Our EverSmoke Ecig review takes a look at one of the most underrated vape manufacturers you may not be familiar with. EverSmoke is an American ecigarette company that built it’s reputation on quality. It has actually been around for a while. Part of the VaporFi family of ecig companies, Ever Smoke is all too often overlooked by consumers and critics alike.

The fact is that EverSmoke is a top quality electronic cigarette that has been satisfying consumers for half a decade. By ecig industry standards, that is a very long time.

Feel free to take a second to look at our EverSmoke ecig consumer reviews, see for yourself what real customers have to say. The people that have tried EverSmoke offer many glowing reviews. Comments include:

· Great quality all around.
· I was hesitant about ecigs. Glad I gave them a try because they rock!
· Lots of flavor, great vapor and amazing customer service.
· These have been the perfect thing for me and have done everything I could have begged for when quitting smoking.

The reason that EverSmoke Ecig sometimes gets lost in the shuffle has nothing to do with their customer satisfaction, technology or product quality, rather it is simply because of the emergence of Big Tobacco ecig brands that have serious brand building clout and the growth of ecig tank systems, not to mention the hundreds of additional ecig companies that have since joined the evapor party.

south beach smoke starter kit is also a good alternative

Through all of the shifts and changes to the ecig industry landscape, EverSmoke stands the test of time. They have access to the latest technologies developed by industry leader VaporFi.

VaporFi has a number of ecig properties including the very popular South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette. While EverSmoke enjoys all the technology and quality advantages of being part of a major USA ecigarette innovator, they sometimes don’t get the attention that they deserve.

What this equation leads to is opportunity for you. EverSmoke offers a top quality ecig product that deserves a prominent place in the ecig market.

In order to accomplish that, EverSmoke has introduced a promotion that allows you to buy a full, comprehensive ecig starter kit for $15.99.

This really is a fully stocked ecig starter kit. You get two batteries, including one extra capacity battery, two ecig battery chargers and five refill cartridges that attach to the batteries as easy as pie.

Any competing ecig kit offering a similar level of quality, from any other evapor brand,  carry an average price tag in the $50 to $60 dollar range. A fully loaded ecig kit like this being sold for $15.99 is almost unheard of. This is truly an ideal opportunity to try a high quality ecigarette for an unbeatable price.

Listen, this is EverSmoke, not a generic ecig brand that you find in a convenience store or gas station. If you have tried an ecig that you bought at a local store and were not fully impressed, I am telling you right now that EverSmoke Ecig is far superior to anything you will find on store shelves.

Eversmoke e cigarette starter kit comes with cartridges, chargers and batteries

How do products get on store shelves? Distributors put them there. That’s how it works. Distributors are going to put out the brands with the biggest mark-ups or the brands from the biggest companies that they have relationships with.

We understand, Big Tobacco already has shelf space in every corner store from here to Timbuktu. Getting their products out there is a matter of a phone call from someone in the head office.

The other vape brands you see in store chains are usually generic, cheaply made ecig products that are sold at huge mark-ups. After all, when deealing with manufacturers, brand owners, distributors and retailers, there are a lot of hands out looking for a piece of each purchase. That’s business, we get it. But the end result is overpriced low quality ecigs on the shelves of gas stations, drugstores and convenience stores.

When you buy ecigs online from a reputable brand like EverSmoke, you are doing yourself a serious favor. You are saving money and getting a better product.

What makes EverSmoke a top quality product? Is it talk or can I back up what I’m saying? Let’s find out. (Hint: I can totally back it up and it is an excellent ecig product.)

EverSmoke Ecig Reviews

Expert Vaping completed a thorough ecig review of Ever Smoke Ecig and the results were impressive to say the least.

The shipping was fast and the packaging was first rate. The cartridges are professionally manufactured and pharmaceutically sealed.

This product is super easy to use. I am telling you right now that my grandma is a 60 year smoker and when I went to buy her an ecigarette for the first time, I chose EverSmoke Ecig. She likes it, and I knew that she would have no problem using it. No tanks to refill, no fuss and no muss. For sure I am the favorite grandson now.

If you look at the results of our EverSmoke review you will know for a fact that when we say that this product stands out from most other ecig brands you will know that we are not just blowing smoke, or vapor.

Your vape kit comes with two ecigarette batteries, an extra capacity and a standard capacity. The standard capacity battery will give you 160 to 190 puffs and the extra capacity battery will give you up to 275 puffs.

Each refill cartridge gives you a legitimate 175 to 200 puffs, or the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. That is real human puffs, not a machine taking tiny little puffs in order to claim a higher puff count.

Here’s the best part, the flavor lasted throughout the life-cycle of the cartridge. From the first puff to the last, the flavor and vapor were there.

The flavors are fantastic. There are 5 flavors to choose from and 5 nicotine levels as well.

Best Ecig For Beginners

The EverSmoke starter kit is certainly a candidate to be the top choice as the best ecig for beginners. It is just so easy to use and it is a cigalike, which means it looks and behaves like a tobacco cigarette. It will substitute all of the same routines and rituals and can be vapes in exactly the same manner as which you smoked. It mimics smoking right down to finite appearance.

There are no separate e-liquids that you have to manually refill, no buttons to push when vaping, it is not bulky like an ecig tank system. This is a great ecig for beginners or experienced vapers alike.

If this is your first real ecig or you are buying for someone else, refer to our guide to choosing the right nicotine level.

To give you a quick guide, pack per day smokers should start with the “Full Flavored” strength level, half-pack smokers should go with the “Light” strength and casual smokers should go with the “Ultra Light” strength option.

what is the best e cigarette for beginners

Choosing the right nicotine level can make all of the difference.

The quality and performance are there. This is a very good electronic cigarette product and ideal for new vapers or even as a back-up vape for vapers that have moved into complex ecig systems.

Here’s the bottom line regarding this deal. Who knows how long this price will last so you should take advantage while you can. It is virtually no-risk.

If you are a smoker and have been thinking about giving ecigs a try, well, now you can get a full ecig starter kit for the cost of about two packs of cigarettes. Pretty hard to beat. You really have nothing to lose. The same goes for any friends or loved ones who are struggling with smoking. You might literally be giving them the gift of a lifetime.

Experienced vapers, I haven’t forgotten about you! For $15 bucks you could have an easy to use back up vape that you can carry in your pocket, car, or wherever you go. Why should you miss out on a great deal?

EverSmoke Coupon

The fact that you can buy this loaded vape kit for $15.99 is already a phenomenal value. There is no doubt about that. Still, you can save an additional 12% off of that price by taking advantage of our EverSmoke coupon code.

To activate your EverSmoke coupon code, just click the link below to visit EverSmoke’s website and your discount will be automatically applied.

Go visit the website, shop around, check out the EverSmoke starter kit and if you decide to buy, the EverSmoke coupon will automatically apply. Easy.

Eversmoke coupons and discounts

This is a great deal folks. If you know a smoker that has struggled to find a solution, give them a gift that could be a game changer in their lives. Even if they have already tried another ecig, trying a quality brand like EverSmoke Ecig is a night and day difference from trying some generic brand.

I think I have used the word ‘great’ in this article more than they say the word ‘amazing’ on The Bachelor. Great value, great ecig, great gift, great second vape… yah, I’ve used it a lot. But, it really is a great deal! This is an excellent quality ecig kit, fully loaded, and with our ecig coupon applied you will be paying less than $15.00. If you have been looking for a great value ecig, well the stars have aligned. Take advantage.

My grandma likes hers. I’m sure she will knit me something, too. Hand-knit socks? Hope so. Not that I’m hinting or anything.