such as smart phone cases with built in vaping devices.

Hands-free vape hats: Okay, this one is another of my own addition to vape accessories I’d personally like to see and its going to seem a bit silly at first, but just hear me out. Just like those “foam dome” beer helmets that let you chug down a brew while keeping your hands free for eating nachos and doing the wave during a football game, this wearable vape accessory could help you do the same only with vaping. As far as vaping goes, it would be a resourceful piece of apparel in situations where it isn’t possible to have a hand free to grab your favorite vape mod, like driving a car or riding a bike, where two hands on the wheel or handlebars mean safety first. I can see it now, taking a Saturday morning bike ride in the mountains and never having to take a breather for a quick puff on my ecig.

Plus, it can present a valuable opportunity for the top selling vape brands to market themselves with a sleek looking hat that carries their logo. Imagine watching the World Series of Poker and the chip leader is wearing a vape hat sponsored by an electronic cigarette brand. It seems like a strange partnership at first, until suddenly they take a puff from the “Vape Lid” drawing the attention of the competition, who isn’t sure whether they’re bluffing or not. Honestly, it’s hard to believe we haven’t seen more vaping accessories used for public sponsorship. What about a Juul sponsored NASCAR that runs on vapor? We can dream right?

A vape life hat cleverly has an exposed skull with atomizer coils that are fed right into it's brain.

With the steady growth and expansion of vaping, we’re sure to see some impressive innovations in vaping accessories that make methods for how to vape even more convenient and enticing than it is already. It’s clear society is beginning to move closer towards accepting vaping as an integral part of daily life and integrating it into everyday items and articles of vape clothing is just one of the ways it’s making an indelible impact. You’ve seen a handful of the most popular discreet vape products helping to create an accepted presence for ecigarettes using convenient methods for storing or using them, even the TSA has specific regulations that make allowances for airline passengers traveling with vaping supplies.

It’s clear we are living in the best moment in time to be a vaper, but we’re truly excited about what’s ahead. What did we miss? Send us your suggestions for vape accessories you’d like to see, or those you already love that weren’t included here. At the end of the day moving vaping forward to the future is all about innovation and adaptation, who knows, you could be a pioneer who designs the next great vape product to revolutionize the vaping community. Leave a comment or tweet at us @expertvaping and give us your feedback.